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  1. New Players - Saxon Motorcycles
    From Generic Blog From Bikernet Radio The Saxon Motorcycle Company storms in from the Southwest to dealers across the country with designs that are truly unique and well executed. At major events from Daytona to Laughlin River Run you can find bikers in the know with a Saxon between their knees. Putting da rubber down These bikes got the power and can put down some strips of black rubber.   Click here to visit Bikernet Radio to hear Thunder Bob's interview. Thunder Bob sezs, "Kick some asphalt and get out and ride!"
  2. Bob Kay Turns You Into a Master Builder
    From Generic Blog From Bikernet Radio Thunder Bob gets the 411 on Hardbikes... the company that allows you to create your own custom motorcycle. From pro-street to choppers, Hardbikes allows you to deliver your dreams. "Custom Bikes are better than a mistress," informs Bob Kay. "You can ride them any time, a date runs only $20 at the pump and the wife doesn't care."   Click here to visit Bikernet Radio to hear Thunder Bob's interview.
  3. Thunder Bob Interviews the Jaz - Man
    From Generic Blog From Bikernet Radio Thunder Bob dials up Jaz to get the lowdown on R-Max USA by Roadmax. Over 50% of the custom bike builders run a R-Max product. Jaz talks trannys, springers and belt drives as well as his background on building v-twin parts and accessories.   Click here to visit Bikernet Radio to hear Thunder Bob's interview.
  4. Thunder Bob Interviews Brian Klock
    From Generic Blog From Bikernet Radio Thunder Bob chats up this custom bike designer from the Great White North. No wonder Brian builds such outstanding bikes... It snows 6 months out of the year!   Click here to visit Bikernet Radio to hear Thunder Bob's interview.
  5. Thunder Bob Interviews Jesse Rooke
    From Generic Blog From Bikernet Radio Jesse Rooke profiled his new KTM Custom MotoBike at California Speedway during the opening round of the 2006 AMA Supermoto Championship presented by Parts Unlimited. He parked the custom motorbike outside the Team Red Bull KTM HMC transporter.   Click here to visit Bikernet Radio to hear Thunder Bob's interview. NOTE: The Discovery Channel show Biker Build-Off filmed segments for its next season the following day at Willow Springs Raceway between builders Jesse Rooke and Roland Sands. The television segment featured a head-to-head roadrace, drag race and
  6. Biker Photographer Bob Feather
    From Generic Blog Bob Feather's Photographs Tell a Story Bob Feather knows his way around a camera. Feather has been a professional photographer for over 16 years and is currently a staff photographer for both American Iron and RoadBike Magazines. Feather shares several tips on how to take great shots of your bike with Thunder Bob. Get the scoop right 'hear' on Thunder Radio. Listen Now It takes a couple of seconds for the audio to begin. The radio show is approximately 35 minutes. Download Bob Feather[mp3: 5.3M]
    From Generic Blog Just finished reading "UNDER & ALONE" by William Queen. WOW, what a ride! In 1998, William Queen was a veteran law enforcement agent with a lifelong love of motorcycles and a lack of patience with paperwork. When a "confidential informant" made contact with his boss at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, offering to take an agent inside the San Fernando chapter of the Mongols (one of the most dangerous gangs in America), Queen jumped at the chance, not realizing that he was kicking-starting the most extensive undercover operation
  8. Jessica Prokup, Editor of RoadBike, Recaps Daytona
    From Generic Blog Jessica Prokup, editor of RoadBike, talks about the sun, the sand, the bikes and racing. Her trip started with 5 inches of snow and ended with 80 degrees and a sunburn... ahhh, the life of an editor. She has the 411 before it hits the magazines... don't miss it! Click the left button to start, the middle button to pause and the right button to stop. Listen Now It takes a couple of seconds for the audio to begin. The radio show is approximately 30 minutes. Download Beach Tales from Jessica [mp3: 4.7M]
  9. Thunder Design Process
    From Generic Blog Save money, save time and get a better end result in creating that custom look for your cruiser by having a plan in mind before you begin. Although lots of chrome usually always looks great on a cruiser, it's important to remember that your ride should be an expression of the rider and not just a magnet for chrome.   Thunder Bob gives you more on the design process. That's why we came up with the Thunder Design Process. We believe that for any process to succeed, you have to keep it simple.
  10. Thunder Bike 2 in RoadBike Magazine
    From Generic Blog RoadBike Magazine recently profiled Thunder Bob and the Thunder Bike 2 in their April 2006 edition. Jessica Prokup, Editor of RoadBike, dug what Metric Thunder did and how they did it. RoadBike took a number of pictures at Sturgis 2005 when Thunder Bob could ride under his own power. (That's another story) It's important to note that at no time did Team Metric Thunder either own or look at a service manual on this 2053cc/125 CI Bag Boy! Pick up the latest issue of RoadBike to get all the details.
  11. Thunder Bob Snags the Big Ugly Bastard
    From Generic Blog BUB AIMS FOR 325 MPH in 2006 What does the Big Ugly Bastard (BUB) have to say about Bonneville, Rinehart exhausts and running one of the most successful exhaust pipe manufacturers in the world? Denis Manning spills it on Bikenet Radio. Click here to hear Thunder Bob's interview with the Bubster.
  12. Just In - 2006 Daytona Bike Week Events
    From Generic Blog HARLEY-DAVIDSON DAYTONA 2006 BIKE WEEK EVENTS OFFER FULL SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES MILWAUKEE (February 22, 2006) - The official Harley-Davidson schedule of events for the 65th annual Bike Week at Daytona Beach, Fla., includes activities for the wide variety of motorcycle enthusiasts and visitors expected to attend. New this year is Harley-Davidson's participation at three different locations (Ocean Center, Daytona International Speedway and Destination Daytona), events at the Ocean Center early in the week and new activities in the Ocean Center indoor show. Ocean Center Arena - Official Harley-Davidson events at the Ocean Center
  13. WIN Fat Cat DYNA Pipes
    From Generic Blog Bikernet.com is giving away a free set of Fat Cat DYNA Pipes by D&D Performance Exhaust. It's easy to WIN a new set of high-performance Fat Cats, just follow the steps below. Note - If you don't have a DYNA keep looking at this space because we will be running exhaust pipe promotions throughout the year on a number of bikes. HOW - Send a picture of your DYNA to dandd@horsepowermarketing.com INFORMATION INCLUDED - Send a picture of your bike with your name and telephone number HOW TO WIN:
  14. Great Roads Interactive Web Tool by Harley-Davidson
    From Generic Blog Know Where You Are Going - Harley-Davidson Motor Company announces its new Great Roads interactive web tool now live in the Experience section of www.harley-davidson.com. The Great Roads tool encourages riders to explore the country on their motorcycles, and enables enthusiasts to rate and review 20 of the nation's scenic byways. Riders have the capability to expand their motorcycle experiences with the aid of the Great Roads web tool by finding new routes and reading personal reviews from fellow enthusiasts who have ridden and rated the areas. Each
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