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  1. Snowboarding - Season 1 (Part 1)
    From Excessivelocity Yes, it?s the end of May here in Colorado and today was my last day on the slopes. Arapahoe Basin is still open for awhile but my first snowboarding season is officially over. Next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and I?m heading on a three day motorcycle ride. I have not been riding my motorcycles very much this Spring, although not all of it can be blamed on snowboarding. We?ve had a very snowy Winter and Spring here this year, in the mountains and in the city. I do have
  2. Rocky Mountain National Park in Spring
    From Excessivelocity This Spring my mom came out to Colorado for the first time to visit me. So of course I took her to Rocky Mountain National Park, with a stop in Nederland and Estes Park. Trail Ridge Road was still closed through RMNP, and there was still so much snow here since we?ve had such a snowy winter and spring. But the scenery was amazing and since I live in Lakewood now and don?t get up to RMNP as much as I used to, I really enjoyed it. Here are some
  3. Snowshoeing Michigan Ditch Trail at Cameron Pass
    From Excessivelocity I drove up to Fort Collins to hang out with my friends tonight. I wanted to take full advantage of being up north so CJ and I decided to do some snowshoeing during the day. The Michigan Ditch Trail was one I haven?t been on yet and it?s one of the most popular trails in the Cameron Pass area.This trail crosses in to Colorado State Park land, so there is a day use fee Having fun with huge iciclesThe Michigan Ditch Trail is wide and level, perfect for cross country
  4. The Elephant Ride - Guanella Pass or bust
    From Excessivelocity At 7AM it was only 7 degrees. After a quick breakfast of muffins and Red Bull we walked two or was it three buildings over from the motel to the staging area for the ?Elephant Ride?. So by now you?re must be wondering what this ?Elephant Ride? is? The rumor is, this ride started about 30 years ago when a group of BMW riders challenged a group of Harley riders to ride over the Guanella Pass (11,669 feet in elevation) in February and meet in Georgetown. The rumor also continues
  5. The Pre-Elephant Ride Shenanigans
    From Excessivelocity So it?s the middle of February. I haven?t ridden any bikes since November, mostly because until just a few weeks ago, the bikes were still in Loveland and I was already living in Lakewood. But besides that, I've been busy working and we've been getting snow since October and there just wasn?t too many opportunities to ride. Today was actually a nice day with no snow and as I made my way over to the garage, the temperature was in the mid to upper 50?s and the sun was shining.The
  6. Green Mountain - Lakewood, CO
    From Excessivelocity I have spent the end of December and most of January working, packing, moving and unpacking. Now that I was done packing, moving and unpacking, it was time to start exploring this area that I?m now living in. Views of Denver from Green MountainSince I live at the base of Green Mountain, I figured I?d check it out first. There are tons of trails that cross this mountain. I started at the trailhead that starts off Alameda Parkway and hiked east for great views of downtown Denver and the surrounding
  7. I'm still ALIVE!
    From Excessivelocity I just wanted to pop in and post a quick note and say that I am still alive and new posts will be coming shortly... well, as soon as I get internet hooked up at home LOL. I know, I'm now months behind on my posts and there are still a few rides from last summer that I need to post about.I just paid my Photobucket bill so the pictures should stay up now, sorry about that.So just in case you are wondering why I have not been posting?The last
  8. Another move, Lakewood here I come!
    From Excessivelocity So I?m moving again, and this time I?m moving west of the Denver area. Since I quit that job in Loveland at the end of August, I?ve been trying to make a living by free-Lansing, consulting and walking dogs. After sending out hundreds of resumes and only having a hand full of interviews, one of my interviews came through and I got hired. This all happened very fast. The interview was on a Friday, they called me the following Monday and I accepted the position, and started working the following
  9. Crosier Mountain - Drake, CO
    From Excessivelocity It was great to get out on a hike two days ago. So great, that I decided to hike today as well. It?s funny how I decide on which hike I will do. Sometimes I look at topo maps, sometimes I surf the web, sometimes I just get out and drive around until I spot a trail worth investigating, this is what I did today. I headed toward Estes Park via Devil?s Gulch Road and I saw the Crosier Mountain Trail and decided to check it out. The distance from
  10. Lory State Park - Arthur's Rock
    From Excessivelocity Yesterday a bunch of us ?adventure riders? had a Thanksgiving dinner together. There was so much food that after dinner some of us had to walk some of it off. The 20 minute walk wasn?t nearly enough for the amount of food that we ate. So today CJ and I decided to do a nice hike. I have not been to Lory State Park in Fort Collins yet and since I had a state park pass, seemed like the place to go. The weather was great too, sunny and in
  11. Benson Sculpture Park, Loveland, CO
    From Excessivelocity We had more snow. I decided to take a walk through Benson Sculpture Park a few blocks away from where I live. It?s my favorite place in Loveland.
  12. Carter Lake, Nederland & Left Hand Canyon
    From Excessivelocity I haven?t been on a motorcycle in a month. And I haven?t been on the 954RR even longer than that. The plan for today was to ride a road I haven't been on yet, Left Hand Canyon Road, a great motorcycle road west of Boulder.CJ took this one on 18E at the Pinewood Reservoir The weather was nice at 9AM when CJ and I met for the ride. From my place in Loveland we headed southwest toward Carter Lake. There was a road out here too that I haven?t been
  13. RMNP - Lake Haiyaha
    From Excessivelocity So this morning I decided to do another hike. I opened up my Rocky Mountain National Park TOPO map to refresh my memory on which hikes I wanted to do but haven?t done yet. Last year when I did the hike to Dream and Emerald Lake, I remembered passing by the sign to Lake Haiyaha, thinking I could hit that trail on the way back but it was getting late and I decided to save it for another time.Sings on the trail, last time I went right, today I'm going
  14. RMNP - Storm Pass and Lily Ridge Trail
    From Excessivelocity It?s already November and today was the first day that I was able to leave the house for an extended amount of time in weeks. For the last 3 weeks I?ve been mostly bed-ridden with the N1H1 flu bug. In all my life, I have never been this sick and for such a long period of time. Unlike the regular flu, the swine flu is particularly nasty and long. Unfortunately, I was still pretty weak today so I didn?t know how far I would be able to hike, but I
  15. My First Year in Colorado
    From Excessivelocity On October 1st I celebrated my first year in Colorado. Even though I love it here and never ever want to leave, it?s been a tough year. I moved to Colorado after getting laid off work in Illinois. I moved to Northern Colorado without a job and it?s been very tough finding work here, especially in this bad economy. This past summer I finally found a job, but unfortunately the job didn?t work out as I had hoped. After a very short time of being employed I ended up leaving.
  16. A stop in Estes Park
    From Excessivelocity I took off in the early morning and headed toward Boulder. It was a beautiful day and I decided to cut my ride short and take in a short hike in Estes Park at the Twin Owls / Gem Lake trail head. I was not in any hurry today and on the way back home I stopped to take some pictures of the Stanley Hotel, where the movie The Shinning was filmed. It's an impressive building.Devils Gulch Road, Estes Park Devils Gulch Road, looking toward Gem Lake TrailheadParking lot, Gem
  17. Steamboat Springs: Fall Colors Part II
    From Excessivelocity Before heading out to Steamboat Springs, I read on the internet that Winona?s had the best breakfast in town. I read many great reviews on line and I also read that the place would be packed - and it was. There was a line of people outside waiting to get in, Winona?s didn?t have a lot of tables. We put our name on the list and waited, half an hour later we were seated. I ordered the crab cake eggs Benedict, the best I?ve ever had. It was so worth
  18. Steamboat Springs: Fall Colors Part I
    From Excessivelocity I wanted to do a fall colors weekend ride this year. Unfortunately being new to Colorado I wasn?t sure when the colors were supposed to peak on some of the roads I wanted to ride. I was hoping I didn?t miss the peak of the fall colors while I was in Chicago last weekend. Highway 103Highway 103 I rode down to Dalton's yesterday so we could start out from Strasburg early this morning and head west to ride highway 103. I just discovered that road last month and since Dalton
  19. 954RR gets new tires and oil
    From Excessivelocity This was going to be another weekend dedicated to motorcycle maintenance. This time the 954RR was going to get some attention. My new set of tires has been waiting for me at Dalton?s house for a few weeks now, I just haven?t had much time to get out there and get them mounted. Next week I was flying to Chicago for a visit, so this weekend I wanted to get this done. Sportbikes look so nice up on the stands Oil changeThe old Pirelli Diablo Strada tires with 11, 760
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