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  1. Saturday ride, SPOT Messenger broke in!
    From Ride With Tank Saturday I took a ride with Johnny, Pete, and Sharon to the Presque Isle Casino. Now I have to say I am not crazy about gambling. It's just not something I enjoy. If I would win once in a while I probably could enjoy it more, but I never ...
  2. Mystery Ride in Eastern Pennsylvania
    From Ride With Tank Sunday I decided to take a quick ride to Tionesta. As often happens, one thing led to another and I never actually made it to Tionesta. During my travels I did come across a mysterious town. Since I am all about adventure, I decided to explore this ...
  3. Spring has Sprung!
    From Ride With Tank It is official now! Spring is finally here! After a long winter I have finally gone on a real ride! I met Mark for some pancakes in Boardman. We rode through Hillsville and then into Pennsylvania. Headed back into Ohio and followed the Ohio River out of ...
  4. Tanks bike night
    From Ride With Tank Tanks bike night, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. Here I sit, all alone. Nothing but my bronchitis to keep me company. It's 70 degrees out here! I am aware of the fact that bike night has not officially started yet, but since when do bikers need da man to tell ...
  5. Helmet Sticker Revision
    From Ride With Tank I heard back from Bob. I have also heard back from some other people. These other people think I am too picky about helmet stickers. Bob seems OK with it: I see your point. I would like to add that when we stopped for gas in Wisconsin ...
  6. Helmet sticker request!
    From Ride With Tank Movie actors really have it made. Every time you turn on the television they seem to be giving each other awards. I find this odd because I rarely see a movie that makes me think "That person should get an award". Even when I do it seems ...
  7. Cycle Show, WSB Begins!
    From Ride With Tank I have been trying to get myself to post up some more about the Cycle World motorcycle show, but I just can not seem to get started.  I finally realized why this is happening.  There is nothing exciting to talk about. Thats right, nothing exciting.  Perhaps it is because of the ...
  8. 2009 Cleveland Cycle World Motorcycle Show - Honda
    From Ride With Tank Normally I don't say too much about new models and gear because this site is about riding, not hardware.  We are in the dead of winter now so I can't really talk about riding so here is my impressions of some of the new models on display this year. First off ...
  9. Cleveland IMS
    From Ride With Tank Cleveland IMS, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. I am at the Cleveland IMS right now taking pictures. In the next couple of days I will be posting up a full report.
  10. Deals Gap - May 2009!
    From Ride With Tank The first Gap trip of 2009 is underway! I am spending the night in Richmond, KY, and will arrive at the Gap tomorrow morning.  Lots of RideOhio folks are coming down also.  I even hear rumor that Verne may show up, and we are also expecting a visitor from Australia!  It ...
  11. Delayed Arrival!
    From Ride With Tank Delayed Arrival!, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. Delaying arrival at the Gap for Mexican food!
  12. Mountain Man Teaches Ohio Folk the way of the Mountains
    From Ride With Tank Mountain Man Teaches Ohio Folk the way of the Mountains, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile.
  13. Pancake Prank
    From Ride With Tank Pancake Prank, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. I warned Brad that he should get the septic system pumped because I would arrive Saturday and I would be spending the week moving pancakes from the kitchen to the septic system. I went to get my first pancakes of the year and was shocked ...
  14. Friday Morning Start
    From Ride With Tank Friday Morning Start, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. Friday morning we met up with Janice, Johnny, and Bob. We were all pretty fired up about going to the Gap and the weather was perfect and gasoline was cheap! The ride was really not a lot of fun. We ran into ...
  15. Foothills Parkway
    From Ride With Tank Foothills Parkway, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. Here is one of the fantastic views from the Foothills Parkway. It is also the last time we saw blue skies on Thursday.
  16. Johnnys Tire
    From Ride With Tank Johnnys Tire, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. Johnny is a cheap bastard. He gets evey mile he can out of his tires.
  17. Drinking Night
    From Ride With Tank Drinking Night, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. Here I am with the Arkansas guys and the BMW guys. There were a great bunch of folks saying at the motel this night and we all had a great time.
  18. Bad Hair Day
    From Ride With Tank Bad Hair Day, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile.
  19. Tree Almost Falls on Tank!
    From Ride With Tank Tree Almost Falls on Tank!, originally uploaded by Tank Mobile. After visiting Fontana Dam we stopped at Fontana Village for some ice cream. On the way out a tree fell down in the road between Pete and I. Here you see Joe making his way around the tree.
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