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  1. Not Sold!
    From Harley Davidson Sportster Well, good news or bad, I'm still not sure, I was unable to sell my Sporti before my surgery. I had lowered the price past a point of being comfortable with selling and sure as heck wasn't going tom lower anymore. I'm not sure if it is the economy or just a general lack of interest in this kick ass Harley-Davidson. At the very least I take this as a sign to wait until I heal up and have a chance to ride again. For now, I'm happy to see
  2. New Price $7250
    From Harley Davidson Sportster I really want to sell my Sportster before my upcoming surgery so I am reducing the price to $7250. This is a great price for a Harley-Davidson with low mileage, extended service plan, and some great upgrades. If there are upgrades you do not like I have most of the original parts so you can change this XL1200 Custom back to stock if you'd like.
  3. Sportster FOR SALE
    From Harley Davidson Sportster Do to a broken leg (not motorcycle related) I have decided to sell the Sportster. I can't stand another season of it sitting in the garage and not being out on the road. If you are interested in this 2008 Harledy-Davidson XL1200 Custom you should check out my FOR SALE blog. If you've any questions let me know and I'll update the Frequently Asked Questions on the FOR SALE blog. Thanks, -David
  4. A Different Type of V-Twin
    From Harley Davidson Sportster I found this video of my 2003 Suzuki while digging around in my picture archives and thought I'd post it for the Suzuki SV650S fans out there. This was shot right after I installed the LeoVince exhaust on my SV. It sounded even better after it had some miles on it.
  5. Where do you like to ride?
    From Harley Davidson Sportster There's a lot of riding opportunities in So Cal including:MountainsCoastDesertUrbanPersonally, I like riding in the mountains and desert to the East. From Julian to Borrego this is all really great riding that suits a variety of styles.
  6. What is your favorite ride?
    From Harley Davidson Sportster TwistiesLong straight roadsStop light to stop lightShowing off at the side of the road?
  7. Update on Tour Master saddlebags
    From Harley Davidson Sportster After about 6 months of riding with the Tour Master Cruiser II Slant Saddlebags I found the right side bag dangling from the safety straps. The zipper on the yoke had broken (which was odd because the bag was empty). I called Tonker.com the company that I bought the bags from and they provided me a direct contact at Tour Master. A quick call to Tour Master and a replacement yoke was sent out. All of this was very hassle-free. Based on this customer service I continue to recommend Tour
  8. Loud pipes save Cop lives in Oakland
    From Harley Davidson Sportster I recently made a post asking if anyone was aware of evidence supporting the claim "loud pipes save lives". Nothing conclusive came back but I did find this article from the San Francisco Chronicle on the 93 decibel pipes the Oakland PD is installing on their Harleys. According to the article, "It seems the cops just didn't feel safe on toned-down bikes." The article refers to an inconclusive study the city did on the subject. Maybe the Oakland motorcycle cops just like to sound cool?Reddit It |  Digg This | Add to del.icio.us
  9. What is the most technically advanced part of the Harley?
    From Harley Davidson Sportster Harleys are not known for being technically advanced compared to their German and Japanese competitors. Is this an accurate assessment, a bias that goes back to the earlier times or are Harleys just a throwback to a bygone time? My Sporster has a fuel injected, electronically controlled 1200 cc engine. Some of the bigger bikes have air suspension and other trick bits. So what's the deal, retro modern or dinosaur?
  10. Do loud pipes really save lives?
    From Harley Davidson Sportster Loud pipes are common on Harleys and most Harley riders are quick to say "loud pipes save lives" but is there any quantative proof to this claim? Police bikes are typically very quiet, you'd think with all the investment in training a motorcycle cop they'd put loud pipes on the bikes, if it made a difference. Are there any statistics to support this claim or is it just an excuse to make some noise?Reddit It |  Digg This | Add to del.icio.us
  11. What makes a Harley a Harley?
    From Harley Davidson Sportster What makes a Harley a Harley? Is it the "chopper" look, the V-Twin sound, or something about the ride?
  12. Where to ride in San Diego
    From Harley Davidson Sportster There are a lot of great places to ride in San Diego County from the Coastal roads to the desert out East with the mountains in between. I found a great map of roads that includes some helpful ratings on the BMW Owners Club of San Diego web site. Click the image on the bottome of the page to get the big picture. If you live in San Diego or are just coming out for a visit, print this out and cover as much road as possible.Reddit It |
  13. Working on the Sportster
    From Harley Davidson Sportster A big part of buying a Harley-Davidson is the heritage. The Motor Company goes way back and the Sportster line started in 1957. The heritage shows up in design and the classic V-Twin engines. Harley-Davidson has never been about cutting-edge, delivering on a fairly consistent motorcycling experience. This is not to say technologies have not changed and that the mechanics have not improved over time but the pace has been slow and steady. This slow pace of change, or commitment to the past, is evident in much of the add-on parts
  14. California Motorcycle Smog Testing Bill
    From Harley Davidson Sportster Alert from the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), if you live and ride in California you need to take action on this Bill now!Senate Bill 435 (Motorcycle Smog Testing Bill) Scheduled for Hearing on May 28th in Appropriations Committee!!This bill, which would require all model year 2000 and newer motorcycles over 280 cc's to be smog tested every 2 years, has been scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Finance committee on May 28th.You can find the AMA?s ?click to send? message in opposition to this bill at http://capwiz.com/amacycle//issues/alert/?alertID=12937506. Even if
  15. Ariel Atom
    From Harley Davidson Sportster If you just have to be on four wheels than this is the car for you. The Ariel Atom is about as mimalist as it gets for a car, no roof, no doors, no windshield. Just a two-liter Honda i-VTEC engine putting out 245 BHP! Check out the Top Gear clip on YouTube that compares the Atom to a Yamaha R6. In this ride you don't need a helmet but you'd be mad not to wear one!Reddit It | Digg This | Add to del.icio.us
  16. Break down on the Pacific Coast Highway
    From Harley Davidson Sportster It?s been way too long since my last post and I apologize for that. I?ve not had a chance to do much riding this year ? been a combination of schedule and mechanical issues. I do have a backlog of updates that will hopefully be interesting. Let me know if there are any specific topics you want me to cover and I?ll do my best to pass along what I know (or don?t know). Topics in queue include:Installation of Race Tech Caddies front-end kitInstallation of Progressive 440 Series rear shocks Installation
  17. Back on the road
    From Harley Davidson Sportster After the electrical problems I spent some time going over the Sporster checking all the work I had done. The installation of the tachometer, garage door opener, and performance management system did require modifications to the electrical system. Everything checked out okay, all the connections were solid.I took the battery down to the Harley-Davidson dealership where they plugged it into their ?deep cycle? charger and told me to come back the next day. The next day at the dealer they told me the battery took a charge and passed all
  18. Installing the Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Supports
    From Harley Davidson Sportster When I finally made the decision to go with the throw-over saddle bags from Tour Master I also decided to use the Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Supports, figuring that while a bit pricey ($100) they would be of good quality and fit for my 2008 Sportster XL1200 Custom. I purchased the supports from San Diego Harley, took a quick look at the instructions and thought it looked like quick work to do the install.I set the Sportster's jiffy stand on a two-by-four to get the bike near level. The Harley kit covers
  19. Installing the Tour Master Cruiser II Slant Saddlebags
    From Harley Davidson Sportster As mentioned in previous posts I recently purchased a set of the Tour Master Cruiser II Slant Saddlebags, size large, from Tonker.com. I was impressed when the bags arrived two days after ordering (free shipping) and quickly went about getting them installed.I'd already installed the Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Supports (see previous post) so the work requiring tools was pretty much done. The Tour Master bags out of the box hung a bit high on my 2008 Sportster XL1200 Custom so the first step was to adjust the length (or width depending
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