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  1. Serpent Mound Ride -II
    From Motorcycle Diaries A few weeks ago Angie and I repeated one of our first rides together two years ago, the Serpent Mound Ride. The route we took was the same as last time and we ate at the Village Inn restaurant in Peebles. We also stopped at Ripley on the way back. Angie’s bike had a dead [...]
  2. My first magazine contribution!
    From Motorcycle Diaries Any AMA members out there? If you have received the September 2007 issue of the American Motorcyclist magazine, turn to page 43 and check out the top right-hand corner. Yep, that’s my contribution! Last year I had sent in the description of a motorcycle accident I had a long time ago in India, for the monthly column Crash [...]
  3. Update
    From Motorcycle Diaries Have been really busy at work lately, so haven’t been riding much. However, I installed the tail-light conversion kit from ElectricalConnections last week. The kit converts the rear amber turn signals to red running lights using LEDs, to improve visibility. They still glow amber when you use the turn signal (see below). The kit costs [...]
  4. Triumph Rocket III test ride
    From Motorcycle Diaries Today, I rode out to Joe’s Cycle Shop in Dayton to test ride the largest production cruiser on the planet, the Triumph Rocket III, a 2300cc triple cylinder monster. ( Not counting Boss Hoss motorcycles, that use the 8200cc Chevy V-8 engines). The first thing I noticed was that the bike has A LOT of [...]
  5. Weekend update
    From Motorcycle Diaries On Saturday, Angie and I rode to Greensburg, IN to watch my brother’s first AFF skydive. He made a good jump. (See below for video). After the jump, we went to the farm for lunch and returned home on US 50. The weekend was brutal for bikers in the tri-state area. Three bikers in a [...]
  6. 2007 Thundering Hearts Ride Pics
    From Motorcycle Diaries The 2007 Thundering Hearts ride was pretty much exactly like last year’s- nice weather, big turnout and a great ride! However, was an additional feature this time- a skydive show at Camp Joyful Hearts. The jumps were spectacular, especially, the skydiver with the huge American flag, Gene Newsom. Unfortunately, as he was trying to land, [...]
  7. Third Annual Thundering Hearts Motorcycle Ride
    From Motorcycle Diaries   On Saturday, May 19, 2007, bikers will rev their engines for the Third Annual Thundering Hearts Motorcycle Ride. More than 600 bikers will enjoy an 80-mile scenic drive through Eastern Cincinnati with an opportunity to meet the patients and families at Camp Joyful Hearts in Clarksville, Ohio. After the ride, the bikers will participate [...]

  8. From Motorcycle Diaries Couple of pictures from my ride on Saturday.
  9. Weekend Update
    From Motorcycle Diaries On Friday, I was at a get together at my friend Rajeev’s place and got to test ride his Ducati Monster 750ie around the block. It was fun. I also had one of those “its a small world” moments when another guest at the party turned out to be Eric, the creator of the Open [...]
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