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  1. How far away is ?Away From It All??
    From The Motoproponent So the other day I really had the urge to get out of town, But I still had to be back home in time for all the trappings of responsible adulthood. I wanted to be alone with my thoughts. There … Continue reading →
  2. Go Play In Traffic!
    From The Motoproponent By show of hands, who else loves horrible traffic? I’ve written before about the merits of motocommuting and about how my close proximity to work made me a worse employee because of the convenience. Now though I have evolved as … Continue reading →
  3. S?been a while
    From The Motoproponent Wow, has it really been more than two years since my last post?   Well if you didn’t know I’m now a Husband and (step)Dad! I will often have thoughts that I think are witty and perhaps worthy of sharing … Continue reading →
  4. Got game?
    From The Motoproponent So I’m rocking some public transit action to the city. I got a dinner invite and I’ll be providing some cheap Mexican beer. That’s right Tecate in a can. So here I am sitting in the back of the bus … Continue reading →
  5. $12.85 an hour
    From The Motoproponent So today I was walking across the parking lot at work, where I saw a penny on the ground. As I knelt down to pick it up, a coworker asked me if I dropped something. I just replied, “Nah, it … Continue reading →
  6. I saw that coming
    From The Motoproponent So it’s such a pretty day that I decided to take a stroll around the hood. I usually just walk to the bus stop or down to some store on the main drag here in The Laurel. But this time … Continue reading →
  7. Thanks for clearing that up
    From The Motoproponent So,this morning I was watching the news. I always do when I’m having my ritualistic morning cup-o-joe. This morning though I was insulted even more than usual. They were continuing their coverage of the Sandra Cantu case with the courtroom appearance … Continue reading →
  8. Safe Sex
    From The Motoproponent So I have a few friends coming over this afternoon. They’re both girls so I make sure that the Castle’s bathroom is clean and serviceable. Nobody likes to hover. I have been crazy busy with work lately and really wasn’t … Continue reading →
  9. Thanks Jack
    From The Motoproponent OK so it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I was hoping to finish up the grand Oman Adventure before I moved on to other things but some things have transpired lately and I feel the need to write. Even … Continue reading →
  10. Pardon the interruption
    From The Motoproponent So I got caught up in the planning and what not of the big birthday ride instead of writing the rest of the Grand Oman Adventure. In fact I’m on the big birthday ride right now so nothing of interest … Continue reading →
  11. Day One SFO to IAD
    From The Motoproponent     So I guess it’s about time I share my thoughts,pics , and ,this time, videos of the grand trip to Oman. Just like the trip to Vietnam last year, I was an instructor teaching some foriegn border security … Continue reading →
  12. Tastes like childhood
    From The Motoproponent So here I am sitting at my desk, trying to balance my need for hydration with my requirement for caffeine. Even though I look like I’m sitting in front of my computer listening to a Keyser Soze CD, I’m actually in … Continue reading →
  13. Crazy Cat Guy
    From The Motoproponent So I still have a lot of work to do on the pictures and videos from the trip to Oman, so be patient. If the write up of the trip is one tenth as good as the trip itself you will be thoroughly entertained. But when I got back I had to re-assimilate into the [...]
  14. I forgot to pack my Top Gear
    From The Motoproponent So I’m off on another trip for Uncle Sam. This time though, it’s something very different. Not to the far east, but the mid east. This will be the first time in the region as a civilian. So my first time having to go through Customs and Immigration. I have an iPhone that has become [...]
  15. Damn you BBC America
    From The Motoproponent I’m supposed to be packing and getting ready for my trip tomorrow. I need to get the Castle in shape for Danesquire, the house sitter. But I’m having trouble keeping focused when there are shows like “Brothers and Sisters in love” that explores the phenomenon of Genetic Sexual Attraction. Or “My big breasts and me”, where [...]
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