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  1. Feeling Like A Super Rat
    From Generic Blog Hodaka Super Rat - As bad as they were, they are still a million times better then anything made in China today. I just noticed I had not posted anything here since February 1st ! That could be because the whole month of February sucked. Not just sucked as most Winter months do if your in the motorcycle biz, February sucked like Mother nature was out to cut out hearts out and make us cry like babies. Here in New England we have had one of the worst Winters in a few years.
  2. Remember When
    From Generic Blog Remember when every motorcycle shop, garage, hardware store, and barber shop had a pin-up calendar hanging up in the back? They were usually advertising some piece of equipment, machine or tools that had very little to do with pretty girls in bathing suits. That was back in the day before political correctness. Of course it was also back in the day when leaving a little something to the imagination was the norm. Unlike today's shock-o-rama style of selling products. I used to go to the bike shop with my Dad
  3. Liar Liar Pants On Fire
    From Generic Blog Many Blogs and a good number of motorcycle related websites out there start to talk about Winter maintenance this time of the year. Some are tongue and cheek and some are serious advice articles. My mid-Winter maintenance post will be a combination of both. Being from the dealer side of the service counter i may have a slightly different perspective since i deal with these issues all the time. If your lucky, or take care of your bike, you will most likely only have to deal with maintenance issues a couple of times
  4. CT Ramblers MC 57th Annual Snow Run
    From Generic Blog Back before the earth cooled, old Crusty raced off-road motorcycles. Back when I started, there was no such thing as an off-road motorcycle, there were just motorcycles. If you wanted to take it off road, you had to strip it down and make it into a racer. Later in my off road racing career, guys like Preston Petty started to make plastic fenders and accessories that made off-road racing allot easier. Eventually you could walk into a dealership and buy a purpose built off-road bike and go racing! My all time
  5. This years first dumb product-
    From Generic Blog You would have to be the worlds dumbest motorcycle dealer to sell this product! This is what their ad says: Everybody loves to watch a good wheelie, but what?s it like to actually do one? Your customers can find out with the easy-to-use Wheelie Teach. The wheels bolt on the rear of a sport bike to protect riders and bikes from mishaps during the wheelie learning process. Sure Sellers: Aspiring wheelie artists simply need to find a smooth patch of parking lot, bolt it on and go for it. Three adjustable increments to
    From Generic Blog  ??The Yamaha VMax looks like something Hasbro would sell. Japanese moto designers must still wear footie pajamas. NEW FROM YAMATRON! Here to save the planet.
  7. Bike Show Blahs
    From Generic Blog This past weekend was the Providence RI bike show. It's been years since they had one at the Civic Center. (That's what i call it, what ever the venue is named now). Maybe it's just me, but i find bike shows like these painfully boring these days. The custom bike building business is dead as a fucking door nail. The public fascination with excess is pretty much over. No body can afford to buy chrome or paint. Its like showng up in Somalia trying to sell gold plated napkin rings
  8. Maine Outlaw M/C Raid - This is NOT Hollywood folks.
    From Generic Blog This video was recently released by the ATF. It shows in-car video of the raid they conducted on an Old Orchard Beach, ME home on June, 16 2010. The people inside are connected with the Outlaw MC club. This is real shit. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in  mistique of the Biker world, they forget that there is a very serious and dangerous element out there that should be respected and avoided if you don't want to get mixed up in their world.
  9. Motorcyclist injured in accident on Rt.20 Worcester, MA
    From Generic Blog Everyone one of us who rides gets that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see or read about a car or truck turning left into the path of a bike. Tuesday that happened AGAIN in Worcester. A pick up driver made an illegal left into a gas station and a bike hit the truck, bounced into a car leaving the rider seriously injured and fighting for his life.Usually in cases like this there is blame enough to go around. We know the truck made an illegal
  10. Up....Up....And AWAY!
    From Generic Blog This Sunday was absolutely PERFECT for riding! After a long, hard Winter, New Englanders go a little nutty on the first Summer like Sunday. You could almost feel it in the air last Friday. Everyone was talking about the weekend and what their plans were. I think every motorcyclist was up early Sunday morning and off for the day. My plans were no different. I was up early and on the road by 7am (ish) . A quick breakfast and West I headed! One of the cool places I stopped
  11. Gods Country
    From Generic Blog
  12. Nick Butler Ride, Marlborough, Massachusetts
    From Generic Blog We did the Nick Butler Run today. It was to benefit the Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivors Fund. I had my son on the back of my bike, and Crusty's gal was riding her own bike. I was amazed that my son would even ride with me at his age! Teenagers, some days they are ALMOST human!I posted the pictures from yesterdays run quickly and did not get to talk much about the ride itself. The weather was just about perfect for riding. After a cool start it warmed up nicely but
  13. Live, Love, Laugh and Ride.
    From Generic Blog Writers block? Hhmmm, maybe. As of late I have not had much to say here in the wonderful world of Blogging. I have often thought about putting posts together, but something usually more pressing in my professional or personal life would come up and I would put that idea on the back burner for a another day. I have several ideas in my head right now. I want to write about "motorcycle clubs" (mc's) vs "riding clubs" Recently that whole world of political BS surfaced in my life again and
    From Generic Blog I just realized its been about a month since my last post! Wow, how time fly's when your having fun. The weather has not warmed up much yet here in Eastern Massachusetts. We have had a few teaser days, but it has been cold, raw and damp for the most part. The hardy Bikers have been out and about, but the poser- pansies are still shivering and waiting for that first 70 degree day before venturing out.Business has picked up a little. Its nice to see some folks luckily enough
  15. Something For The Ladies
    From Generic Blog No! it's not me....I don't wear hats :)
    From Generic Blog Mother Nature had to take one last (let?s hope) swipe at us this morning. The bitch dumped another eight inches or so of snow on the Eastern Massachusetts area. It was starting to feel a little like Spring until this crap fell. Oh well, what?s another couple of weeks of Winter. It?s not like business or the economy is going to be booming anytime soon. One thing I have noticed this morning, is prices of motorcycle parts and accessories have started to climb dramatically. Tires took a major jump and
  17. Motorcycle Inspection Sticker Nightmare
    From Generic Blog Ummmm....No. Don't even ask.
  18. Crusty's Sick Sense Of Humor
    From Generic Blog If I were king of the universe, this would be the penalty for crotch rocket riders who over use the word "Dude".
  19. Awwww aint that sweet....
    From Generic Blog Police motor officers are a sensitive bunch. These two locker room buds are besides themselves. I wonder what made him cry more, the fact that he scuffed his boots or the wonderful handling of his Harley police bike just before he bit the dust?Notice the radar gun lying on the ground? I bet they just dusted it off and stuck it back in the saddle bags. Calibration??? We don?t need no stinking calibration!
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