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  1. What Christmas Means to Me
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer I think we all have an opinion on what Christmas means to us. To some, it is just a vacation from work. In today's economy and work environment, just having a job is a reason to be thankful this Christmas. To others, it is a sense of family, perhaps a time to re-evaluate what is important in our lives. For sure, putting family first should be our first priority. With my and my wife's Italian
  2. The Next Harley?
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer I ran across this today. This is not a joke. This guy actually built this thing and flew it! Come on now, shouldn't Harley had invented this? With some loud jets, black paint, leather jacket and boots made for cruising around town. Instead of a bar-hopping ride, it would be a cloud-busting ride. Do you really think that helmet will protect you in the case of a crash? Or is that in case of a flock of ducks or
  3. Riding to Sturgis with Your Buds
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer Some friends of mine recently rode up to Sturgis. Ron and his awesome wife Darlene are two of my favorite people. The kind of brother and sister you feel comfortable with. In their company, you just feel like you are home. Here is a picture Ron sent me this past week from his travels. This picture sums up so much about bikers. Someone is always watching your front and guarding your back. Bikers are a
  4. Sturgis Rally~Got to Love Politicians
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer You got to love politicians. They seem to always know when to show up and talk. Sometimes they say the wrong things and are immortalized forever on youtube. Other times, you witness something historical. I found this picture on the internet the other day and thought it would go good with a speech John McCain gave. McCain decided to attend the Sturgis rally because Americans were there. Nothing is more American than
  5. All Motorcycle Owners Need to Vote
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer I got an email this week that I need to share with you. Being a biker and a business owner, I have to weigh all the issues associated with voting for our next President and VP candidates. We can argue the issues about the economy, the war in Iraq, oil prices, health care, etc. all we want till we are blue in the face. (Being from Kentucky, blue is the state color because of UK). But someone once said that a picture
  6. RIding is Good for the Soul
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer There is nothing better for your soul than a good, long ride on your motorcycle. Someone once said "Sometimes it takes a full tank of gas before you can think straight." I agree with that. Ever feel like you want the world to stop so you can get off? There is no better way to do some deep thinking than when you are riding. My bike does not have a CD player so every time I ride is thinking time.
  7. Motorcycle Thefts
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer After posting our newest top ten list for new motorcycle riders, I decided to check out how many motorcycles are stolen each year. YIKES, what an eye opening experience. The top 5 bikes stolen are: 1. Suzuki 2. Honda 3. Yamaha 4. Kawasaki 5. Harley Davidson Obviously, most thefts are for sport bikes (Thank God!). The top five states are: 1. California 2. Florida 3. Texas 4. North Carolina 5. Ohio North Carolina?
  8. What I Would Do If I Owned Harley-Davidson
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer I was thinking today what I would do if I owned Harley-Davidson. Well first I would get a new bike to ride. (Hey, you would too!) But then I would start to strategize the best way to grow my company and maximize profits. I mean, really, I am a capitalist at heart so growth and profit would be a goal. First, I would have bought Indian the last time it went into bankruptcy. That way, it
  9. American Ironhorse Bankruptcy Sale September 12-14, 2008
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer From the up and coming manufacturer to bankruptcy. I knew the largest dealer in Southern California for American Ironhorse and saw them grow with the AI Texas Chopper and a few other designs from AI. What a sad state to see this company go under. For those who bought one, at least they were using S&S engines and Baker transmissions. All other parts seemed to be custom. Anyways, if you are in the Fort Worth area, you may want
  10. Patriot Guard Riders and Kentucky Law
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer I was researching the ACLU website today and ran across an article on a 2006 Kentucky law that was passed to limit speech at funerals. The ACLU took the case and won citing the 2nd amendment for Freedom of Speech. The part that struck me was that the law was written so broadly that, according to the ACLU article, it could have prevented the Patriot Guard Riders from "being close enough to support the families of soldiers who have died in Iraq during military
  11. New Riders
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer Well after a few months of high gas prices, it is finally occurring. More people are buying motorcycles. While I applaud their decision, I have a few concerns. Now don't get me wrong here, I would always recommend that people ride motorcycles. There is no greater feeling of freedom than riding down the highway. My concern is that they need some intensive training. Riding a motorcycle is NOT like riding a car, or a bicycle, or
  12. Never Forget
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer One of the great things about having a blog is that, if you like to write, you can get your thoughts down on paper and tell someone (if anyone even reads this) what is on your mind. Today it is this image: I was fortunate not to be old enough to be in Vietnam. But I know a lot of brothers I ride with that were. A few have passed away now but their memory will never be forgotten. The
  13. This Blog
    From Biker Blog from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer I always seem to have something to say, so I thought I would include a blog inside the Air Shammy website. Some of you who have purchased an Air Shammy dryer from us for your motorcycle know that we stand behind our product and enjoy talking with you on the phone or in email. We thank you for your business and the business referrals from your friends and family. If you don't know it by now, that blue hog in the ads
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