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  1. On The Road with Andrew Wheeler! AKA me! @DSTORESF D-Store San Francisco March 16.
    From AutoMotoPhoto Now that we're all caught up, I'm very happy to announce....The official flyer pretty much spells it out.  On Friday March 16, from 6.30-8.30pm I will providing an insight and visual treat (and of course banter) at the Dainese Store located here in San Francisco. I will also a have a few items on sale for those attending and of course you can also order items directly.  To help relieve you with some serious shopping therapy I do accept credit cards!! Bring your questions and let's have a good evening a
  2. Andrew Wheeler, AutoMotoPhoto and MotoGP. Part4 Catching Up.
    From AutoMotoPhoto 5037 "likes" as of March 10, 2012It's been a few weeks since we passed this little milestone of 5000 "Likers". As I'm catching up with everything MotoGP related before the season kicks off in a few weeks and especially how it relates to what I do as a photographer, I wanted to also add a huge THANK YOU to all who like and interact on my Facebook page at Andrew Wheeler - AutoMotoPhoto .  It's always a pleasure to be able to interact with like minded people, and even more of a pleasure
  3. Andrew Wheeler, AutoMotoPhoto and MotoGP. Part3 Catching Up.
    From AutoMotoPhoto Some of you who are "Likers" on the Andrew Wheeler - AutoMotoPhoto page here on Facebook would have seen or viewed the individual rider galleries I put together to keep us warm and interested over those cold winter nights...(doesn't that sound all squishy warm and fuzzy?) Well, I figured that not everyone is on Facebook, and so they're worth sharing here.  I'll most likely be adding a few more to the Facebook page between now and Qatar just to get people in the mood for the new season, but in
  4. Andrew Wheeler, AutoMotoPhoto and MotoGP. Part2 Catching Up.
    From AutoMotoPhoto Casey Stoner MotoGP Wold Champion Valencia 2011Over 105 motorcycling events (and some retro car images from CART and F1) are now contained within the cyber-walls of my now up-to-date website, AutoMotoPhoto.  Possibly one of the largest publicly accessible collection of motorcycle racing images on the web.  Covering more than a handful of races from all three major racing series that I have been fortunate enough to cover including, AMA, World Superbike (WSBK) and of course MotoGP.  I typically like to up date the last few races of the year in
  5. Andrew Wheeler, AutoMotoPhoto and MotoGP. Part1 Catching Up.
    From AutoMotoPhoto My beautiful friend - EmilyI wouldn't normally share this sort of stuff on here, however, it's important to me, and without Emily I wouldn't be doing this in the first place so I feel a short post, and update might be in order.  It's been a few hectic and busy weeks...albeit at home.  As some of you may or may not know my wife Emily was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer during the week between Christmas and New Years. We have shared the experiences on my personal Facebook page and
  6. 58 of #58 - The Book
    From AutoMotoPhoto 58 of #58 - Marco SimoncelliThere has been so much going on in my life recently, especially with my wife Emily's health that I have neglected to update "BlogWorld" with this little book I put together of pictures I have taken of Marco Simoncelli from 2008 through to Malaysia, 2011. It's my little tribute if you like, to someone who didn't follow the corporate model, but was a true racer, with that Barry Sheene flamboyance that seems to have been lost due to everyone worrying about their sponsors.  Possibly the
  7. The Shorty Awards...in Photography!
    From AutoMotoPhoto It's that time of year again and so I kindly ask for your support in this little annual fun event!!Just click on this link to the Photography category page...add a reason after the "because" and "tweet"Thank you!!
  8. Josh Hayes MotoGP - Cycleworld - Racewatch
    From AutoMotoPhoto A lightning update here....My good friend Josh Hayes (accompanied by his wife Melissa) were initially invited by Tech3 Yamaha to ride their bikes following the race weekend at the final MotoGP round at Valencia in Spain last November. After Colin Edwards was injured in the collision that involved Marco Simoncelli and Valentino Rossi, the test ride became a race ride....I photographed and interviewed Josh Hayes for Cycleworld Magazine over the race weekend on his thoughts about Simoncelli, Edwards etc, and his emotions about the opportunity and how he approached the entire adventure...
  9. MotoGP - 2011 Season In Pictures - AutoMotoPhoto
    From AutoMotoPhoto Happy New Year!I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who views my blog, follows my ramblings on Twitter @automotophoto  or is a "Liker" on my Facebook page at "Andrew Wheeler-AutoMotoPhoto"...2011 MOTOGP SEASON AUTOMOTOPHOTO REVIEW - Images by Andrew Wheeler | AutoMotoPhotoI was going to go on and on about Valencia, the last round of the 2011 season but have since decided that the best way to summarize the year would be to put together the mother of all slideshows. Starting with round 1 in Qatar and ending up with the  final
  10. MotoGP wall art for 2012?
    From AutoMotoPhoto VR46 #58 limited edition giclee canvas printI thought I had added this update to my blog...but with Christmas and the decompression that takes place after the end of the season I overlooked this one medium.  OOPS!  I wanted to add that these have been rather popular, so if you're interested in having something a little bit different to hang on your wall follow this link for information on how to order/purchase, but don't wait too long!Actual product - photographed outside in natural daylight 24"x18"To find out more and order your
  11. Ciao Marco - The Minute
    From AutoMotoPhoto The massed tribute at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo in ChesteThe image (for me) says it all.  We'll just leave it at that.
  12. AutoMotoPhoto 2012 Motorcycle Racing Calendar now available
    From AutoMotoPhoto Available to order now...Andrew Wheeler's 2012 AutoMootoPhoto GP CalendarLast years high quality calendar was a roaring success and so I am offering this calendar yet again. With 12 uniquely different images taken at MotoGP races all over the globe during the 2011 racing season this calendar offers a traditional calendar starting on Sunday combined with a photograph chosen from one of the races I have covered.Also, what makes this calendar special, is to be able to specify your own favourite rider from the MotoGP class to have as a custom calendar at
  13. #CiaoMarco - A selection of images from 250cc to October 23, 2011
    From AutoMotoPhoto Today was his funeral.  Today I put together a selection of images I hope reflect the man. I also have the same gallery here on FB2011 RD0 MOTOGP MARCO SIMONCELLI  Images by Andrew Wheeler | AutoMotoPhotoIf anyone is interested in using any of these images. Or wishes to purchase prints etc, please contact me.Until Valencia.Ciao Marco
  14. From happy to sad in less than 120 minutes. Goodbye Marco.
    From AutoMotoPhoto I never knew him that well.....Marco Simoncelli locking down the 250cc Championship in Phillip Island 2008..but when you travel constantly with the "MotoGP" circus you become a familiar face. Over time you'll receive a "ciao" or a "bongiorno" when passing in the paddock in the morning, during the evening or even as these people walk through the media centre. However, it was in Phillip Island in parc ferme where Marco recognised me when I asked him to look down into my camera for a goofy shot of him waving.  He
  15. Casey Stoner - World Champion
    From AutoMotoPhoto Casey Stoner atop his motorcycle in parc ferme after winning the race, and the World ChampionshipA quick update from last weekends MotoGP Round 16 at Phillip Island in Australia..and a simple update at that...with nothing more to say...Casey Stoner really put his stamp on the season and pulled off the race win, the championship and it was his birthday to boot...not bad going I guess.The trip to Phillip Island was, as it always is, a lot of fun.  I know some wonderful people who visit the island over the race weekend that
  16. You can't keep it all to yourself - Sharing and helping others to "see"
    From AutoMotoPhoto I admit I was nervous.But after we had the meet and greet, and the av-display had been set up and connected to my laptop I felt that something clicked within me.  This just felt right.That's me!  AutoMotoPhoto inaugural seminar Phillip IslandMy wife Emily had suggested I take my photography and what I know in a new direction and this was it.  The day went well and I was amazed at the level of enthusiasm of the people who had joined me for the day.  We ran through the program I had put together,
  17. AutoMotoPhoto - Website is now updated...
    From AutoMotoPhoto Casey Stoners RCV212 in parc ferme, Motorland AragonA quick mention to let you know that my main website, AutoMotoPhoto has been refreshed with images from every race I have covered in 2011...and in total there is nearly six years worth of racing images that could kill some time over a wintery weekend..Join me and others at the Phillip Island MotoGP Photography Seminar
  18. MotoGP Phillip Island Exclusive! AutoMotoPhoto seminar and dinner!
    From AutoMotoPhoto AutoMotoPhoto Seminar PosterMany people have asked me if I would run a seminar. I have gotten together with a good friend who lives on the Island and we're going to be putting on the inaugural AutoMotoPhoto Photography Seminar and Dinner in San Remo. Wednesday (10/12) before the race weekend is when it's going to happen.Also!!! After a long day of instruction, critique and big thinking, Paul and I will be cooking dinner for those who will be attending.This seminar is designed for amateurs who have a solid understanding of the
  19. Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner...from Misano to Aragon. The Renaissance, castles and the countryside...
    From AutoMotoPhoto Valentino Rossi at his "home" race wearing his special liveried Misano special helmetI love castles.GradaraSo it's rather interesting that we go from the Adriatic and the home of Lucrezia Borgia (and all that lovely warmth and kindness as the perfect dinner host she was) to Aragon, where the two regions are actually loosely connected by families marrying one off to the other.  I love this region of Italy, the coastline that becomes extremely dramatic not too far inland with huge outcrops of rocks topped with castles. UrbinoLast years trip to
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