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  1. The Next Generation: Day One
    From Christine's Corner The time has been approaching--that my son, Alex, has wanted to get a bit more involved in riding. The past few years he been happy riding on the back of my Harley (yes, he thinks it is cool that mom can pick him up from school on the bike), but recently he has been asking questions on the process of riding. I think part of it has been due to the fact that we now have a mini-bike in the house. The bike, a Kawasaki KLX110, is a three-speed with an
  2. The BUFA Ride--Ride For One of Our Own
    From Christine's Corner September 9, 2012 was the day for the fall BUFA Run. For those of you who do not know, BUFA stands for Bikers United For America--a club that brings all clubs together for a common cause. Created after the 9/11 attack, BUFA started raising money for to help those affected by 9/11. Since then, the members of BUFA (basically if you ride, you are a member) help select those in need. All money raised is given directly to the awardees--no money is spent on overhead. BUFA holds two runs--one in the
  3. The 5 In 1--Pike's Peak Harley Davidson's Cool Ride
    From Christine's Corner The Pike's Peak Harley Owner's Group (HOG) puts on a ride every summer called the Five In One. It is a days ride that covers five mountain peaks over 10,000 feet in elevation. The PPHOG chapter puts in on every year and every year is different from the year before. I've done the ride several times before and was on the fence about doing it again. However, some friends of mine did some "strong" arm twisting and I decided that it would be fun and agreed to go. Unfortunately, the five peaks
  4. The Waldo Canyon Fire: Sobering but Surviving
    From Christine's Corner The other day a friend and I decided to head out for a coffee ride up to Woodland Park. This is the first time I have ridden up to Woodland Park since the Waldo Canyon Fire. It was a nice day, temps were a "little" on the high side up in the low 90's but not unbearable. The breeze was nice and cool so it did not feel so hot. As I was riding up Highway 24, you could see the burned out area up on the right hand side of
  5. The Colorado Renaissance Festival and What to Have in the Saddlebags
    From Christine's Corner Sunday was a ride up to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. The Ren Fest is an annual event in Larkspur, Colorado and while in their 36th year, would be a first for me. The day was cloudy and overcast--one that was welcome after the dry heat and Waldo Canyon Fire. Our caravan consisted of motorcycles and vehicles--some of my friends decided to really go all-out dressing up and felt that riding in fairy outfits consisting of short dresses and cute shoes would not be appropriate. I think they would have done it, but
  6. The Waldo Canyon Fire: Saving the Motorcycles
    From Christine's Corner Here in Colorado Springs, the locals and media have been focused on the Waldo Canyon Fire. This fire started the end of June, and within a week, had burned over 18,000 acres. As of today, the fire has been 98% contained and we've been experiencing rain the past few days, so the threat of danger is about gone. Unfortunately, about 350 homes have been lost and two people have lost their lives. Most of the damage was done around 4:20 pm on Tuesday, June 26th when the fire blew over Queen's
  7. For Father's Day: The Bucksnort
    From Christine's Corner A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get out and ride the beautiful roads of Colorado. Destination: The Bucksnort Saloon in Sphinx Park, Colorado. Located right out side of Pine, CO and Hwy 285, the Bucksnort is a great afternoon motorcycle ride. From Colorado Springs, it is a ride UP to The Bucksnort--the altitude is over 7,000 feet! From the Springs, our little group of 8 or 9 headed West on Hwy 24. It's always a fun jaunt that takes us up through Ute Pass and through Woodland Park.
  8. iPhone Control on the Bike
    From Christine's Corner Normally, I use my iPod and headphones on the bike. To control the volume, pause and changing tracks, I had been using the Monster iEZ Click Remote Control. The setup has worked quite nicely. I can turn the volume down when in town and traffic and pause to talk to my friends at traffic stops. However, since I switched out my iPod for an iPhone, I've been challenged to find a different solution. The RF receiver that plugs into the bottom of the iPhone does not fit with my protective case--and
  9. February and SNOW SNOW SNOW
    From Christine's Corner Not to complain, especially with the unusually and unseasonably warm weather we've been having.  So the blizzard of '12 happened. Not really, but it was enough that my kiddo had a snow day yesterday. Lucky him.The Mountain Shadow Riders did have their first chapter meeting of '12 in their "new"home--in the meeting area of Pike's Peak Harley Davidson.  It was nice to see everyone and it was great to not have to worry about the riff-raff of finding a new place to meet. The folks at the dealership were very
  10. As The Leaves Turn
    From Christine's Corner Well, it's now or never for the ride out to see the Colorado fall colors.So it's now.This morning, it was a cooooolllll ride up to Cripple Creek.  At 9 am, it was a warm and balmy 50-something degrees.Did I mention that I haven't done any really cold weather riding since...uhhhh...March??Today was just a small front, it will be back to "normal" Colorado 80's tomorrow.However, today's ride was spectacular.  The aspens are changing and the yellows are just brilliant!  It's quite different from the yellows/reds/oranges of the midwest/east, since the contrast
  11. It's December and No, I'm NOT Riding!
    From Christine's Corner I'm sure it's been a bazillion years since I've posted...but rest assured, I'm still out here!  This year has been interesting--I've done more riding than in past years--but not as much as I first did.  Let's face it, I've become a fair-weather rider.  Once in my life (like it's a different century or something), I would have not thought twice about hopping on the bike for a quick scoot as long as the roads were clear.  Now, not so much!The Iron Butt some years ago was what took my enthusiasm
  12. "High On The Hog" by the MeanStreet Riders
    From Christine's Corner The MeanStreet Riders, a group of motorcycling friends that also happens to be a band (or is it a band that also happens to motorcycle?) are releasing their debut CD and I'm one of the lucky ones that get the opportunity to preview their debut album High On The Hog.The MSR (the band, not the Mountain Shadow Riders), formed back 2008.  This group of songwriters that have a passion for riding realized they had an opportunity to share their stories and experiences through song.  High On The Hog does just that!  All the band
  13. Mountain Shadow Rider's Open House #1 and Racing at PPIR
    From Christine's Corner Every spring/summer, the MSR puts on at least one open house to meet and greet with the motorcycle community and raise money for our Breast Cancer Awareness Run.  Our run is held the first Saturday in October and this year it's on October 1st.This year, we have two open houses scheduled--one was this past Saturday at Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza.  The folks at RMCP are wonderful for hosting us and we always have fun talking to the customers coming in and out.  Of course, the smell of brats, burgers and
  14. Colorado Springs Touring Club--El Paso County Search and Rescue
    From Christine's Corner I awoke to a cold and dreary day!  Brrrr.....The high was supposed to get up to the mid 50's, but I do not think it made it to the day's high.  I was not planning on doing the ride since my son was in tow--we were just going to go down to the end stop and meet everyone.Instead, we went down and registered and then headed out to run errands.  In the car.Yeah, I got flak about it, but hey, my days of riding in the rain are about over. 
  15. Dang It's Cold Out There!!
    From Christine's Corner Saturday morning was the local HOG Easter Egg Fun Run.  It was certainly Easter and it was fun.  But it was COLD!We set out for breakfast at 8:30.  Skies were overcast.  Not too windy.  Temps...colder than I liked.  Looking up at Pikes Peak...snowing.  Oh boy.  As I ride down I-25, I am wondering if any of the stops are up in Woodland Park.  I roll into the restaurant and head in.  I find my group of friends and as the spot me, they burst out laughing.  Something about the expression
  16. Ride Like the Wind?
    From Christine's Corner I can definitely tell that it's springtime in the Rockies!  My son Alex and I rode down to the April Mountain Shadow Riders meeting.  Wow, a lot of new people!  Which is great!  And it's always wonderful to catch up with my friends.The ride after the meeting was to Pueblo.  I wasn't feeling it since the wind has been bothersome so some of us decided to break off and head north to Franktown.  My son had another activity scheduled, so I got to ride without him.  Truthfully, I would not
  17. It's Was 84 Yesterday....and Today......
    From Christine's Corner It snowed :(.Fortunately, the weather forecast was correct so my friends and I thought it was a good idea to ride on Saturday.  It was!  I guess those that were invited thought it was a good idea too, since almost 20 people showed up!Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!It was a little chilly riding out to Starbucks...but after that, it warmed up nicely.  One of those beautiful Colorado days where the sun is shining, the sky is a brilliant blue and I can still see snow up on Pike's Peak.  The day was made better
  18. Mountain Shadow Riders March Meeting
    From Christine's Corner What a great March meeting!  It was great to see my many friends!  There were lots of new faces as well, so new riding adventures are on the way!!I did get to ride down--and it was cold!!  Lots of cold weather gear!  It was nice to cruise down the highway, though and let the wind blow over my stocking cap!The meeting was informative and fun.  One of the things that the chapter is doing is collecting food items for the Silver Key Senior Services.  Silver Key's mission is to "find
  19. Finally! It's Warm Enough!
    From Christine's Corner I did not get out to ride today--too many things going on!  I will, however, get the chance to ride down to the Mountain Shadow Riders' March chapter meeting.  It's all things motorcycle and a great opportunity to just chit-chat and catch up with my friends.The Mountain Shadow Riders is the largest Women on Wheels(R) chapter in Colorado.  At present count, there are close to 100 members, support and child members.  Our rides are as varied as our personalities--big cruisers, little cruisers, sport bikes and even a couple of scooters!! 
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