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  1. Vintage 1987: Fast Art.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society I pulled this amazing advert for Fast Art from an art magazine way back in 1987. It shows a 87 Honda CBR 100F painted by then innovative graffiti artist Keith Haring (who went on to shake the modern art world..and then sadly die of A.I.D.S all to soon afterwards) Fast Art gallery commissioned several other Graffiti artists Crash, Stash, Futura 2000, L.A. II and Zephyr to all create stunning examples of fast art. The full gallery of the art bikes can be viewed at the
  2. Revealed: The new Moto Guzzi V Classic Cafe Racer.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society From motorcyclists-online.com."The Guzzi V7 is back. Moto-Guzzi follows the revival style and will show at the next EICMA of Milan a whole new V7... on the V7 Classic, Moto Guzzi is again offering a motorcycle with classic, timeless lines in homage to true Moto Guzzi V7 elegance and style.Equipped with a classic 750 cc engine and with looks characterised by the flat contour of the tank and seat, the Moto Guzzi V7 Classic is an impressively enjoyable and versatile machine.Simple and with timeless design, all features will be unveil November
  3. The real ghost rider.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society Wiki:"Ghost Rider" is the alias used by a Swedish motorcycle stunt rider in a series of independently produced DVD movies where the recurring theme involves Ghost Rider himself performing illegal maneuvers on his motorcycle on public roads across Sweden and other countries in Europe. The movies show Ghost Rider, mostly in the perspective of cameras mounted on his motorbike, racing at extreme speeds on busy roadways, provoking law enforcement officers into high-speed chases, and performing various dangerous stunts in mostly uncontrolled environments.Ghost Rider's primary motorbike of choice for the movies
  4. Probally the best Birmingham-based vampire motorcycle movie ever made.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society Review From Eat my brains.com"At first glance it seems like the most unlikeliest of combinations: the guy who does the voice of Bob the Builder and the guy who plays C-3PO appearing in the same movie? A horror movie? A British horror movie about a vampire motorcycle set in Birmingham? Well, truth is often stranger than fiction and this movie is living proof of that, or rather proof of what happens when a production company behind a hit show lie to the TV studio backers about doing re-shoots, borrow the
  5. Raptors and Rockets review of the CCM Cafe Racer.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society From Raptors and Rockets:Words: Tor Sagen/Photo: Gary Freeman/Redeye & Tor Sagen"Since rising from the collapse in 2004 CCM have recently launched an all new retro collection of offroad and road motorcycles. The British maker of offroad and competition motorcycles has only recently turned to the retro market. And it?s a wise choice since CCM?s heydays was in the 70?s and 80?s. We rode the new Street Scrambler and Flat Tracker on English roads and on the Speedway track.On my way to pick up the SR40 Street Scrambler it was my
  6. At long last: a proper Harley Davidson Cafe Racer.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society From The Kneeslider:"..Hogbitz, in Chigwell Essex, England are now building Sportster based café racers.The man behind the builds, Brian Udall, takes low mileage Sportsters and rebuilds them to resemble classic Tritons. The stock frame and forks are retained, to keep the cost down, the main changes are to the bodywork. The tank is swapped for a distinctive, hand beaten alloy unit and a new rear fender is fitted. The stock front fender is kept but cut down. The standard fork legs are also retained but polished, as are the calipers.
  7. A new XS650 coming soon? The Yamaha XS-V1 Sakura prototype.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society From motorcyclists-online.com:"It will be officially presented at the Tokyo motorcycle show (from Oct. 27 to Nov. 11). In the "revival" style, Yamaha shows us a cafe racer pôwered by a good looking V-Twin engine, this is a prototype (not a concept) so it can be released soon...In the image of Yamaha?s first 4-stroke model, the XS-1 (650cc), released in 1970. Its design is full of XS-1 DNA, in its simplicity and functional beauty and finds new refinement in a retro-modern aesthetic. It is a model that proposes a very Yamaha
  8. Cafe Racers of the week: Wild 7.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society Antihero Hiba on his 750 HondaFrom Atomic avenue:"Even readers not familiar with manga or anime will immediately notice the retro artwork in Mikiya Mochizuki?s Wild 7?and for good reason. This multi-volume series of collected reprints has material dating back to 1969 (although there?s no word of it on the front or back covers). Instead, it is presented as a modern graphic novel; only a peek at the copyright date reveals its origins, at least in the first book. Released during the biker craze of the late 60s?most likely after the
  9. The Beeza in the bedroom.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society From edmunds.com by Ken Gross."Years ago, I lived in sunny Sydney, Australia, where nearly every sparkling morning signaled a motorcycle day. I was content with my trusty old Vincent Rapide and my new 750 SS Ducati, but I still read the weekend cycle classifieds. One Saturday, there was a brief but tempting three-line ad for a BSA Gold Star.Britain's famous 500cc "Goldie" was one of the most coveted '50s-era racing motorcycles. BSA stood for "Birmingham Small Arms," one of England's top armaments suppliers. When it wasn't waging war, it built
  10. The other Cafe Racer: Chicken John's woodgas truck.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society From Futureboy:"Burning Man artist Chicken John announces he's running for Mayor of San Francisco. I would not be the one to draw a connection between the two -- that, dear reader, is all in your mind. Chicken created the Cafe Racer, as seen in this splendid above photo, which is a 1975 GMC woodgas powerd truck that runs entirely on coffee grounds. (It's basically old-school gasification, that carbon-free, trash-destroying technology.Okay, need your bike picture fix? here is a vintage photo of a woodgas powerd bike built in France during wartime
  11. The Electric Cafe ( Racer )-in scale form.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society From R/CBike.com"1/6 scale electric motorcycle from Harald Back's collection. The Eleck Rider was manufactured by Kyosho and marketed in Germany in the late 70's by Graupner, a company that supplied nearly every rc motorcycle sold in the German market. The Eleck Rider was powered by a Mabuchi 380 type motor, and the steering operated in a similar fashion to the later Kyosho 1/8 scale motorcycle. The Eleck Rider runs at about 15+ kph with the stock Mabuchi motor. When it was on the market an optional tuning
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