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  1. MSF Class finally
    From First Street Bike been takin my msf class finally, i went to last thrusday class which was held in a class room. The course provided you with a work book and we pretty much went over the book. It was extremely helpful seeing that i never touch a bike before. This following sunday we had a course riding, I can honestly say that i love this stuff i couldnt get enough of it. We rode for 8 till 3 and i still wanted more even though it was raining
  2. Back!!
    From First Street Bike Aight everyone sorry for not posting as of lately, i have been pretty busy with work and school, i have manage to however save up enough for the MSF course. As a matter of fact im sending it in the mail today, hopefully i get place in a class and by the end of October i would have finish the course and with fingers cross get my motorcycle license. I'm so pump, thanx for everyone thats been leaving comments and encouraging me i really appericate it. Will
  3. Anti Theft
    From First Street Bike First:Disc lock on the rear and be sure it is the flat key disc lock if you are using a Kryptonite lock. The round key locks are being recalled. Put it on the rear because these thugs are getting smart. If you use it on the front, two yard apes can wheelie the bike anywhere they want and defeat the disc lock later Especially if you are running around town.Second:Scorpio alarm system. This lil device is so comforting. I have tested it out in various situations, parking garages, underground lots,
  4. Helmet Law
    From First Street Bike by KYW?s Tony Romeo PennDot says the number of motorcycle fatalities in 2004 -- the first full year after a change in state law allowed adults over age 21 to ride without a helmet ?- decreased from the previous year. Pennsylvania?s helmet law was repealed as of September 2003, and PennDot spokesman Steve Chizmar says the number of motorcycle fatalities actually dropped by 14 the following year: ?In 2004, there were 157 motorcyclist fatalities, and that compares to 2003, when 171 motorcyclists lost their lives.? But Chizmar says the total
  5. Running Red Light
    From First Street Bike There was an email just sent out to all the sportbike riders on base here at Little Rock Air Force Base, that says an amendment was made to an Arkansas law, that allows motorcycle operators to run a red light, if they are sitting there, and the sensor will not trigger. There are certain conditions, you obviously can't just run every light, but it's nice to know I won't have to sit at that stubborn light at 3 in the morning, waiting for a car to pull up, so it
  6. Practicing Good Visual Skill
    From First Street Bike The biggest trap inexperienced motorcyclists fall into is not practicing good visual skills. This is probably the single largest cause of accidents for novice riders, yet it is also the most basic skill that forms the foundation for every control action you perform while riding. If you aren't looking where you want to go, how do you expect to get there? We see way too many riders caught up in two major traps involving visual skills: "riding the front wheel" (not looking far enough ahead of the motorcycle), and target
  7. Best Insurance
    From First Street Bike Different insurance companies use different criteria to establish their rates. The fact that State Farm may be low for some riders doesn't mean that it will be for all riders. I'd suggest checking other insurance companies. You might also want to consider an independent agent.I have read that some insurance companies will provide lower rates if you take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course. Even if they don't, I highly recommend taking the course anyway. I complete mine tomorrow and so far, I have been very favorably impressed with it.
  8. Washing you bike
    From First Street Bike Big spongeLil spongeToothbrush x 2 (stiff as you can find)Chamois (shammy)Spot free dish soap (soap is soap, I find the specific ones that cost 12.00 work just as well as dishsoap, so feel free to buy it)Liquid glass waxBug & Tar remover. This stuff is magic. It does precisely what it says and doesnt strip clear/paint.WD40. This is ALSO an amazing bug and tar remover. It is a crazy solvent.Castrol purple super clean cleaner/degreaser *This will remove the grease from your chain, whether or not this is desired. Make
  9. Handling Characteristic
    From First Street Bike To stabalize a motorcycle, you need to achieve the proper weight distribution, which is around 60% on the rear, and 40% on the front. Obviously, the only way to achieve this is by accelerating. Therefore through the transitive property, acclerating will stabalize the bike. Proof of this would be like riding a dirt bike, or going over a set of crappy tarmac at the track. If you go over it while you're off the gas, it's going to shake you up, you'll lose time, and end up changing your
  10. What do steering dampers do?
    From First Street Bike Under some operating conditions, motorcycles suffer from oscillation problems. This has been established through usage and through measurement programmes. Corresponding theory is well established. The main lateral oscillations are weave and wobble. In straight running, the weave mode is well damped at moderatespeeds, but becomes less so as the speed increases. Motorcycle natural frequency rises from zero at very low speed to somewhere in the range 2?4Hz, depending on the mass and size of the bike, the lowest frequencies correspondingto the heaviest motorcycles. The only properly documented wobble oscillations involve
  11. Tips on how to be safe and stay alive
    From First Street Bike a) Ride with your brains, not with your balls b) If something doesnt feel "right", back off, probably something is wrong c) No points give to the fastest one on its way to the grave d) Its easier to avoid getting into trouble than getting out of a bad situation. e) Know your bike, work on it if it is possible, learn about it. f) Hear your bike! She is the one on top of the pavement, she knows! g) Cages are out there to kill you, they won't use
  12. MSF Information
    From First Street Bike You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the following documents (Available here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html):So you've decided to get a motorcycle or perhaps you are a veteran rider wanting to touch up your skills. The following are documents curtousy of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF):Safety Tips:"You and Your Motorcycle: Riding Tips" booklet "Motorcycle Operator Manual" booklet "Sharing The Roadway" booklet for non-motorcyclistsQuick Tips"If You Ride A Motorcycle" Quick Tips "Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles" Quick Tips "Carrying A Passenger" Quick Tips "Preventing Motorcycle Theft" Quick TipsCycle
  13. Helmet for new rider
    From First Street Bike 1) Make sure the helmet has the appropriate safety ratings. In the US that'sDOT and Snell.2) Make sure it fits you well. Different brands and styles of helmets aredifferently shaped, to fit all our differently shaped heads. Try severalhelmets on, and make sure to keep them on your head for at least a fewminutes to see if you notice any pressure points developing. When I say "afew" I mean at least 5. Ten or fifteen would be better.My first helmet fit awful, but I didn't know any better. It
  14. 80% rule?
    From First Street Bike I was reading in a current mag about something they called the 80% rule, that riders only ride to 80 percent of there true balls to the wall ability, and they thought that it was closer to 94%, pretty interesting.
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