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  1. Items upcoming.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings I previously wrote a list of some things I would be reviewing soon. However, over time, some of those items have proven to be unworthy of much to say. I'll make a quick couple of touch and go reviews and this will also let you know what to expect soon.Brief list of a few things coming up in the future...Tiablo A8 flashlight with 18650 rechargeables (Awesome - Full review to come)Tiablo A1 mini-light using alkaline and Ni-Mh rechargeables (Good - Full review to come)Lumapower M1-T flashlight using CR123A
  2. Wow... Life and the infinite number of directions it can go.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings Well, life never seems to take the path we expect it to. That being said, after a massive change of my own direction, I'm hoping to get my life rebuilt and move on to bigger and better things.I have a new person in my life who is great and willing to help me with this blog. Since I've basically been given an "assignment" by the Doctor to get the creative side of my brain working, I'll be putting some time into this again.I've got to get my notes
  3. Here are the lights to be reviewed.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings Got an email asking what the lights were in the upcoming review.Basically the Amondotech HID and the Tiablo A1 will get their own independent reviews as they are in their own class of light. The Tiablo A8 and the Lumapower M1 will get a joint review where they will also be compared to the Inova T4 that I did a review on some months back.Just for reference, here are the lights all together minus the Inova.If the rain holds out this evening I am planning to get some outdoor
  4. Maxpedition Gear Review - Universal Flashlight / Baton Sheath 1708
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings This is a VERY short review of the Maxpedition brand universal flashlight and sheath. Maxpedition makes high quality nylon items for storage and carry. I was worried about spending $20.00 on a piece of kit that I'd never seen in person but I bit the bullet and purchased this from Battery Junction along with several flashlights which will be reviewed in time.The 1708 sheath is nice in that it can be configured through the use of various velcro straps to fit several different pieces of gear. In
  5. Upcoming to be reviewed.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings After building a new lightbox for photographing small items up to the size of a motorcycle helmet, I'm glad to be back to reviewing some of my newest items.Brief list of a few things coming up in the future...Tiablo A8 flashlight with 18650 rechargeablesTiablo A1 mini-light using alkaline and Ni-Mh rechargeablesLumapower M1-T flashlight using CR123A cells and 18650 rechargeablesGarmin GPSMAP 60CSx (with Garmin Topo software)Tenergy brand rechargeable AA and AAA Ni-Mh cellsTenergy brand rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion cellsMaxpedition brand multi-use sheath (being used as a holster for the Tiablo A8)Stallion
  6. Inova Microlight vs. Photon Freedom Micro (with video)
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings Several months ago I purchased an Inova Microlight and was VERY happy with it. Its worked great both at work and at home. With three function modes I felt that it did everything I would need as well as provide plenty of light. If I had one complaint it was that the "keychain" attachment point was poorly designed and hard to use.This light came with me on a camping trip and amazed two people when we used it at night after letting our eyes adjust to the
  7. Inova T4 review.... finally.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings I purchased the Inova T4 light roughly a year ago to use at my job in a correctional facility. However, since purchasing this light I've found it useful in multiple ways. I've carried the light at work, at my job as a reserve police officer, while riding my motorcycle, and while hiking. To be totally honest, I wear this light on my belt anytime I feel that I may be out after dark. Even on nights when I just go out to eat and watch a movie
  8. Bike is out of commission for the time being.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings I went on a ride a couple of weeks ago to get some pictures to finish up my Garmin 2610 review. Unfortunatly, during said ride, my exhaust mount strap broke off and went under my rear tire. It cut a nasty gash in it (emptied completely of air within roughly 9 to 10 minutes) and nearly left me stranded. Luckily I was close to my parents home at the time.I was running Scorpion Titanium Flame exhaust and I'm currently in contact with them to see what they
  9. Axio Hardpack Review coming soon.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings I've spent some time with the Axio Hardpack "Swift" and will be posting up information on how I feel it works. It has some faults but overall, I've been impressed. Stay tuned.
  10. Clear Signals and UFO Undertail Installed.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings Had a busy two days. Cold as well seeing as I've been riding AND the install took place out in the cold wind. Brrr... It was however very much worth it.As you can see from the pics below, I have my UFO Undertail installed. Purchased from http://www.18889chrome.com which was super easy and friendly on the phone. They had it to me quick as well. I ordered on Friday, had it on Wednesday.I'm not real happy with the LED tail lights but I'll either order

  11. From HManPhoto's Random Musings Just a shot from the side and back away from it a little bit.copyright hmanphotos

  12. From HManPhoto's Random Musings New UFO undertail and LED taillights. Will probably replace the LEDs with stock tail lights (incandescent) due to the fact I don't care for their performance in daylight.copyright hmanphotos

  13. From HManPhoto's Random Musings Front view with HID headlight on. Clear signals from 2005 Hayabusa.copyright hmanphotos
  14. UFO Undertail has arrived.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings Quality appears to be top-notch. Weather unfortunatly is NOT conducive to going outside and doing this install. Seeing as I've never done an install like this it makes me nervous having to cut plastics.I'll get pictures posted after all is said and done. Hopeing for next Monday/Tuesday. Excited about the "after" appearance. Should REALLY clean up the back of the bike.Take care all. Spring is fast approaching.
  15. UFO Undertail is on the way.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings I ordered my UFO undertail from http://www.18889chrome.com on Friday. Very easy to work with over the phone. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. I'll be working both days but if the weather is decent (warm) I'll go out and get the thing put on. I'm expecting it to take two to three hours.Update on this soon.
  16. HID is working great.
    From HManPhoto's Random Musings Just a short update. Since the last write up I actually got out and did some riding, both day and night. Had several people I know check it out from in front of me and oncoming. Only one person said the light was "too much". The other stated that it simply made me "stand out" which is a good think on a motorcycle. I also took it down a long expanse of Hwy 37. This is a "super 2" and long and capable of handling a
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