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  1. From Green Machine First "photo op" stop. Seven Devils road south of Coos Bay. It's a beautiful day!

  2. From Green Machine Same place. I should have corrected the exposure, but I'm not used to this camera yet.

  3. From Green Machine Riding on Seven Devils Road. A 14 mile curvy stretch of hiway between Hwy 101 South of Coos Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. This area was clear cut about 10 years ago, and has been all replanted. We used to ride dirt bikes in this area a lot, but now the environmentalists won't let anyone on it. How's this for a CLEAR windshield?! (except for the one or two little bugs)

  4. From Green Machine Using the new camera with one hand. I think I need to put a Vista Cruise on this thing before I leave on the trip!

  5. From Green Machine Just dropped down into Foggy Charlie Town (Charleston)

  6. From Green Machine Just a good picture spot!

  7. From Green Machine The Green Machine in front of Davy Jones Locker.

  8. From Green Machine This happens here every year. 3 days of almost around the clock music in 5 different locations. Bands and people come from all over. We usually try to make it to part of it. Last year we when to the Sunday morning Gospel Music performance, it was very good!

  9. From Green Machine I was a little disappointed with the fog. It had been so beautiful and sunny on the way out here. Actually, as the crow flies, I'm about 4 miles from my house from this harbor. I rode a little over 30 miles to get here, that's the long way . Going home will be about 6 miles, and I'll hit sunshine about a mile inland from here.

  10. From Green Machine A foggy harbor. Most of these are long pole trawlers, some are larger drag boats.

  11. From Green Machine This is a popular place for the fisherman to eat breakfast.

  12. From Green Machine One of the popular Charter Boat busineses. Their boats are commonly called "pukers"

  13. From Green Machine Hmmm. Looks like time for a snack! The shrimp coctails used to be a buck, I hope they are as good as they used to be...............

  14. From Green Machine My $1.95 lunch. Comes with crackers, but I didn't need the carbs . This is a pretty deep cup too, was very tasty! Note the Mustang table.

  15. From Green Machine This is one of the large seafood processing plants in Charleston. They employ a lot of people year around. They are always changing the processing lines to accomodate whatever is in season.

  16. From Green Machine This used to be a small open air fish stand. They have expanded a lot. There are tables inside now with a limited menu. Excellent chowder, sandwiches and seafood cocktails. The have a deli just full of different seafoods.

  17. From Green Machine The largest grocery store in Charleston. Used to be the Post Office as well. Been there a long time.

  18. From Green Machine This used to be the Red Barn Cafe. Years ago when I was in the Coast Guard, I ate here when ever I was in the area. They had wonderful breakfasts! Sometimes change isn't good :-( where the green grass is to the South, used to be Red's Tavern. A real bucket of blood. The loggers would come out and fight with the fisherman, it was always a fun place to go. It burned down several years ago.

  19. From Green Machine "The Gang" ate here last week. Big fireplace inside, nautical stuff hanging all over, some beautiful paintings and photos too. Food was deeeelicious! The back is all glass, and there is a large deck that goes out to the South Sough for summer eating. There is a bar and pool table too, and they have live music on the weekends.
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