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  1. Thunder in the Valley 2011: The Dream that Roared
    From Generic Blog Copyright© 2011 by Ralph Couey Summer is rally season for the motorcycle community.  Every weekend throughout these hazy crazy days somewhere motorcyclists are gathering.  Every June since 1998, this valley has resonated with the thunder of motorcycles.  In the years since, Thunder in the Valley© has become one of the premier events of motorcycling.  From across the country, riders stream into the Johnstown area for four days of fun, food, and fellowship.  Scheduled the week after Laconia, New Hampshire?s Bike Week, it provides a nice segue for east coast riders and
  2. Head Lice and the Parental Freak-Out*
    From Generic Blog Copyright© 2011 by Ralph Couey *Johnstown, PA Tribune-Democrat June 14, 2011 as "Freaking out over tiny invaders" The other day I arrived at work to find one of my co-workers in full freak-out mode.  This is not an unusual state of mind for her, as she is a person about whom one could say, ?She is such a Mom.?  When Sarah Palin uses the term ?Mama Grizzly? she is describing my friend to a ?T.?Anyway, the subject of that particular day?s rant was news of a head lice outbreak in one of the classrooms
  3. Love and Marriage*
    From Generic Blog Cheryl and Ralph Couey Copyright © 2009 by Ralph Couey *Johnstown, PA Tribune-Democrat Sunday June 12, 2011 as "Couples should enter marriage with their eyes wide open" June 17, 1978, a brutally hot and humid Missouri day, a couple of hundred people gathered for a wedding. Inside the church, which we belatedly discovered lacked air conditioning, the decorations had begun to wilt.  Behind the scenes, things were frantic.  The best man?s tuxedo coat had to be flown in from Omaha; there was a mighty struggle to locate enough large fans to cool the sluggishly oppressive atmosphere.
  4. Irresponsibility and The End of Days*
    From Generic Blog Copyright© 2011 by Ralph Couey *Somerset, PA Daily AmericanJune 11, 2011 A few weeks ago, a Christian radio broadcaster and numerologist Harold Camping announced that the world would end on May 21, 2011.  This kind of thing is not all that unusual.  For Camping, this was the third such prediction.  All three dates have come and gone, and yet the world ticks on.  Most of us laugh when we hear about such predictions, but there still remains a shred of anticipation when the designated day arrives.  Even now, most of us eye
  5. My Lap-Band Life: Five Months In
    From Generic Blog As we pick up this month's saga, you remember that my weight loss had slowed.  I lost 4 pounds in April and 3 pounds in May, and I noticed that the amount of food I needed had increased.  So, I scheduled myself with the Doctor for a fill. As you might remember, the lap-band is a plastic frame with a soft plastic bladder that wraps around the upper part of the stomach, just below the esophagus.  A small tube connects the band with a rubber-domed port that attaches below the skin
  6. Civil War: Events of June 1861
    From Generic Blog On June 3, 1861, Stephen A. Douglas, Lincoln?s opponent in the 1860 presidential campaign, died of typhoid fever. On that same day, the first land engagement between the Union and the Confederacy was fought, called the Battle of Philippi.   A relatively bloodless encounter, Union General George B. McClellan sent several regiments to attempt a double envelopment of a Confederate force at Philippi, Virginia (eventually West Virginia).  The attack was prematurely launched with a pistol shot by a Southern sympathizer, a mother who had sent her son to warn the Confederates,
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