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  1. Motorcycle Therapy
    From Guilty Customs CHANCE ENCOUNTER from Josh Manning on Vimeo. It all started with one sheet of paper, and a copier. That was the beginning of a journey that would change one man’s life for ever! A short-film about an overworked man who’s life is changed when he encounters a parked motorcycle. Random Posts2007 LA Calendar Show! A [...]
  2. A Must See! The Wally Parks NHRA Museum
    From Guilty Customs For auto enthusiasts and gearheads, a visit to Pomona, Calif. is a must. The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum features historical racing vehicles, photographs, trophies, helmets, driving uniforms, artifacts, paintings and much more. The building features 28,500 square feet of exhibit space. The NHRA Motorsports Museum is located within the Los Angeles County Fairplex. It [...]
  3. Nash Sickle Garage hits SoCal
    From Guilty Customs NASH Motorcycle Company announced today that a full service garage will be coming to Los Angeles this spring. The garage will be located in the back of the PERRI INK. Cartel on the historic Melrose Ave. The NASH Sickle Garage will include custom motorcycle builds, repairs, service and fabrication. “We’ve been looking to do something [...]
  4. 105 year old Indian up for auction
    From Guilty Customs It looks like a neglected bike long since consigned to the shed, but this two-wheeled contraption’s value belies its rusty appearance. The ancient bicycle is in fact a 1906 Indian Camelback, one of the first ever two-wheeled motorised machines and one which is hugely desirable to collectors. Just 1,698 of the rare cycles were produced [...]
  5. Ed ?Big Daddy? Roth and ?Rat Fink?
    From Guilty Customs In the den of Darryl Roth’s Corona home, cartoon ogres cover the walls, staring back at him with salivating tongues, bloodshot eyes, jagged claws and gnashing teeth. To Roth, the images represent rebellion, a gloriously grotesque imagination ? and his father. “I look around and I swear, it’s like he’s still alive. He’s still here,” [...]
  6. Detroit City Video with ?Guilty? Gear
    From Guilty Customs Our swag has found its way onto a variety of people over the years and now onto the stage with performers LetricKramer in their performance “Detroit City”, which promotes the city, it’s heritage and future. Look out for more sightings of “Guilty” swag showing up all over the place. Related Posts You May Also LikeRemembering [...]
  7. Harley looking for ?lay-off? volunteers
    From Guilty Customs Harley-Davidson employees in Wisconsin must decide this week whether they want to volunteer for layoffs. The motorcycle maker expects to begin reducing its workforce by about 250 jobs this spring. Harley-Davidson says it’s offering employees financial incentives to volunteer for the permanent layoffs, but details weren’t disclosed. Motorcycle sales haven’t recovered from the recession, so [...]
  8. It?s Better in The Wind Video Scrapbook
    From Guilty Customs It's Better In The Wind - Short Film from Scott Toepfer on Vimeo. When Photographer Scott G Toepfer took to the road and spent two years taking pictures covering his motorcycle adventures across the western U.S. and ultimately publishing a photo essay titled, It?s Better in the Wind, little did he know he'd be setting [...]
  9. Social Network for Your Ride?!
    From Guilty Customs Users sharing an interest in their favorite rides takes on a new meaning with JustRides.com...Users are quickly connected with others that share their enthusiasm and so begins a new type of 'social friendship'.
  10. California Cruisin
    From Guilty Customs Andrew Quinones is a west coast photographer and videographer and his ability to capture the true SoCal vibe is right on. I’ve watched his work before and this is his latest. Check it out and see true west coast customs cruisin. Deadend Magazine Cruise Night 2011 from Andrew Quinones on Vimeo. Random PostsWhat a Kick [...]
  11. A Way Of Life
    From Guilty Customs There is always an appeal and lore about the motorcycle culture. Whether it’s one promoted by the media or the next door neighbor and it’s flavored with some bits of truth (and fiction) also. Check this video out. A Way of Life - Free videos are just a click away Random PostsThese Illuminup Mats Light [...]
  12. The Wall of Death Teaser
    From Guilty Customs For as long as there have been motorcycles there have been men and women who have dared to push the envelope of safety, physics, and common sense…..enter the motorcycle daredevil. The origin of the word daredevil dates back to 1785, (according to Random House) As early as 1911 the motordrome in Coney Island featured the [...]
  13. Groovy Grooved Risers
    From Guilty Customs The guys over at Black Sunshine Custom has some cool little items people are going to get excited about for sure! Their NEW Groove Risers (match the grooved oil filters). These are the available in Brass, cast aluminum and a copper brass mix. They measure a little over 2” dia. and come in sizes from [...]
  14. Build your own 64-65 Ford Mustang!
    From Guilty Customs Are you a fan of classic restoration? Now it is possible to build a 1964, 1965 or a 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible from the wheels up using the new Ford-approved and officially licensed body shell. Ford says that the new Mustang body shells are made with stronger steel and use modern welding techniques, making them [...]
  15. Bikers and too much caffeine
    From Guilty Customs These two elements apparently don’t mix anymore. Granted in the early days we could have said “Bikers and Alcohol” don’t mix. But now the new turf to fight over is “Latte land”. The reason i’m bringing this up is due to the recent flurry of shootings and now the subsequent killing of a Hells Angel [...]
  16. Harley Recall
    From Guilty Customs In the interest of customer safety and satisfaction, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has issued a voluntary recall on 308,474 model year 2009 through 2012 Touring, CVO Touring and Trike vehicles built between June 6, 2008, through Sept. 16, 2011. On the affected vehicles, the rear brake light switch may be exposed to temperatures that degrade its [...]
  17. Nose Jobs
    From Guilty Customs Whether your an import guy or a domestic metal worshipper there is one portion of a car/truck/bike that gives everyone a bit of the jollies (well besides the powerplant). That’s the front-end. Granted some have gone the way of the dodo bird, and others have refined with age (aka the camaro or corvette). But no [...]
  18. Puff?n Your Caffeine, Chocolate & Liquor
    From Guilty Customs For me there is just something “real” about grabbing a hot cup of coffee, chugging it down over a bagel or side of eggs and bacon. Nothing hits me like a good cup of Joe. Well, apparently there is a conspiracy to take my coffee drinking pleasure away, thanks to the efforts of a Harvard [...]
  19. Hogslayer Documentary Released
    From Guilty Customs The much anticipated “Hogslayer” documentary has arrived! After the very successful “Hogslayer” premiere in August and sneak previews in the last two months, the “Hogslayer” documentary has now been formally released. All “Hogslayer” product including documentary Blu-Rays, DVDs, movie posters, and t-shirts are now available at the www.hogslayerdocumentary.com website. “Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend” is the [...]
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