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  1. Willows Newsletter Time
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries It never ceases to amaze me how fast the time goes by. It's nearly the end of the month and time for another issue of Willow's newsletter.It was my intention to work on the newsletter this afternoon but the sun has come out and the temperature is a balmy 42 degrees (F) - about 6 celcius. It's a good day to take the skooter out and circulate some oil and give the battery a little charge.Since I never "officially" put my bike away for the winter, I do try to
  2. Willow Says
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries I found the following post at Biker Chick News and have decided to take the liberty to add my own thoughts on the matter.Making Smart ChoicesA good friend of mine at work is considering buying a motorcycle. The problem is, he's also considering buying a scooter. Now for the right person, a scooter's a fine choice. And maybe it's his international upbringing that makes him think he'd be just as nifty on a Honda Metropolitan as he'd be on a Harley, but I think it's time for a little "Biker
  3. My Billy Lane Two Cents Worth
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries Just to add more crap to the already too much crap out there about Billy Lane and his D.U.I. Manslaughter charge, I'll put in my two cents worth.When I was in Florida a couple of years ago, my old man and I decided to drop by Billy's shop for a look see. It took about three passes up and down the street before we finally found the place but once we found the seedy little shop, we just had to go inside and behold the workshop of this great master
  4. The Annual Fall Colors Run
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries Well - it's that time of year again - when we start planning a "fall colors run". That's when we try to find a nice day and a twisty turny forest road that's surrounded by a kaleidescope of color that morphs with every twist and turn. First red, then yellow, follow that by orange and back to red again.This really is my favorite time of the year. I love the warm days and cool nights. I love the deer feeding in my backyard and the flocks of ducks and shore
  5. Of Motorcycles and Endangered Birds
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries Wow - it's been a month since I posted. Time really does fly when you're having fun.Last week, my girlfriend from Toronto, who at home rides a sweet flaming red 1997 Harley Davidson Dyna, came for a visit and we got out for a really great ride on the one sunny day we were lucky enough to get while she was here.Our ride took us along the coastal roads of Southwest Nova Scotia, from Cape Sable Island to Pubnico, making a few stops along the way. One stop being at
  6. Ride Nova Scotia
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries It's been some time since I last posted so I thought it time I popped back in. There's a website that I thought I'd bring to your attention Nova Scotia - Come for the Ride. From this website you can get a free tourbook for Riding Nova Scotia specially designed for motorcyclists.This summer the Canadian National HOG Rally will be held in Sydney, Nova Scotia and the province is considered one of the greatest motorcycle touring areas in the world. The Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island is an incedibly
  7. "Mainstream" Bikers
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries It seems that at least once a week now I find some article or see something on the telly that tries to insist that most people who ride motorcycles, particularly Harlies, are just Regular Joes and Janes, who have lots of disposable income, trying to relive a little of their glory days. I don't know about you, but that pisses me off! And Harley Davidson and HOG with their "family fun" attitude makes it even worse.Now, I have nothing against good clean fun but let's face it, if
  8. Get a Toolkit
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries Over the weekend a friend of mine was out rideing when his bike broke down. Now this guy isn't a hard core rider and doesn't do the long haul trips but still, I assumed that every rider carried a few tools with him on every trip, tucked into the bottom of a saddlebag or in a tool bag (that is what they're designed for).Apparently, I'm wrong. This guy has been riding for a number of years but still, when his bike broke down he didn't have a tool to even
  9. Am I In Vancouver?
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries I feel like I've been teleported to Vancouver where they had over 40 straight days of rain last summer. Every day I get up and it's raining again - not hard; just enough to be annoying. It's been raining now for seven full days with the weatherman promising a possible break in the rain tomorrow but going back at it on the weekend.I love my hometown but rain for a straight seven days does make me a little antsy. How do the people who live in Vancouver
  10. Proving That I Can Ride
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries Rain, rain and more rain. This whole week it's going to rain. I guess that's spring for you.Since I can't ride, I'll have to content myself with thinking about it - again. I was just thinking about Mother's Day and thinking about how much my mother worries when I'm riding.I remember the first time I came to visit my folks on my bike. I had only been riding a few months and I was trying so hard to prove to her that I could handle the bike and that I
  11. Riding Free
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries This morning, like many mornings, as I was tending to my early morning chores, I heard a motorcycle coming down the road. As always, I looked out my window to see who it might be, and as often happens at this time of the morning, I saw my father's old motorcycle. I don't know the man riding the bike personally, but it's a small town and I know "of" him. I also know he owns my father's old motorcycle and that he rides it to work every
  12. The Great Blue Heron
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries As I've mentioned before, my old man and I recently moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia. We had riden together a few times since we moved here but really didn't know any groups to get together with for a ride.On Sunday, we met up with a friend who we knew rode as well, and much to our surprise he'd invited four other bikers to come along so we ended up with a group of seven bikes and went for a great ride around the southern part of Nova
  13. The Long Way Round
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries Willow is experiencing a relapse of writer's block again, so I'm stepping in as the "guest" author.Have you ever met someone who thinks that a road trip is 3 hours long? 3 hours! When I lived in Ontario a 3 hour ride was to my parent's house and back (about 1:15-1:30 each way). When I think "road trip" I"m thinking in terms of days or longer. While I have ridden most of the way across this continent on one ride, I've never done anything multinational (not including crossing the US
  14. Poetry in Motion
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries There's an old song called "Poetry in Motion" and the lyrics go something like this:Poetry in motionSee her gentle swayA wave out on the oceanCould never move that wayI love every movement There's nothing I would changeShe doesn't need improvementShe's much too nice to rearrangeOf course the song is about a woman but there have been times when I've been riding that I've felt like that song was written about my bike.On a trip through the mountains of northern New Brunswick, through the long sweeping turns, my old man
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