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  1. Shoot and Scoot Site Recon
    From Redleg's Rides Craig H, a fellow Uralista who drives a 2007 URAL Arctic Patrol rig and I met up at his house around 8:30 this morning and we headed out towards the Deckers, CO area to check out possible sites for the upcoming Shoot and Scoot Event. This event is open to all riders but will consist mainly of URAL riders, their rigs and assorted monkeys.  The area we were looking at is inside National Forest lands so as long as you follow the rules and are safe, it's OK to shoot
  2. Breakfast Ride to Lookout Mountain with Ms Martha
    From Redleg's Rides This morning, Martha and I headed out to Westminsters, one of the cities which comprise part of the Denver Metro Area.  We met her cousin Craig and his wife Monique along with their two sons Tyler and Matthew.  Tyler was being settled into CU Boulder to start work on a law degree.Breakfast was enjoyable as the cousins caught up and exchanged news and happenings.After breakfast, they were off to pack as some were going to their new lodging, some were flying back to Virginia where Martha's cousin lives and plays/serves
  3. Uraling Proposed Mountain Trails for the Next CZAR
    From Redleg's Rides A long day in the saddle this past Saturday, four URAL sidecar rigs and their drivers, plus two monkeys gathered, rode, reconned and enjoyed riding in the hilly trails in the San Isabel National Forest near Buena Vista, Colorado.For those of you who don't know, the CZAR Rally is the annual gathering of sidecar rigs and riders here in Colorado: Colorado Zidecar Adventure Riders Rally.  It's mostly URAL sidecar rigs but all are welcome of course.For the 2014 Rally, the plan is to do one day of offroad riding that
  4. Downtown Denver: Then and Now
    From Redleg's Rides Yesterday, I rode to Denver's downtown area, for a job interview.  I wasn't scheduled to be grilled till 3PM by Encana so I got there a couple of hours early so that I could wander about the area near their office and get some current pictures of a couple of Denver landmarks:  The Brown Palace Hotel and the Trinity Methodist Church.The weather was a bit warm, in the low 90's as I rode into the downtown area, found a spot in an underground garage, and put away my riding gear.
  5. Book Review: There & Back Again to See How Far It Is
    From Redleg's Rides When I was first emailed by motorbooks.com to see if I wanted to review this book, I thought of Gary France's epic journey through the United States and wanted to compare his travels with this fellow Englishman's writing.Link to book on motorbooks.comThis review was first posted on my examiner.com byline, please click here if you'd like to hopefully contribute a few pennies to the fuel budget.  LINKFrom Motorbooks:  Vultures wheeled overhead as Tim Watson found himself running out of fuel in the desert. Indeed he had many hair-raising encounters in
  6. Book Review: Adventure Motorcycling
    From Redleg's Rides Ted Simon, world-renowned motorcycle rider provides the foreword to Robert Wicks' extensive illustrated, very detailed but not overlong guide to the intricate world of Adventure Motorcycling and what one should consider and know before undertaking such a journey.Note: This review was first posted under my examiner.com byline here:  LINK.  Your reading it there may help with my fuel budget, thanks.Link to book on motorbooks.coma division of Quayside PublishingThe reader's appetite is whetted by listing some of the big names of motorcycle adventure riders who've blazed the way for us as
  7. Five Urals and One Strom Rig challenge the Elephant Ride
    From Redleg's Rides We woke to temperatures in the low teens this Sunday morning, and it felt quite "brisk" as I rode across the Denver Metro Area to meet with what would turn out to be five Ural Sidecar Rigs at the gas station just outside the town of Morrison, Colorado.The gathering of the rigsNote: this material was previously posted on my byline on examiner.com, if you read it there, a few pennies may go towards the fuel budget.  Thanks:  LINKWe left the gas station by 08:30 AM and a bit short of
  8. Snowy Deer Creek Canyon
    From Redleg's Rides A bright sunny day here in Colorado, with temperatures in the low 20s as I left the house shortly before 9:00AM enroute to the Denver Tech Center (DTC) where I had some work to do.Today's view of part of my cul-de-sac, to give youan idea of the amount of snow we had to deal with.Note: this posting was first published under my examiner.com byline, if you'd like to contribute a few pennies to the fuel budget, reading the posting there will do that.  Thanks.Work done by Noon, I wandered about
  9. Post-Snow Storm Riding
    From Redleg's Rides Starting Thursday evening, the Denver Metro area was treated to a pretty strong snow storm with what would end up about being very large amounts of snow being deposited.I figure we got about 12 inches of snow at least with drifts topping almost 20 inches in portions of my neighborhood cul-de-sac.  I spent part of Friday, while working from home, watching the seemingly endless snow fall and soon filling in where I had been clearing snow with my snow blower.  As night fell, it almost looked like I'd not done
  10. Some tips for riding in deep snow with a Sidecar Rig
    From Redleg's Rides I found this information on the sidecar.com books link:  "The Manual for Enthusiasts of Riding with a Sidecar".The book is in PDF format and is free.  It is a wealth of information on the theory and practice of owning, maintaining, setting up and riding a sidecar rig!  If you ride a sidecar, it's worth your time to read this and the acknowledge "bible" for Sidecar Operations:  Hall Kendall's "Sidecar Operators Manual"But I digress, here's the applicable portion from the manual which caught my eye and may help you out when
  11. Help a fellow moto-blogger help others.....
    From Redleg's Rides Murph, who writes about his moto-journalistic travels onboard his trusty BMW 1150 GS motorcycle, is currently trying to raise money to help a worthy cause:  Team Red, White and Blue.Murph, as some of you might recall, stayed with me a couple of days last year as he was riding from Steamboat Springs to Boulder, CO.    The posting about this is here:  Riding with Murph.  Murph also came out with me to play on last year's Elephant Ride and we all had a great time:  Uralist at the 2011 Elephant
  12. The 2012 Elephant Ride is less than two weeks away.....
    From Redleg's Rides Do you ride in Winter when conditions are snowy?  Are you within striking distance of the town of Grant, CO?If so, why not join me and whatever Uralisti I can convince, to try and see how far you can ride up Guanella Pass Road from Grant in this year's Elephant Ride?More details on the ride here:  LINKFrom my first Elephant Ride in 2010
  13. Service Note: Chain adjustment
    From Redleg's Rides This being a web log after all, this post is just to record a 3/4 turn chain tightening adjustment on the Krause 530 Chain on Yoshie.  This is the third adjustment I've done in over 6200 miles, so not bad.  Hopefully, this is it in terms of the stretch all motorcycle chains apparently go through before "settling in" for the duration.Note: Last adjustment done after getting stuck in snow and thinking I'd "stressed" the chain a bit getting the rig unstuck.Mileage on Yoshie, 35,735.  Chain initially installed at 29,486 miles.The
  14. Squaw Pass Road in Winter
    From Redleg's Rides Sunday,  we woke to overcast and gloomy skies here in the Denver Metro Area, I decided to ride up to CO 103 or Squaw Pass Road in the hopes that the sun would clear out or break through the clouds at altitude.  You see, Squaw Pass is at 9847 feet altitude and the clouds over Denver seemed lower than that.It was a mild 40F and very windy as I transited the metro area via I-25 to the US6 super slab heading west.  I then took a short portion of C-470
  15. A little mid-Winter fiction
    From Redleg's Rides The streets of Salzburg were quiet as the rider steered his motorcycle sidecar rig through the three inches of snow which had fallen in the early evening.  The frigid weather coupled with strong winds whipping down from the heights dominated by the Salzburg castle had driven all the regular pedestrians into the nearest inn or restaurant and the rider had the streets to himself. The gas lit streetlights cast his helmeted visage briefly in a yellow ghostly light as he transited the intervening pools of darkness towards his destination.  The strong headlamps
  16. Snowy Sunday Riding
    From Redleg's Rides Our weather guessers predicted correctly that we'd get a couple of  inches of snow overnight.  I left the house shortly after 8:00AM, the sun bright in the sky already, and a brisk 15F keeping the snow dry and crunchy underneath Yoshie's wheels.I first wandered down towards Grandview High School hoping for a nice show of snow-laden trees but it was not to be today.  There was however a nicely lit gazebo amidst a few trees in a field near the roadside.I next rode back up north towards Quincy Road and
  17. Exercising Stewie
    From Redleg's Rides Martha, does not seem to have caught the penchant to ride in the cold or iffy traction conditions that I tend to prefer riding in.  Go figure.Alas, it's been a while since Stewart, or Stewie as she calls him, her 125cc Genuine Buddy scooter had gotten some exercise.  So after cleanup chores were done in the garage this morning, I took Stewie out for a ride in brisk low 30s temperature.  I did find its battery completely dead, apparently the key had been left in the "on" position.  This is
  18. Brigitta's first ride of 2012 and a milestone for her.
    From Redleg's Rides Those of you who viewed my "year in pictures" movie in my last posting of the year might have gotten the impression I was riding my sidecar rig far more often than my '87 Beemer R80 Airhead Brigitta.  The mileage figures sure point to it but in my defense, I did ride her a lot while commuting to/from work!Today, it was sunny and "warmish" here in Colorado and there was enough pavement visible on the road out of the neighborhood so I could take Brigitta out for a ride.  The
  19. First Ride of 2012
    From Redleg's Rides This morning I met up with fellow Uralisti John S. aka Spat who rode his immaculately white Ural Patrol and Julie and Craig H on their Winter Camo Arctic Patrol.  We had a leisurely breakfast at the Red Rock Grille in Morrison and caught up on things as it had been a while since we'd all ridden together.After breakfast, we left the Morrison area and planned to ride to Sphinx Park and the Bucksnort Saloon area just to get in a short but quick first day of the year ride.
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