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  1. Mini-moto-blogger Lollapalooza East ? aka ?lunch?
    From On Two Wheels It was a cool and blustery morning when I left to meet up with Bob (Bobskoot: Wet Coast Skootin) and Karen (Motorcycle Touring ? Riding on my V Star) in Perth. At 14 degrees with dark grey clouds scudding across the sky there was a distinct autumn-y feel to the day. The weather guessers weren?t calling for rain but with their recent batting average being .019 I wasn?t going to take any chances and packed my rain gear just in case. And I dressed in layers in anticipation (hope) that
  2. On a Vespa? Who knew?
    From On Two Wheels Aside from the narcissistic satisfaction of seeing one?s thoughts in ?print? and actually being read/followed by others, one of the benefits of blogging is being part of a community of like-minded folks. This is especially the case in the moto-blogging universe where many of us can count friends we have made around the world through our blogs. And every so often, if we?re lucky and make a bit of an effort, we can actually meet up in person. Such was the case for me yesterday.  David Masse (Life on
  3. Some days are better than others
    From On Two Wheels There?s an old golf joke that goes something like this: ?Why is it that some days you can lose 6 balls in the water, hit every tee shot either into the rough or the trees, shank your iron shots, pull your fairway woods, and 3-putt every green - and then other days you just suck?? I was feeling a bit like that yesterday when I was riding. It just wasn?t coming together. The corners didn?t flow. Shifting wasn?t smooth. And stopping at a traffic light? well let?s just
  4. Luggage review
    From On Two Wheels Unless you ride a fully-loaded bagger you will from time to time face the problem of carrying all the stuff you need whether for a 2-day weekend or a longer trip. Of course there?s always the Easy Rider mode of travel with a rolled-up blanket strapped to the handlebars and a old duffle bag tied to the sissy bar but most of us want something more substantial to carry and protect our worldly possessions. That?s why I?ve been looking at luggage specifically designed for use on a motorcycle.
  5. You never know where you?ll come across a motorcycle
    From On Two Wheels Back when I was just a kid in short pants one of my hobbies was stamp collecting. At the time Canada?s stamps were usually a monochromatic picture of the Queen overprinted with the word Canada and the denomination. Boring, especially to a 10-year-old. So I focused more on the stamps from lesser known countries that had interesting and colourful pictures of birds, animals, cars, and so on on their stamps. My collection never amounted to much and I stopped collecting after a few years. However I have always retained some
  6. My lucky day!
    From On Two Wheels It is said of men of a certain age that the memory is the second thing to go. While I will neither confirm nor deny the veracity of that statement I will use it as a suitable excuse for having forgotten all about entering the contest. Some time ago Dennis Kirk ran a Tales From The Trails contest for the best riding story. I don?t normally enter contests but for some reason this one caught my attention, mainly because I had my ?Tale From The Trail? all ready to
  7. GoPro panner road test
    From On Two Wheels As with many things the best laid plans? etc., etc. So it was that my first prototype of the panning device for my GoPro was less than ideal. It turns out a wiring issue severely limited the life of the microprocessor effectively ?frying? it after 1/2 hour or so of pumping excess voltage through the device. A greenhorn mistake to be sure, but I never claimed to be an electronics wizard ? quite the opposite. Chalk it up as a learning experience.I got that sorted finally (which required waiting for
  8. I wanted to just keep going?.
    From On Two Wheels It was one of those perfect mornings. We?d had some rain overnight which cooled things off a bit so the temperature was in the low 20?s (about 70 or so for you Fahrenheit folks out there). The remnants of the storm clouds were still present in the early morning sky so I couldn't describe it as a ?cloudless day? but it was obviously clearing and there was no need to worry about getting a soaking ? at least not for the next few hours. The roads were wet though and
  9. Caring for your motorcycle chaps
    From On Two Wheels (Note to UK readers, this has nothing to do with feeding ale to your riding buddies.) Periodically I get requests to publish a guest article on some item of interest to the riding community. This time it was the folks over at Motorcycle House who asked if they could offer up a brief note on how to care for your riding chaps. These can be an expensive piece of gear so why not get the most out of them? And here?s how to do it. (Although I was sceptical
  10. A love-hate relationship
    From On Two Wheels Most of us have a special kind of relationship with our motorcycles. Usually we love them (Why else would I have bought it in the first place?), sometimes we hate them (My ass hurts after 10 minutes in the saddle!) and it varies by day or even hour. I got to thinking about that third option, that love-hate kind of relationship, as I was reading about Dom?s over at Redleg?s Rides trials and tribulations with Valencia on his Alaska trip. As much as he loves his rig I?m sure
  11. OUCH! Now THAT hurts.
    From On Two Wheels And now for a brief divergence from 2 wheels. We have been having some trust issues with our politicians here recently (and who hasn?t?) so all the usual suspects are polling, analysing, speculating, and generally wild-assed-guessing why it is that only about 1/4 of the population in Canada trust their government to do the right thing. (Figures are similar for the USA.) One of those pollsters decided to compare our trust in politicians and governments to other professions. A more in-depth story on the results of that poll
  12. Rear steer
    From On Two Wheels Ever since I got my Dyna I had been noticing that some times when accelerating out of a corner at speed it would seem as though the back end would shift sideways just a little bit. It was never enough to cause any control issues but always enough to ratchet the heart rate up a notch or two for a few seconds. And so the hunt for the culprit began. All nuts and bolts to spec ? check. Tires ? replaced.
  13. Progress is being made ? part deux
    From On Two Wheels There has been quite a delay since my last update on this project, mostly due to a rather long period of time waiting for a specific servo motor to arrive in the post. Well I finally got it and a few other bits I needed and was thus able to complete putting the package together. Next test will be to see how it works on the bike. Hopefully I?ll get a chance to try it out this week if it ever warms up and
  14. Lobster cycle
    From On Two Wheels Uh? okay. I think.
  15. 3-second memory
    From On Two Wheels There?s a long-standing myth that goldfish only have a 3-second memory. In other words their entire understanding and knowledge of their universe began 3 seconds ago, and by the time they read this sentence (if they could read) their world will have changed. (I sometimes wish I had that affect on all my readers, but I digress.) In fact it?s been demonstrated that goldfish have very good memories, up to 6 months or more in some cases. But that doesn?t serve my purpose at  the moment, so let?s stick
  16. Getting re-shod.
    From On Two Wheels Have a brand new set of Dunlop K591s on order from Dennis Kirk so I?ll be on nice fresh rubber come the spring. But in the meantime she?s looking a bit ugly.
  17. Book review: Big Sid?s Vincati
    From On Two Wheels by Matthew Biberman, Sid Biberman fell in love with motorcycles growing up in Norfolk Virginia. A favourite hangout was the local motorcycle shop where he would gaze longingly at the assorted machines for sale or in for repair, and read the motorcycling magazines scattered about. He craved speed and power, and the freedom those represented, so it didn?t take him long to be drawn to the Vincent, arguably the most powerful motorcycle of the day.  And when, in 1948,  Rollie Free set a new world record of 150.313 mph
  18. Trailblazers
    From On Two Wheels Every so often, among all the rubbish that flows down the intertubes and across my screen, there will be a little gem. This is one such case. As one of a series of old photos in a slide show, the picture is not attributed in any way. Nor is there any detail about when or where it was taken. From the styles I?d suggest somewhere in the US in the mid-50?s, but in reality anything you think you know about the photo is guesswork, so it can be whatever
  19. What?s in the box?
    From On Two Wheels Before I had a chance to open the box, a distraction of a more mundane nature reared its ugly head. That?s right, work! So the box sat unopened, but never far from my mind, for a few days while I was otherwise occupied. What is it about an unopened box that so intrigues and interests us? I knew what I?d ordered, and I assumed that?s what was in the box, but what if it wasn?t? What if they?d made a mistake and shipped a pair of riding boots
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