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  1. Winging It Again
    From 40 on 2 Park Link Road, north of Tucson, AZ.  The view over the windscreen Decisions, decisions.  I've sat here for weeks now pondering what machine would fill the void in the garage and in the part of my imagination devoted to motorcycle riding.  I pondered a lot of bikes  but I was very much leaning towards another Wing,  I've always missed the '02 that I had.  I visited several dealers and sat on
  2. CrashLight For Your Smart Phone
    From 40 on 2 Back in January of 2012 I blogged about a crash notification app called CRADAR.   Short and sweet:  If you crash your bike, CRADAR sends a text message and your GPS coordinates to someone you pre-select.   Now, the Toronto, Canada based motorcycle news and social site EatSleepRide has, with some expert scientific help, put together an improved crash reporting app called CrashLight.  CrashLight
  3. The Time Draweth Nigh
    From 40 on 2 I sold my V-Strom back in January, bought the Nikon D600, and have been humming right along bikeless but for the old junk Bultaco in the backyard.  But as you might guess, bike fever is starting to take hold.  Here in the depths of summer confinement I can see just over the horizon the beginning of Fall riding season here in Arizona where the riding season is backwards from the rest of
  4. Riding The Nikon D600
    From 40 on 2 I do miss having a bike in the garage, I feel a little bit like I've walked out the front door with no pants on...something doesn't feel right.  The last time I went any real stretch without a bike was back in 2002.   Total time without 2 wheels was perhaps 7 or 8 months but that was more about health issues than lack of wanting to ride. Lo these many years later I feel great but the poor
  5. Motorcycle Movies You Should See
    From 40 on 2 With the exception of The Great Escape, don't see any of the above  Over on a motorcycle news site (which I won't link to because they don't link to me), I got into a bit of a comment section contestation  over motorcycle movies.   Not a big deal, no knives were pulled or bottles broken on the edge of the bar although as usual certain keyboard commandos were quick to attack me for questioning
  6. France In America
    From 40 on 2 When I first started riding back in the '60s one of my dreams was to fly to England, pick up a new Triumph Bonneville 650 at the Triumph factory and tour England. Gary France, way over in the United Kingdom, is by all accounts a man who likes to get things done.  One of his long standing dreams was to fly to the US and tour our great nation astride his Harley-Davidson. Success in business
  7. He Didn't Need 100 HP
    From 40 on 2 Your riding jacket will never be this chic.  Robert E. Fulton set out in 1932 to ride and film and study the world.  In his epic journey he circumnavigated the globe on his Douglas motorcycle while documenting his journey with 40,000 feet of film. He didn't need 100 HP, a day-glow riding suit, a SPOT GPS tracker, or a government approved crash helmet.  More about Mr. Fulton here and here.
  8. Answering My Own Question
    From 40 on 2 Back in 1993 I was 42 years old, I was married, had a 6 year old son, and my career with VW was looking up.  In May of that year I hopped on my '92 BMW R100RT  and headed off from Arizona to the 49er BMW Rally in the northern California town of Quincy.  It was the 20th anniversary of the rally and I'd been meaning to attended it since 1974 or so.  I can recount much to you from memory about
  9. Newfoundland?
    From 40 on 2 Cape Spear, Newfoundland lighthouse as seen from the original 1837 lighthouse. I've been without a ride-able bike for five months now but that doesn't mean I've not been busy or that bikes haven't been a part of my life.  The vintage bike event back in March was great fun and I'm still knee deep in motorcycle stuff on the Internet via MotorcyclistCafe.com where I'm the admin guy. I
  10. ID These Bikes?
    From 40 on 2 Hilo, HI.   Reproduced by permission The above photo was sent to me by the member of a photography group to which I belong.  The lady is seeking info on the brand of bikes in the picture.  The shot was taken in Hawaii and I'd guess in the mid to late 1920s judging by the car.  That rakish fellow in the middle is her late father. The bikes appear to be from the late 'teens and the
  11. Demo Day
    From 40 on 2 The nearby H-D dealer was having a demo day today so I gathered up my helmet and gloves and stopped in to take a new '13 Electra-Glide for a spin.  My present lack of funds allows me the freedom to look without the pressure to buy.  It's actually kind of nice.  By the end of summer I'll need another machine, though, I'll be getting the withdrawal shakes by then. My current thinking has
  12. 2012 AACME Vintage Motorcycle Show
    From 40 on 2 1939 Crocker Special The annual event put on by the Arizona Antique &  Classic Motorcycle Enthusiasts has come and gone again. Entries seemed to be down by a significant amount even as the swap meet appeared to be more filled out than last year.  I have no idea how they promote their event but if I didn't know about I'd certainly never hear about it. It is interesting to see how the
  13. Perseverance
    From 40 on 2 per·se·ver·ance [pur-suh-veer-uhns] noun 1. steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. We all get discouraged about lots of things.  Jobs, health, relationships, can all turn sour and leave us wishing we'd been born rich and smart instead of just handsome. And the vicissitudes of life can
  14. The 40on2 Fall Photo Contest Winner!
    From 40 on 2 Yes, friends, countless Forty Years On Two Wheels readers lured by fame and fortune sent in photos to for the big 40on2 photo contest.   Okay, the number wasn't countless, a few readers did.  Brave souls all, as submitting photos to a contest can be a little scary.  After all, who wants to be judged by anyone for anything?   The first two times I entered a photo contest I won so I've never
  15. Automatic Crash Reporting for Your Smart Phone
    From 40 on 2 For a few years now people wandering about the planet unattended have been able to carry GPS emergency locating devices.  Should something bad happen they can push a button on the unit and the system will send an emergency message to the appropriate people.  The draw back was/is that units are in the $100 and up price range and require an annual a subscription service.  Now there is a free
  16. Motorcycle Safety Week - 1968
    From 40 on 2 I've been rummaging through stuff lately, both real and in my head.  One of the real things I found was the newspaper clipping at left  from 1968.   As high school junior at Orange Glen High School and a member of the Interact Club I organized a city Motorcycle Safety Week as a club service project in our little town of Escondido, CA.  We had bikes displayed at the local mall, I got
  17. and Happy New Year
    From 40 on 2 2012 looks promising, another new-to-me bike to amble about upon (the V-Strom) and a fresh start in other important areas.   I hope 2012 is good to you and if it's not, keep your sense of humor, it will make all the difference.  Happy New Year, folks.
  18. Merry Christmas!, etc.
    From 40 on 2 My pal Gromit and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May the new year bring you lots of smiles, love, and great rides.                                                     - Doug                     
  19. V-Strom 1000: Better Than Expected
    From 40 on 2 When I set out to replace my '06 Kaw 1600 Nomad I didn't plan on making it a mystery here but it sort of worked out that way, a small bit of fun with my twelve regular readers. Yes, I decided on the 2006 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 "adventure bike" despite the 30k miles on the odo.  The bike has been wonderfully cared for by it's previous owner since new and it showed when I looked at the bike. 
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