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  1. Winter
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues The bike has been locked up for a few weeks now…  I haven’t had a chance to ride it due to the weather, but I have seen people jetting around on their bikes regardless… So I wonder if I should as well.  I know I want to avoid the icy days, but there have been [...]
  2. Broadway
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues Speaking of the ride down broadway, Columbus circle is awesome. That sequence of double backed curves is a lot of fun. Especially nice is that you got dropped right into Times Square after the circle and flow down through Broadway and a sequence of reflections and refractions. It’s cool. Otherwise, riding [...]
  3. Not Recommended
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues I merged onto the West Side Highway going south from 125th st. tonight. It was 6 am so it was all the morning traffic coming in from the suburbs. It was horrible. There is a yield sign, so i knew I had to let traffic through, but I tried to speed up [...]
  4. You drop the suspension on that?
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues Came up to a stop-light and a yamaha pulled up next to me, sometime around 2am. We gave each other a nod. He flipped up his shield and asked me if I had dropped the suspension on my bike. I told him it was stock. 250, he asked. Yeah, I said. [...]
  5. The first opener
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues Riding up to Columbia, I took the 10th ave route again, but hitting heavy traffic, I decided to pull onto the highway. I got in around 34th St., but I was unhappy with the traffic flow there, so I cut back in to the avenues to see if I could weave my way through. [...]
  6. People love motorcycles
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues Obviously, beyond the exhilirating moments of continuous bliss you get while riding, the people factor is a fantastic element. The first reaction I got was a head shake from a older man. It might be because i was half-way in the corsswalk, but there might be other reasons for it… I got a nod [...]
  7. uptown traffic
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues Going up 10th avenue was a bitch and a half. There’s so much traffic, but I wasn’t ready for the West Side highway for some reason. Coutner-intuitive maybe, but i needed a better feel for this bike, or maybe I needed to get comfortable with lots of cars around me so I could [...]
  8. the first ride
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues riding down 11th ave was a simple treat, I merged into traffic well, switched lanes with ease: looking back over to the blind spot for a split second is not as hard as I thought it would be. The merge onto the west side highway was fine too; stopped at the light, waiting, zoomed [...]
  9. It begins
    From Domomoto: The Motorcycle Monologues Day one of the new: I picked up my motorcycle today. I have’t yet named it, but I’m sure that will come to me soon, in a speed induced dream I’l have one of these nights. After many long years of wanting to ride, wanting to own a bike, and being just to lazy, or diverted [...]
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