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  1. Arizona Bike Week - Why?
    From Ride White Lines - Stories from the Road Arizona Bike week has come and gone... I don't know, maybe it's because I live here, but I just don't see AZBW becoming anything bigger than a circus event for vendors and a few custom builders. I've been a couple of times, mainly because my brother went and it's always a kick to ride with my brother. It's something I've enjoyed ever since we were little and I watched his little red helmet go bobbing down the canal after his attempt to be the worlds next Evil Knievil.
  2. Nickleback and the Sturgis "Rockin' the Rally" show
    From Ride White Lines - Stories from the Road I love this band... so now a little free promo for Nickleback's latest release....and the video trailer...... Nickelback: Live at Sturgis 2006 Trailer - courtesy of Metacafe.comE1 Entertainment, Coming Home Media and Blue Rider Pictures proudly announce the release of Nickelback Live at Sturgis 2006, a hard-rockin? set of twelve completely uncensored greatest hits recorded at the world-famous ?Rockin? The Rally? show in Sturgis, South Dakota. Arriving in stores shortly following the launch of Nickelback?s highly anticipated ?Dark Horse Tour,? the Live at Sturgis 2006 DVD became available everywhere on
  3. Ten Motorcycle Tour Models Reviewed
    From Ride White Lines - Stories from the Road I've used articles by Alan Liptrot before, here's another that I think is worth the read. Ride Safe!Ten Motorcycle Tourers by Alan LiptrotSelecting a Tourer is a very personal thing, and I?m not saying that these ten machines are the best. Some may not be still in production, but they are all available, albeit second hand. HONDA GOLDWING GL1800The only bit of kit that Honda?s Flagship is missing is an ashtray, and they?re probably working on that at the moment. This bike has been around a long time in
  4. Good Luck Arizona Cardinals
    From Ride White Lines - Stories from the Road This is one of those times where I have to break from just publishing Motorcycle related articles, forgive me while I come out of 20 years of futility and bask in a moment that I was never certain would come... always hoped that it would... but I am a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, and if nothing, I have learned over 20 years that hopes and dreams of a fan can be quickly dashed. While the team went to sleep for the last few games of the season they have
  5. $100 Rooms For Rent... Each Couple Please.
    From Ride White Lines - Stories from the Road We sat in the corner of the crowded little bar in Daniel, slowly enjoying our hard earned beer while we talked over the events of the mud-bog, the bentanite farting bike, the rain, the newly acquired bruises, and the caution in which we seemed to be employing during the trip to Daniel. We talked about the angels that must be following us, the road gremlins that kept trying to get us and how it all started with a bad intake, flat tire and a dead guy on the highway.
  6. We've Heard There's A Bar In Daniel...
    From Ride White Lines - Stories from the Road We pushed the bikes a bit farther to where the Bentanite ended and the pavement began again, resting for a moment and still shaking our heads. Deciding we were once again ready to push forward--Daniel, Bonderaunt and then Jackson for the night--knowing that we were, as seems to be the theme, behind schedule and needing to make up time. Mike was lead bike, ready to roll; he drops the gear in to neutral, and hits the starter, there's an odd sound coming from the bike as his Road
  7. Motorcycles in the Movies
    From Ride White Lines - Stories from the Road Okay, just to let you know--I have not gotten lazy... There has been a boat load of crap happening in my life and Christmas is right around the corner... so unfortunately I haven't had the time to put together a quality post for your enjoyment in a while. So while I continue to wade my way through everything... including shopping (blaaaa...) ... I was able to find an article that I enjoyed and thought I'd share - I did put in some links to the Internet Movie Data Base
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