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  1. Wood Rotax Scam
    From Sideblog If you're thinking of buying a bike or expensive bike parts online, read this. Sideburn reader John from London, learnt the hard way. To be clear - this is NOTHING to do with Ron Wood Racing. My name is John: For some time I have been dreaming of building a street tracker and it was at DirtQuake 2 that I decided now was the time to start.On taking advice I decided on a Wood Rotax chassis of which there are about 500 in the world. I placed a 'Wanted' ad
  2. Mud Crab Snaps (pm)
    From Sideblog Tall stories from Co BuiltWonderful lazer etched wooden CFH trophies'Best Bike' - Rotax chop tracker odd-ball.'Furthest Traveled by Bike' - London by Sam Christmas.'Best Jacket' Max's Aldana jacket. BP
  3. Peaks Ride-Out Snaps
    From Sideblog This was the only accident of the whole day. It was just topple during the coffee break when the sidestand pressed through the flapjack tarmac. The only damage was some earth deposit on the sidestand which didn't exactly warrant calling out the AA.Dave on his newly acquired CB175Max winner of 'Best Jacket' wearing Dave Aldana's old leathers from when he was a teenager. Proper coffee in the middle of nowhere, served from the back of Motore's Piaggio Ape - How fantastic!And the next day on the way home, I stopped
  4. Mud Crab Snaps (am)
    From Sideblog As each bike rolled in it seemed an even more 'inappropriate' a match for the others already lined up in the bus lane. And like with the routes people had taken to ride to Sheffield, the sources of the tip-off that there was a ride-out and a Sideburn party in the evening were pretty random too. From "Instagram" to "I work in the tattoo shop around the corner" and "I heard a raucous VROooM-Vroom". Good to see some Dirt Quake II survivors there too.By the time John Lawson turned up
  5. Yeah, what they said
    From Sideblog Spotted on the Smith and Others tumblr.We like sideburn magazine. they see value in a world less influenced by modern advertising and more focused on community and supporting personal growth. less about ?fashion and trends?. more about encouraging people to think independently. core ideas that we encourage. Get your copy of number 14 at the Sideburn webshop and see what all the fuss is about.(file this post under 'Blowing our own trumpet). G
  6. RSD Bolt
    From Sideblog Yamaha have released a new Sportster type twin-cruiser, and now every manufacturer is contractually obliged to have Roland Sands Designs to do a number on one of their bikes, Yamaha have returned to RSD for a number on their latest bike.See read more about at RSD
  7. Donhou Speedster
    From Sideblog Experiments in Speed from SpindleProductions on Vimeo.I met Tom from Donhou Cycles at the Bike Shed Event earlier this year. He told me about the bike he was building, the one featured in this film. It sounded amazing. It is amazing. The man's a hero.Thanks to Mark W for the link to this film. G
  8. That was fun
    From Sideblog Thanks to everyone who came out for the Sideburn x Corpses From Hell ride and do in Sheffield yesterday. What a brilliant and bizarre collection of bikes.Amazing route by Baybutt, Johnny Malco, Maxwell and Matt Steez.Great artwork by Maxwell Paternoster.Stunning photo exhibition by Sam Christmas.Great film reel from Garage Artists.Excellent surprise coffee stop on the Broken Road supplied by Motore Cafe's Piaggio Ape barista machine.Top food and atmosphere supplied by Mud Crab Diner.And not a drop of rain!More photos soon-ish. G
  9. Nearly all gone: Sideburn 12
    From Sideblog Sideburn 12 is very, very close to selling out. If you want a copy, better order it soon.UPDATE: But we are stocked up on Motorcycho fanzine and Motorcycho patches - both styles. G
  10. Dirt Quake III
    From Sideblog Dirt Quake II was such a raving success we have already started booking acts for next years event. BP
  11. DIY Hot Shoe
    From Sideblog We thought we'd share this how to that Skooter Farm's Captain Highside wrote for Sideburn 3 on the blog, so Dirt Quake gladiators can have a go at making a hot shoe if they fancy one (no, it's not mandatory, some quick lads have raced without hot shoes in the UK).Click the image a couple of times and it should be readable.Sideburn 3 was a mighty issue. We have some in stock. G
  12. Helmet Cam
    From Sideblog Guillermo from Costa Rica got it touch to say...I have a question about a helmet is a rare bell Toptex with platform, add picture, I think it was used to mount a camera, do you know of this helmet? I searched the internet and have never found one or information do you have information about it?Can anyone shed light on it (not guesses). Below is a photo I found on Two Wheels Plus. G
  13. High Heels in the Workplace
    From Sideblog Crosseyed from an continuous home-alone week glued to my Eizo monitor, head down for the Sideburn #10 finish line. The larder, fridge and freezer now bare. My pyjamas can walk on their own. Decided a trip outdoors and some manual labor (involving more than just my index fingers) would probably be heathy. Made it all of 50 feet out into the garden and into my shed. It's slowly coming together. Made some stack heels for my workbench so that both halves sit at a mighty 97cm high, so whether standing
  14. This is how you do it
    From Sideblog We've been keeping an eye on Iron & Resin's site for a while, then Ben and I both fell for this film today. Riding anything you have on a dirt track is the very essence of Dirt Quake. Incidentally, the geezer with the flags at the end reminds us we need a super showman/woman two flag swirling marshal for the Sideburn races. Any size, shape or sex, we don't care. It's all in the show. Anyone fancy the role? Let us know why we should choose you. G
  15. Deus in So Cal
    From Sideblog Deus Ex Machina are opening their latest store, The Emporium of Postmodern Activities, in Venice Beach, California THIS WEEKEND. And they're stocking Sideburn. Yip! GPS We have very limited amounts of the Deus x Sideburn T-shirt our Aussie mates designed made for us.
  16. Spirit Get In The Spirit
    From Sideblog Spirit of the Seventies are on board for Dirt Quake. After supporting Rollerburn, they've come back for more and are sponsoring May 19's day of dirt track mayhem at Coventry. If your company would like to sponsor Dirt Quake, get in touch for details.Tim from the Kent-based bike builders is also entering the street tracker class with this Sr500 (below) they've just rescued. It won't look like this on race day...The racing classes are filling up nicely, but there are still places on the grids.We're going to post details of
  17. It's a London fing - UPDATED
    From Sideblog Swirly American fairground fonts (or any of my favourites) weren't Drogo's cup of tea for his new Co-Built 6 bike, which is nearing completion. He's gone instead for the stalwart sans serif design developed by Edward Johnston for London Transport in 1916. BPUPDATE From Drogo...So I chose my race number cos it was already on my eBay leathers, I go London Transport font in a moment of creative laziness for the number board. You liken it to the buses. I look up the bus number and what do you know,
  18. Dirt Quake Race Classes and Regulations
    From Sideblog We've had lots of interest already, so thanks for that. Below are most, if not all, of the details those thinking of racing need to know.Very few rules, very few regs, very little money to spend.Some sand racers have been in touch. We'd love to have them involved, but because they ride race bikes (even in the Mablethorpe road bike class) they need to be in the STUK novice class - not Inappropriate Road Bike. As for racing scooters. They need to be road legal to be an inappropriate road
  19. Sponsored Rider
    From Sideblog Garrett Brittenham, who has a special place in the Sideburn Universe because his Aermacchi was the subject of the first ever post on this blog (nearly four years ago), has been sponsored by FTWCo, who also have a special place in our hearts.FTWCO are incredible. Jeff and Brad design and screenprint (in-house) cool T-shirts and sweatshirts, then plough the money back into making exclusive riding kit for amateur racers who contact them asking to be supported. FTWCo aren't trying to sponsor famous racers or racers they think are going to
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