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  1. 10 all time great motorcycle stunt riders
    From Helmet Hair Apart from being great at nipping through traffic, easy to park and even avoiding the London congestion charge, motorbikes are also great fun. Over the years, the sight of seeing someone jumping cars, buses, people and even canyons on a two wheels has thrilled crowds around the world ? turning relatively unknown motorcycle enthusiasts into [...]
  2. Flake & Flames ? Kustom Kulture Documentary out on DVD now!!!
    From Helmet Hair It is finally here, and the warehouse are stocked with the brand spanking new special first edition Flake & Flames DVD. You can get your greasy hands on it at www.buyflakeandflames.com. This is what I’ve been spending most of my time on the last 2.5 years. Very happy that it is finished. Not to mention [...]
  3. Miss Hell On Wheels and the Choppertown.net overhaul
    From Helmet Hair My buddy Zack from Choppertown told me the other day that they did a major overhaul on choppertown.net. Now loaded with motorcycle videos. Both small clips and full movie for rent starting at only a couple of bucks. Highly recommended to give it a look. I found this little clip they did from the photo [...]
  4. Strange and moody Motorcycle Stunt video
    From Helmet Hair
  5. Great tales of the open road
    From Helmet Hair Guest post by: Kevin More While motorcycle stories are freely traded by word, few are put down in writing. Even fewer that are great. This has left a void in the landscape of motorcycle literature, both pulp and internet based. But this ended with the launch of Bikes and Buddies, a website dedicated to true [...]
  6. How to put pictures of your motorcycle to good use
    From Helmet Hair Did you build or customize your own motorcycle? Then you got to show it off at the 3rd annual Chopper Town Nation Backyard Bike Build Contest. There is three different categories Chopper, Bobber and Cafe. Som pretty cool bike have already been posted. I advise you to go check it out. Deadline for submitting your [...]
  7. DVD Review: EDR ? A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure
    From Helmet Hair On the back of the DVD box it says “Ever wonder what happens when a few hundred bike riders with an insatiable taste for fire, beer and mayhem ride hand-built choppers across twisty, pitted tarmac from SoCal to Baja and back?”. That’s a pretty accurate description. This is definitely not a DVD that will score [...]
  8. How to make stunning motorcycle magazine advert photos.
    From Helmet Hair Ever wondered how they shot those photos in the motorcycle accessory ads you see in the glossy magazines? Here’s your chance to witness a photographer laying in the back of a flatbed truck, holding a $30,000 Hasselblad just inches from the pavement while photographing a motorcycle rider doing wheelies at 70MPH. Check out the Behind-The-Scenes [...]
  9. Creating Customs Show ? Featuring DP Custom Cycles
    From Helmet Hair Check out the motorcycles these guys are building. I’m totally crazy about the Grafitti Bike. Ironhead Sportsters rule… See more about the show called Creating Customs at OnSetNetworks
  10. BANSHEE HORN new safety system for Motorcycles
    From Helmet Hair Check out Peter Olt’s invention the Banshee Horn. If you ride motorcycles you are probably no stranger to having someone pull out in front of you as if they never saw you. Peter’s invention might help you grap their attention, and notice you. Check out the video below, and if you think it’s a good [...]
  11. What resides behind the Wall of Death.
    From Helmet Hair You might recall being in awe as a kid watching the guys ride motorcycles on the vertical wall they call The Wall Of Death. I recall it as one of the biggest highlights when there was a town fare where I grew up. Over the years you might have seen it hundreds of times, but [...]
  12. The Winning Motorcycles from Custombike 2011
    From Helmet Hair Great selection of motorcycles this year at Custombike in Bad Salzuflen Germany. More photos from the event is coming. Here’s the first instalment. All the bikes that won prizes at the show.
  13. Best motorcycles at Scandinavian Custom Show 2011
    From Helmet Hair Here’s some photos of the motorcycles I liked most at the Scandinavian Custom Show in Denmark 2011. As you can see I’m leaning towards the older motorcycles. Not much of a crotch rocket fan anymore. Not when it comes to looks at least. They are fun as hell to ride no doubt about that. Well [...]
  14. MACHINE ? Beautiful motorcycle video
    From Helmet Hair Machine is one of the latest beautiful moody almost spiritual video clips that it’s getting more and more popular to make these days. I like that they portray the motorcycle builders as passionate craftsmen that live and breathe for what they do. Tinkering with all sorts of older motorcycles is definitely what the cool kids [...]
  15. BMW K1600GT VS. Kawasaki Concours 14
    From Helmet Hair Found this cool video review with some guys testing the two sport touring motorcycles BMW K1600GT and 2011 Kawasaki Concours 14. It was a few years ago since I’ve tried a motorcycle in the sport touring category. It was never really a type of motorcycle that appealed to me. I like my motorcycles a little [...]
  16. If you were alone in a forest and a tree fell on you, would anybody care?
    From Helmet Hair Guest post by Adrian from YouMotorcycle.com If Jesper Bram was alone in a forest and a tree fell on him, would anybody care? Iā??m sure heā??d like to think so, but Iā??m not so sure myself. Here’s why: In the past month, the Helmet Hair blog has received only one new post. I copied and [...]
  17. 6over new motorcycle feature film coming
    From Helmet Hair Check out the trailer for a movie project Dice Magazine and Biltwell got going. Looks pretty bitching. 6 Over – Teaser from Wild Honey Productions on Vimeo.
  18. Do You Use GPS or Sat Nav When Riding Your Motorcycle?
    From Helmet Hair We all know that riding can be one of the most awesome and exhilarating experiences in the world, and most of us are wise enough to know that safety comes first. That means safety gear, helmets, the whole nine yards. But in recent years a certain technological advancement has meant that motorcyclists now need to [...]
  19. Detroit still rules
    From Helmet Hair These motorcycle nutters found an abandoned velodrome that is still ridable. Pretty cool.
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