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    From A Retiree's Blog Born October 25, 1930. Died February 12, 2009. But what a life filled the days between those two moments in time! Last week, on the drive home from visiting Henry in his hospice room, I told my wife Peggy that...
  2. Thoughts Re: Alabama Roadtrip
    From A Retiree's Blog As we left Tuscaloosa, about 10:15 CST yesterday morning, the beauty of our country continues to amaze! From the cotton fields of northern Alabama, to the rolling countryside of the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa areas, our ride revealed another place that...
  3. Another "Thing" Crossed Off!! LOOK OUT BAMA!!
    From A Retiree's Blog Today, I am not going to write about Europe. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, I need to write about Rome (its three weeks ago today Peggy and I were there) and I haven't decided just what...
  4. Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
    From A Retiree's Blog At 6 am, Wednesday morning, we awoke to the Port of Naples and saw Mt. Vesuvius for the first time. After breakfasting on a great omelet, Peggy and I went to the theater on deck 7 and our tour was...
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