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  1. Home Sweet Home
    From Sojourn Chronicles Day 6, August 10 A decent night?s rest and drying out is what I needed most before the final push home. And, it was to be a short one, only 275 miles?about a five hour ride. Checked out of the motel. Gassed up and headed north on I-75. Of course this tour would not be […]
  2. Rain, rain, go away: Georgia, South Carolina and north
    From Sojourn Chronicles Day 5, August 9 The day started out as a beautiful ride from Augusta, Georgia, and it didn?t take long to complete my mission: fill in all the states of the Southeast. South Carolina was the last one. I actually had been in North Carolina last year when I attended the Horizons Unlimited event. About […]
  3. A scary beginning and end: Georgia
    From Sojourn Chronicles Day 4, August 8 I?m covering lots of ground. In fact, I?m covering so much ground my friends are asking about it. Ara Gureghian, Oasis of My Soul, says, ?I hope you are enjoying yourself. It sounds more like you are on a mission covering the States versus looking around you. I use to do […]
  4. South by Southeast: Mississippi to Florida
    From Sojourn Chronicles Day 3, August 7 The humidity was so bad, my glasses fogged up when I walked out of the motel to pack the bike. After a little time, the fog disappeared, and I pulled out to head southeast. For a poor state, Mississippi has some mighty fine roads. Four-lane divided highways with smooth pavement. In […]
  5. Shall we gather at the river?
    From Sojourn Chronicles When we help others, we sometimes help ourselves. For more information about Project Healing Waters, visit their web site. See you on the highway. Brent The Back Story There is more to this personal essay, and it’s how it came about. I reviewed a documentary film last year called the Welcome, and I was haunted [...]
  6. I am an Indie Traveler
    From Sojourn Chronicles I love to travel. My favorite books are travel essays. It?s easier to learn about places and people through travel. Travel brings insight and understanding. It was an easy decision for me when I learned about the Indie Traveler Manifesto. I decided to sign the manifesto and to support the idea of travel. Granted, travel [...]
  7. Flowers for my Valentine
    From Sojourn Chronicles Happy Valentine?s Day, Lin. Brent
  8. Announcing a new format for storytelling
    From Sojourn Chronicles Here it is?the big announcement. I have looked at and tried several different venues for publishing stories, and I have not been very satisfied with what?s out there. Frankly, the social networks like Facebook and others are okay for keeping in touch, but not very good for publishing. Of course, there is my web site, [...]
  9. Coming soon!
    From Sojourn Chronicles In this age of digital storytelling, there are plenty of opportunities and places to publish stories. Of course, right here is my main place to publish. But, I have stumbled onto a new venue, and frankly it is exciting. It has given me a few things to think about, including format and content–something that will [...]
  10. The kindness of strangers
    From Sojourn Chronicles Last night, I was kind to a stranger, giving comfort and a helping hand. I?m not trying to pat myself on the back, here. I am giving credit to all those individuals out there who were kind to me?a stranger. I?m just passing it on. Just a little after 9 p.m., we heard the long [...]
  11. Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show
    From Sojourn Chronicles Once a year, the Buckeye United Fly Fishers host the Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show. It?s a gathering of the faithful to demonstrate fly tying, fly rod building, places to go, and of course, things to buy. Most of all, it?s an opportunity to introduce to the curious what fly fishing is all about. Buckeye puts [...]
  12. Motorcycling for a cause
    From Sojourn Chronicles Book Review: Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer Tamela Rich was looking for a cause?something she could get behind and get involved. Although she says she has not had cancer, she picked breast cancer research and joined other women motorcyclists to raise awareness and funds. Then, she turned it into a [...]
  13. The free Internet response to corporate control with SOPA
    From Sojourn Chronicles I don’t usually speak up about political issues. Maybe I should do more. Today, it is one of those necessities. Perhaps this is one good example of where the “Occupy Movement” has a good case against corporate influence in Congress, for the entertainment industry is trying to get Congress to act in such a way [...]
  14. Editing my social networks
    From Sojourn Chronicles Here?s the thing I?m dealing with. You can spend so much time on social networks, networking, that you spend less time working on what you?re supposed to be working on. That?s why I?m making some changes, and limiting my social networking efforts. Yes, I am actually deleting some social network accounts, and keeping and further [...]
  15. Lunch ride in January
    From Sojourn Chronicles It started as most of our rides do, with a text message: ?MOTO-lunch?? A couple of texts later,  we agree and plan to meet at 11:30. Jim Osbun has been retired for a couple of years although he has worked some part-time jobs. Currently, he is riding a Honda Gold Wing. He?s been through three [...]
  16. Magnificence of Solitude
    From Sojourn Chronicles The highway disappears over the horizon in the desert.Someone built this highway, but there are no houses along its path.No other vehicles are visible, nor have been for some time. Mountains in the distance. Sagebrush and cactus along the road.A summer thunderstorm refreshes the earth to the west.The rains wash off the dust and release [...]
  17. 1st e-Letter of 2012 issued
    From Sojourn Chronicles For those of you who follow the journal, but do not subscribe to the e-Letter, you can read it here.  I have made some changes, and like in the past, the e-Letter contains info not published here. If you are so inclined, you can subscribe at the bottom of the e-Letter. Brent
  18. 1st Ride of 2012
    From Sojourn Chronicles It’s always a test. When will I be able to get in the first ride of the year? Sometimes, it takes a few days for the weather to clear enough to make it possible. But on this 1st day of January, 2012, the weather is starting off pretty darned good for January. It’s about 50 [...]
  19. Rainbow over Ohio
    From Sojourn Chronicles Ever feel like life is a little dreary? All it takes is a rainbow to make you smile. See you on the highway! Brent
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