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  1. EVFR 2.0: Building the pack
    From eVFR It’s been a slow summer. I’ve been too busy this summer to get much done and David moved his shop. I haven’t posted lately, but I have been doing things on and off. I?ve also been riding my SV650 a bit. Really glad I got this to practice on while the bike is being finished. [...]
  2. EVFR 2.0: Slow progress but new bike
    From eVFR I?m sorry it?s been a while since my last update. It?s been a very busy and unfortunate last couple of months. My Aunt passed away and then shortly after, my cousin got sick and succumbed. I went to My aunt?s funeral, and went to visit my cousin before he passed away. Mixed in with all [...]
  3. EVFR 2.0: Fiberglass fun!
    From eVFR Since Dave is working on the battery pack drawings, I figured I’d focus on other things like the fiberglass and headlights. When I first found the upper, it had no headlight holes in it. I decided to do a dual headlight conversion, but needed to fiberglass the lights into the fairing. I spent last night [...]
  4. Back from a break
    From eVFR I moved in with the GF a couple weeks ago and unfortunately between packing and moving, I had to push the bike project aside for a bit. My buddy also had a huge project at work and couldn’t work on it either. Looks like it’s back to work this weekend and next to get things [...]
  5. EVFR 2.0: Equipment fitment
    From eVFR I went to the shop last Thursday for a little bit and talked with Travis. I showed him the mockup and how well things seemed to fit inside the frame. We didn’t spend a ton of time on the bike that night, mostly just talked about the overall idea of what the project plan is. I [...]
  6. EVFR 2.0: Battery Mock-up Test-fit
    From eVFR I went down to the shop tonight to test-fit the battery pack mock-up. Since I oversized the pack, things seemed tight at first. Just to make sure everything fit OK, I used a tie-down and compressed the front forks as much as I could. This ensures that I’d have enough clearance under heavy braking. Add [...]
  7. EVFR 2.0: Battery Pack Mock-up
    From eVFR So tonight I came home and worked a little on the battery pack mock-up. I printed out a full scale drawing of the 160-cell pack showing the right and left side to use as a pattern. I cut some foam-core board to the same size as the scale drawings and then glued it together with [...]
  8. EVFR 2.0: 160 cell battery pack design
    From eVFR So this last week was great. The bike is in the shop with fairings on it. I spent some time with my buddy Travis and we cut out some cardboard that sort of hugged the inside of the frame/gas tank/motor so we could see how much room we had to play with. Dave took a [...]
  9. EVFR 2.0: Starting again
    From eVFR So after a quiet few months and no real progress on the bike, I got a friend to help me load my motorcycle and take it somewhere I can finish the battery pack. The bike is now at the old Synkromotive shop (which is now Shorepower). I’m renting some space from another guy in the [...]
  10. EVFR 2.0: Battery check-up
    From eVFR Unfortunately this project has stretched to over a year longer than intended due to starting a business, consulting people and having a girlfriend, etc. Couple that with the fact that I don’t own some of the metalworking equipment I need to build my battery enclosure and holders, and time just runs away. Because of that, [...]
  11. EMF Update: BIG discharger almost done
    From eVFR So Adrian finished working on the discharger. I’ll need to mount the last module, driver boards, fuses and some fans to the ends for cooling, but it looks like the mechanical is finished. Picking it up tonight! Adrian and his guy did a great job. No more CBA-II for discharging batteries….. I’ll be using this [...]
  12. EMF Update: BIG discharger.
    From eVFR So I took a little time this last couple months to set up my business and got a couple clients, which is great. I can start to work a little on the bike and side projects. One of the side projects involves designing a battery discharger for high amps. I get customers that want me to test [...]
  13. eVFR 2.0: Forks rebuilt and new handlebars
    From eVFR Got my forks rebuilt last week and drilled out my triple clamp to attach a bar riser I found to mount some Spiegler superbike handlebars. Only 1 problem, the brake line isn’t long enough, so I need to order some new lines. Kind of a bummer, but now I can upgrade to braided brake lines [...]
  14. EVFR 2.0: 1238 Heatsink fitted
    From eVFR Lots going on behind the scenes I guess. A few weeks ago, I ordered a friend a 1238-7601 and AC20 combo and he mentioned that he wanted to make a heatsink for it. He found a good price on a heatsink that mostly fit the controller and told me he was going to mill it down and [...]
  15. EMF, LLC.
    From eVFR Time for a little update, but this time it’s not about the electric motorcycle. For the last couple years I’ve helped a ton of people figure out what system they need for their vehicles, sold batteries and BMS and helped with technical support. I’ve also worked with some OEM’s in helping them with their vehicles as well. [...]
  16. EVFR 2.0: Battery holder prototypes finished
    From eVFR So last week, Dave Boyd machined some plastic pieces based on the initial drawings that we did.  He used some scrap plastic for now, and used the 12V battery as a starting point so we can tweak things. The milling should be much smoother on the UHMW. He said this plastic doesn’t machine as well. [...]
  17. EVFR 2.0: AC20 mounted!
    From eVFR A little to update since the last entry. I found a dual 0-30V 0-5a power supply from a local guy. I’ve been looking around for one for a month or so, just to see if one pops up. It was a good deal, so I snagged it. I’ve been charging 4 batteries at a time [...]
  18. EVFR 2.0: Pack design
    From eVFR So these 2 students helping me are kicking some ass. They’ve got just a little help from me with the electrical layout and basic ideas, but they’ve done awesome at getting the drawings done for my fabricator and making a nice finished drawing. There are only some minor changes we’ll do, but overall things look [...]
  19. EVFR 2.0: Photo update
    From eVFR So, Bryan and I took some photos of the chassis with the fairings on. Here’s a link to some of them. [...]
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