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  1. Stampede 8, The Route
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue      The evening before the start of Stampede 8, Charlie the Nomad passed out copies of the route.  Simply stated, the route went from Tokeland, WA to Green Bay, WI via Highway 12, a winding secondary road.  Then turned south through Chicago and hit Highway 50 south of Indianapolis, IN.  The route followed Highway 50 through small towns east to Washington, DC and on to Annapolis, MD. From there south to Pinebluff, NC.     Paul Corey, from West Virginia, won.  His time was an impressive 69 hours and 25
  2. Stampede 2012
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue      The Stampede is a cross country race for choppers. The rules are simple: rigid frames or struts (no rear suspension), no windshields, no fairings, no hard saddlebags, no rubber mounted engines, no chase vehicles and this year a 550 cc displacement limit.     Here are some of the bikes of Stampede 8, in Tokeland, Washington.    Paul Corey, watch this guy.Best looking bike.He went out with his boots on.One of the main boys.The other Maine boy.Miyagi'sBeardo'sTank art, right?Tank art, left.Honda Magna V30 dressedUndressedVelardi Gonzales, best dressed!
  3. I'm Goin' Tokeland
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue      The Stampede started this year from Miyagi's place in Tokeland, Washington.  The town of Tokeland, with a population of 194, is on the thin Long Beach Peninsula that separates Wallapa Bay from the Pacific Ocean.  This is Washington State and Washington state has rain.     Tokeland is about 800 miles from my house in Wine Country, California.  I left on Wednesday, June 12 figuring a leisurely three days to Tokeland, a day of rest and then start the Stampede on Sunday morning, June 16.     The trip went
  4. Stampede 8 Results
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue 1.      Paul Corey                         69:252.      Chris Schreiber                  79:503.      Rich Allen                          82:204.      Jared Stoker                      86:005.      Jay Jacobs                        89:006.      Kris DeBaer                       91:287.      Frank Dotson                 
  5. The Stampede Bike is Almost Done
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue
  6. Sedona Arizona
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue      We left Laughlin and the plan was to tour northern Arizona.  At Kingman we caught the old Route 66 and  spent the night in Prescott.  From Prescott we went through Gerome an old mining town high in the mountains.  I had been in Gerome as a child and at that time it was close to being a ghost town.  There were about five people living in the town at that time.  From Gerome we headed to Sedona.     The road north from Sedona is really a nice ride.
  7. Planet of the Apes
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue The apes were out at Laughlin, and maybe it's just me but they seem to be getting a little wide as well as high.
  8. Hatt's San Quentin Toy Run 2011
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue I can't believe its December already, time for Hatt's San Quentin Toy Run. The weather was great this year, its usually cold and rainy this time of year. The good weather brought out some nice machinery.?? A Vincent masquerading as a Norton. ???????? I love that front drum brake.??? We delivered our toys to San Quentin Village, Santa takes over from there.? After our first stop at San Quentin, we headed out on a tour of Marin County. Next stop was Peri's in Fairfax.? Then after a stop at San Geronimo
  9. Pat's Chopper
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue I've started looking for a bike to put together for next years Stampede. I found this little Yamaha XJ-750 on S.F. Craig's List. I rode over to South San Francisco to take a look. I met Sal who greeted me llike an old friend. Sal said that the bike belongs to his wife, Patricia, but she is ready for a bike with shock absorbers.Sal's garage has a lot of character and is one of those places where people, like me, like to hang around. So over a cup of coffee, we talked motorcycles.
  10. I call it, The Compassionate Medical Motorcycle Act
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue TRADE PROP 215 BLUE DREAM MEDS FOR RELIABLE MOTORCYCLE (san jose south)___________________________________Date: 2011-10-24, 9:38PM PDTReply to: sale-@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] ____________________________________I have some extra prop 215 blue dream meds, also have Haze\ Skunk. Both are 100% Organic. Great taste and smell. I am a valid CA.MM.card holder and you must be as well. I am looking to trade for a reliable motorcycle to get around town. I am open to make and model but reliabilaty and overall condition of bike is the most important factor. If you are
  11. Scars on Scars
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue ??? 1972 BMW R75/5 Kick Start Lever??? ?We have a match.Leg
  12. Chilly Billy Memorial Run 2011
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue After weeks of perfect weather the Rip City Riders, 6th annual Chilly Billy Memorial Run began under cloudy, threatening skys. Attendance for the poker run seemed good, Rip City Riders gave ride pins to the first 700 riders.Marie and I signed up for the poker run at Michael's Harley Davidson. Then we hit the Redwood Cafe in Cotati where me met our friends for breakfast. Rocky was riding his wife's V-Rod, because of a slight malfunction of his own bike and Lance was on his Suzuki Hayabusa after a major malfunction of his Electra Glide. So,
  13. Famous Road Signs
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue  Zzyzx Road is on Highway 15 near Baker, California. I had a theory about what a Zzyzx was but I was wrong.
  14. The Town of Locke
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue The town of Locke, in the Sacramento Delta, was built by the Chinese. If you look up information about the town, you will find that it was founded in 1915 by Chinese businessmen after a fire in the Chinese section of nearby Walnut Grove. In 1934 Al Admai opened a restaurant called Al's Place, later called Al the Wops, and Al only served steaks. If you dig a little deeper into Locke's history you will find that Locke in the 1920's and 1930's was a rockin' town with Opium dens, gambling parlors, and of course girls. I have good information that Al Adami
  15. The Real McCoy and the J-Mack
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue Lee and I took a ride to the town of Locke for lunch at Ed the Wop's.  Locke is on one of the hundreds of "islands" in the Sacramento River Delta.  There are several ways to get to Locke, I like to go by way of the Real McCoy and the J-Mack.From Rio Vista on Hwy 12, we turned north along the main shipping channel.  After a few miles on the levee, we took the car ferry called the Real McCoy across Cache Slough to Ryer Island.  We rode around Ryer Island to a smaller ferry named the J-Mack on
  16. Stampede News
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue I have just learned some news from the Stampede, it looks like Charlie The Nomad came in first. Chris Price came in second. It looks like 14 riders finished the race, 26 started. Weather caused problems this year, the riders had to dodge thunderstorms and tornadoes.  El Nomads bike was obviously well prepared. I think the engine is a late 70's Kawasaki 900 with a truly unique exhaust system.
  17. Jim's KZ750 at the Stampede
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue I talked to Jim who had ridden from Alberta Canada to compete in the Stampede. Jim calls his Kawasaki KZ750, "Calamity Ensues" after the two female devils on the tank. Get it? Calamity and Sue, yes, Canadian humor.Jim's bike had developed a intake manifold leak so he was in the motel parking lot with the carbs off using a little RTV to seal things up.Jim took time from his repairs to talk with me and that's no small thing with the start of the race just hours away.By now the Stampede is over, and
  18. The Brits Take on The Stampede
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue This is the sixth Stampede and there has never been a British bike entered, until now. This year with the Stampede off the Interstates, three Brit bikes, Norton, BSA and Triumph, stepped up to the challenge.??????? 1970 BSA A65 Lightening #2?#5 1979 Triumph Bonneville???
  19. Stampede 2011
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue The Stampede 6 is underway.  The Stampede is a race for hardtail choppers.  No windshields or fairings, no hard saddle bags and no rubber mounted engines are allowed. This year the Stampede started at South Lake Tahoe, California and will finish at the Greenleafe Inn in Pine Bluff, North Carolina. As I write this entry the 26 riders who started are about half way across the country.The course is not revealed until the evening before the race. It was known that this year the course would avoid the interstate highways. It was to be two lane highway
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