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  1. Robbie Maddison does it again ? London's Tower Bridge jump
    From MotoBrief Robbie Maddison does a back flip across an open Tower Bridge in London earlier this month. Maddison’s doing some of the most amazing stunt work around, like his jump last New Year’s Eve to the top of the Arc de … Continue reading →
  2. Why I have to be the janitor?
    From MotoBrief A brilliant day-in-the-life video from Yamaha, featuring the Yamaha MotoGP racers. Thanks to Big Bob for pointing this one out.
  3. "I promise I won't eat my dirt bike."
    From MotoBrief The Associated Press reports that there is little hope in the near future for kid’s dirt bikes. The buzzkills staff of the Consumer Product Safety Commission have issued their recommendation that dirt bikes and ATVs not be exempt from the … Continue reading →
  4. Jay Leno and Arai Helmets
    From MotoBrief Jay Leno’s Garage is one of the best sites in the world. Leno’s collection of cars and motorcycles is legendary. And he’s a true enthusiast, who loves these vehicles and enjoys getting them out and on the road. I think … Continue reading →
  5. Amazon Notices Motorcycles Are Popular
    From MotoBrief [/caption]Amazon has sold various bits of motorcycle gear for some time, but now they’ve pulled it all together under a Motorcycle & ATV section. It’s convenient to have everything in one spot and they have a pretty broad selection of … Continue reading →
  6. MotoGP comes to Indianapolis
    From MotoBrief MotoGP is rolling into Indianapolis for the first world championship motorcycle race ever held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s also going to be the first MotoGP race that I attend. When the MotoGP left Laguna Seca almost a decade … Continue reading →
  7. 2009 BMW F-something or other-GS Arrives at Dealers
    From MotoBrief BMW dealers now have the new F 800 GS in stock — no, wait, it’s the F 650 GS, but it’s using a new twin-cylinder engine based on the F 800 GS engine, and it displaces 798 cc. But it … Continue reading →
  8. 4th Annual Mods vs. Rockers 2008 Photos
    From MotoBrief The 4th Mods vs. Rockers vintage motorcycle and scooter show happened yesterday. Eric Robinson has already posted a great flickr set from the event. The photos include bikes, scooters and even a couple classic cars seen at this year’s MvR. … Continue reading →
  9. "Look Twice for Motorcycles" Comes to the U.S.
    From MotoBrief The Think! Take Longer to Look for Bikes campaign from the UK has landed in the US with an Americanized version of the public service announcement. You can see the original UK version here. Be forewarned, the UK version is … Continue reading →
  10. Vintage Moto Guzzi on Cool Hunting
    From MotoBrief Back in February, the Cool Hunting blog featured Blonde Redhead drummer Simone Pace. In addition to talking about his music and the band, Pace spends some time showing off his vintage Moto Guzzi and talks about his passion for motorcycles.
  11. GlobeRiders R1200GS Instructional DVD
    From MotoBrief I see GlobeRiders has another DVD on adventure touring and on-the-road maintenance, this time for the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure. GlobeRiders has done a great job with these videos — I have the F650GS video myself — and think that they’re a good introduction to gear and basic maintenance. There’s more than 4 hours of info [...]
  12. Ural Article in the Oregonian
    From MotoBrief The local newspaper has a good article on the Ural sidecar rig. Author Arv Voss took delivery of a Ural Gear-Up and talks about the experience. I’ve always been fascinated by Urals, although I’ve never had the opportunity to ride one. When they first arrived in the U.S. in the early nineties, I loved the idea of [...]
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