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  1. Shattered
    From Old Guy's Place Here’s a video that all riders and drivers should view. Sobering to say the least. YouTube
  2. Getting their attention
    From Old Guy's Place One way to make sure drivers are aware of you.
  3. How about a tank bag monkey?
    From Old Guy's Place to take care of all of those blithley unaware motorists and motorcycle snatchers out there? These are innovative commercials produced by the local (Portland, OR) firm R/West. My vote is split between “the donut” and the “theft retrieval” commercials. Can’t decide which I like best. .
  4. Riding skills guides
    From Old Guy's Place Stumbled on these motorcycle riding guides from British Columbia. Roadsense for riders and Tuning up for riders. I think they are a great aid for new riders. Unfortunately they are a bit cumbersome to use because each chapter is a separate pdf file. Save each chapter to your HD and read them at your [...]
  5. Motorcycle racing getoff?s video
    From Old Guy's Place Finally found this video on a streaming video site (I’ve had the mpg in my collection for ages but never posted it because it is 20mb download). It is a compilation of motorcycle racing accidents with symphonic music on the soundtrack. No gore, just poetry in motion.
  6. Moto officer competition video
    From Old Guy's Place This is a video from last year I meant to post but got buried deep in my to do file. While I skip over the wheelie and stunting videos I love these motorcycle riding skills exhibitions. Another good one in my archives is the Gymkhana video.
  7. 74yo great grandma wins BMW mileage contest
    From Old Guy's Place So, when you are 74 years of age will you be up to the riding rigors that Ardys “Queenie” Kellerman faces each year? In 2006 she rode more than 80,000 miles to win the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America womens mileage contest! Guess she just doesn’t like to stay home. :-) She started 35 [...]
  8. MSF request for DMV waiver denied
    From Old Guy's Place On Jan 9, the Oregon Traffic Safety Commission voted to uphold the recommendations of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety to not allow MSF to be recognized as a basic motorcycle training program in Oregon.
  9. 2007 Riders Choice Awards nominations now open
    From Old Guy's Place It’s that time of year—awards season—with the Golden Globes, Oscars and of course the MBI Riders Choice awards. What? Never heard of the Riders Choice awards. Guess we’ll have to forgive you as this is only their second year. The Riders Choice awards are presented by MBI (Motorcycle Bloggers International) which is an association of [...]
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