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  1. Cheap Sunglasses Spotting!
    From KT DID I just want it...Holy Trike Monster Cheap Sunglasses Spotting Trailzzz!
  2. On My Way Back
    From KT DID Packing it up and on my way home.  I will be back to post pics in a couple of days. After being on my ride to Northern California,  I admit, I am pooped. Lots More Than I Left With!
  3. From The Road
    From KT DID Since I am posting from my phone, I'm going to upload some of the photos I've taken from the road. These are from Highway 101 and Highway 1 in California. Hoping that they upload good enough for you.  They are from Cambria, Carpinteria, along with a shot of what the highway used to look like over the pass.
  4. Happy Birthday America!
    From KT DID
  5. California's Desert View
    From KT DID On the way to Hollister. Mostly hot, but the farming fields are green and when riding on the coast, its cooler. Thermals in and out.  Posting a bit of the ride day by day via nuclear droidness. Happy Summer Ride Trailzzz,KaTy Did
  6. Early Bird
    From KT DID Getting up early has it perks.  Front row parking is always nice.  Posting from my cell phone will be one of my upcoming ventures here on this blog.  It seems to be easy enough and without saying too much, it makes a fun blog post.  
  7. Double D Cycles - Motorcycle Clothes & Accessories: Free Harley Museum Tickets
    From KT DID Want some free Harley Museum tickets?  Check this out.Double D Cycles - Motorcycle Clothes & Accessories: Free Harley Museum Tickets:"We got a hold of four tickets to the Harley Museum that are good thru the end of this month. For the next four people who order $40.00 or more from Double D Cycles, we will enclose one of the tickets with your order."* To claim your ticket, you must enter the words "Harley Museum" in the Order Instructions/Comments box during checkout. *Go to the Double D Cycles website if you are interested
  8. Cheap Sunglasses Spotting!
    From KT DID Its great when I put on my Cheap Sunglasses.  I always find something worth passing around and this is one of my favorite sites.  When you can't ride, or want to have a glimpse of what Canada looks like via film before travelling there, check out Virtual Riding TV Canada.  VRideTV has News, Blogs, Images, Videos and more on traveling about Canada.  I have enjoyed VRideTV for years now, and if you haven't been over there yet, I hope you check out Jeff's artistic work soon.Click here for their Facebook Page
  9. Memorial Day 2013
    From KT DID Let us not forget why we get to do the things we do, and say and speak words as free people here in The United States of America.   Thanking all my service men and women who gave their all to allow me to do just that on this Memorial Day 2013.  Thank You! God Bless You and America!  Thinking and Thanking All Who Gave For My Freedom and My Country,(Photos of various Cemataries I have traveled. Photos By Kathy Hurwitz)
  10. Surprise Eye Candy At PVHD
    From KT DID Dropping my trike off to get work done isn't always fun, but this time it had it's perks.  To my surprise as I rode up I saw that Pomona Valley HD was having an event.  A fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Pomona Valley which included a Car and Bike Show.  I got to ride beyond all the yellow tapes and scooted right in to the service court.  So with a bit of vendor food, eye candy and music, I enjoyed a Saturday that I had no plans
  11. Cheap Sunglasses Spotting. Wow!
    From KT DID Here ya go.  My first Cheap Sunglasses Spotting of an incredible video.Check out some of these roads of this ride from Alaska to Argentina!  Amazzzzzzzzzingggg!  Should some of these roads even be called "roads"!  Wow!Cheap Sunglasses Trailzzz To You Too,
  12. Ms. Hummerzzz
    From KT DID Right outside the door to my crafts/computer junkie room aremy bird feeders.  Here is Ms. Hummerzzz.I hear her flying in every morning while I read my mail andnews online.  This morning she stopped right in her flying tracksand just waited for me while I strung up a fresh bottle of sugary boozefor her to suck up with that gorgeous beak.I was stunned that she was just flying there and waiting for me.I grabbed the camera after I finished installing her addiction to the branch.I have yet to get a good
  13. Velcro ~ How Do I Love Thee
    From KT DID Velcro.  The magnificent invention.  One of the things I would rather not be  without in my supply kits.  I know some, or a lot, out there will be screaming to hear this, but I have had Velcro on the tanks of my bikes since I started riding to hold what I want at hand.  Not to worry, a little Goo Off will take it right off and doesn't mar the paint job either, so using it is a done deal.  Not once have I lost anything attached to it.  On
  14. International Female Ride Day!
    From KT DID Image Credit:  MOTORESSNeed I Say More!Yayyyyy!Happy International Female Riding Day...Even If You Ride Any Day Anyway Trailzzz,
  15. May is Motorcycle Safety Month
    From KT DID May is Motorcycle Safety Month.  What does that mean to all motorists on the roads, highways and byways?Image Source: S.F. Bay.CAIt is a month for all motorists to start a regimental driving routine to become more aware of motorcycles. To practice taking an extra look and just being more aware of motorcycles.  Its easy!  Here are some things all motorists should brush up on and use while driving, every day:*Checking mirrors and blind spots before entering or leaving a lane of traffic. If you do this already, do it more often.*For
  16. A Mechanical Man Bike
    From KT DID
  17. Lack of Motion Induced Blindness
    From KT DID This is from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Very interesting exam and worthy of passing this around. "Lack of motion Induced Blindness? was presented as a flying issue, but one can also miss things (pedestrians, motorcycles, other cars) while driving, so, keep your heads and eyes moving. The below link is a great illustration of what was taught about scanning outside the cockpit when military pilots went through training they were told to scan the horizon for a short distance, stop momentarily, and repeat the process.This was the most
  18. My Friday Message
    From KT DID I travel up and down California at least once a month, sometimes twice. Its about 410 miles each way. I have come to realize that as many times I post a safety message on Fridays, some still don't get it. But... it is that one person that reads this, and decides to use his or her power and make a Choice to actually change their driving habits to the better, demonstrates the success of these messages. So in saying that, Motorcycles WILL be on the roads. Try to give them
  19. My Friday Message
    From KT DID Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend in whatever you do and wherever you go. Remember, motorcyclists WILL be on the roads. Mind Training Road Practice: If people started thinking of motorcyclists as HUMANS, there might be more hope for fewer rider tragedies if you do. Drive Safe. Ride Safe. Be Safe. Proverb For The Weekend: Is it a day for firm decisions! Or is it? (Note) I have sent a little safety diddy out every Friday on my FB page since its inception, and I thought I might as well post
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