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  1. Wives always tell the truth?
    From The MotoWorld Blog …even when you don’t need them to! A while back I went to a ‘Bike Night’ hosted by a local dealership at a popular drive-in burger joint (aren’t they all?). I took a sh*tload of pictures ( thank god, and Nikon, for digital camera’s) and met a bunch of very friendly and enthusiastic riders. There [...]
  2. Everybody has their own sense of style
    From The MotoWorld Blog I’m an open minded kind of guy, I think. I like all kinds of food (including stuff that if you really knew what it was you wouldn’t get it anywhere near your mouth), most all kinds of music (I learned to like punk because of my son but I will never accept rap as a [...]
  3. How old is Triumph? Really?
    From The MotoWorld Blog I started attending church when I was eight years old. The local Presbyterian church is where my grandmother decided I should go to learn about God and Jesus. Ok?…when you live with your grandmother and you’re only eight years old you can’t argue can you?! But, eight years later I really learned about God and [...]
  4. The two for one deal
    From The MotoWorld Blog …gone South. Those of us that are afflicted with ‘VBD‘ (get your mind out of the gutter, it is not a sexually transmitted disease…it’s Vintage Bike Disease) seem to have a hard time resisting finding a way to sneak some weird, obscure, oddball motorcycle into our garage without our spouses noticing. I have tried it [...]
  5. August Newsletter
    From The MotoWorld Blog This months service special
  6. Never a dull moment
    From The MotoWorld Blog This isn’t really about ‘riding’ with The MotoWorld but it is an adventure with The MotoWorld. We have been coming here to Miller Motorsports Park for four years now and each trip is different. There are different race events, different racers, different vendors and entertainment. Last year they changed the schedule to hold the Superbike [...]
  7. Never a dull moment
    From The MotoWorld Blog We have been coming here to Miller Motorsports Park for four years now and each trip is different. There are different race events, different racers, different vendors and entertainment. Last year they changed the schedule to hold the Superbike races on Monday, Memorial Day instead of the usual Sunday. It seems to work well for [...]
  8. It?s Miller Time?Again. Thank you Jesus
    From The MotoWorld Blog Its Miller time once again, thank you Jesus! We here at The Motoworld love coming to Miller MotorSports Park in Tooele, Utah for the World Superbike races every year. It?s a chance to see friends that we only see once a year, we communicate all year via laptops and texting, but we only get to [...]
  9. It?s been a long time coming
    From The MotoWorld Blog David Crosby was right, Its been a long time coming. I have been away from this much too long. Every now and then you have to join the working class. There are plenty of reasons?financial, geographic relocation (you got married and your wife has a better job than you), whatever the reason, it happens. And, [...]
  10. Cold and Wet, but we still love it
    From The MotoWorld Blog At the end of a racing session, the photographers will fill the media center, upload photos on to card readers, then their computer, start editing, manipulating and then editing again all the photos then head back out to the track to do it all over again. This scene happens at least four times a day. [...]
  11. It?s that time of year, thank god
    From The MotoWorld Blog Team Motoworld is back at it’s favorite motorcycle event, the World Superbike meet at Miller Motorsposrts Park in Utah. It’s always a wonderful time. Every year when we leave, we’re not even out of the parking lot before we start looking forward to next year, it’s that much fun. Yeah, it’s a lot of work, [...]
  12. Getting re-acquainted with an old friend
    From The MotoWorld Blog A couple of years ago I found myself the proud owner of a 1976 BMW R90 S. It’s a wonderful motorcycle. Shortly after I bought it, like a week later, I took off on my ‘new’ BMW with a couple of friends for a two thousand mile road trip. We did all my favorite Sierra [...]
  13. As if I don?t have enough?
    From The MotoWorld Blog …projects. I look around my barn nowadays and all I see are projects. Not just the simple “I’d better get this place organized someday” project, but real projects. The ones like, finish rebuilding the front forks and rear brake on my Triumph, the head gasket on The Mighty 350, put the parts back on my [...]
  14. What a difference a day makes
    From The MotoWorld Blog Last week I headed down to Venice…California, not Italy, for a Vintage BMW event. I had some extra time so I took a quick tour of the Santa Monica Mountains roads that I love which is always fun. I was riding up Decker Canyon pushing my old BMW as hard as I could, having a [...]
  15. L.A Moto Film Fest
    From The MotoWorld Blog A couple Saturday’s ago I was riding up in the Santa Monica mountains on my way to a Vintage BMW gathering down in Venice, California, and one of the required stops on that kind of ride is The Rock Store on Mulholland Highway. It’s always a good stop because you’ll see a few really cool [...]
  16. Some rides are a bit better than others.
    From The MotoWorld Blog Ok, here I am sitting at my computer on a truly beautiful day in Southern California wishing I was out riding my motorcycle instead. Such is life for all too many of us. Doing research for a story about Vintage Triumph 250′s, I open up my Thumper Talk Newsletter email and am glad I’m only [...]
  17. Just because you?re not paranoid?
    From The MotoWorld Blog …doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. I read that on a fortune cookie at Folk Yews Szechuan Buffet in Walla Walla Washington one evening after a long days ride. When I got on my bike to head back to my deluxe accommodations, room 116 at the Motel 6, I looked over each shoulder, [...]
  18. Where to park a Winnie-Wasto?
    From The MotoWorld Blog Have you ever seen one? Do you even know what a Winnie Wasto is? Well, set right down and let me tell you. A Winnie Wasto was the preferred mode of race transportation for one of the biggest stars in Motocross racing. Every week, legions of fans would follow this star’s exploits on the track [...]
  19. Cool now, illegal soon?maybe
    From The MotoWorld Blog That cool sound that you paid hundreds of dollars for emanating from the back of your motorcycle may wind up costing you more than the retail price. A while back I mentioned in one of my Motoworld podcasts www.themotoworld.com that a state legislator from Southern California, Fran Pavely (Dem, Santa Monica) in 2009 was working [...]
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