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  1. COTA - Moto GP comes to Texas
    From Moto Adrenaline When I first heard that the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) was going to host a Moto GP race, I knew that it was an event I wanted to see. I had heard the track was beautiful and it is not everyday that you get to watch the best riders in the world, up close and in person. I coaxed Jackie and Rob to join me and ordered tickets as soon as they were available. We purchased grand stand seats and motorcycle parking passes. I also booked the hotel online
  2. New Motorcycle Blog - RideDot
    From Moto Adrenaline Neda and Gene have a fantastic blog about their numerous motorcycle journeys. I have lost hours reading and dreaming of the rides they have taken. It is a can't miss blog! Great Stuff! Check it out here.
  3. March 2-3: East Texas Ride - Newton Texas
    From Moto Adrenaline It is starting to feel a lot like riding season again. The winter is almost gone and the warmer days seem to be ahead. We started to do this trip a few years back on the recommendation from Richard Kirby. The rout and the ride was so good we have made it a annual trip. You can read about our trip in 2011 here. It looks like we will ride out on Saturday March 2nd and stay at our regular spot at the Whispering Creek RV & Hotel. It is
  4. Merry Christmas
    From Moto Adrenaline Just a quick note from the James Gang. We wish all of our friends a great holiday season and we are looking forward to a great year of riding. Be safe and Ride Well my friends.

  5. From Moto Adrenaline I finally finished the little write up about the Sipapu weekend. Things have been busy and needed to sort through some pictures. It was a great weekend with good friends. Special thanks to Leonard, David, and Jackie for making this a trip I will never forget. Thanks guys.Read all about the trip here:Day 1: Sipapu here we come! Damn it is HOT!Day 2: Finally! Cooler Weather and Mountain RoadsDay 3: Beautiful day of riding in Colorado and NM.Day 4: No riding for me - Still a good day.End:   Great
  6. Great weekend - Headed back to DFW
    From Moto Adrenaline We left Taos early and it was a tad chilly. The higher we got in elevation the worse the weather was. It got foggy and wet, so it made those twisty roads more challenging, but no one had an issue and we all knew deep down that the weather would warm up way to fast on the way home.It was a great trip. Put almost 2000 miles on for the 4 days. I am not writing much about the ride home. We all know the drill. Amarillo then 287 home..
  7. No riding for me - Still a good day.
    From Moto Adrenaline The plan was for us to take another ride up into Colorado on this Saturday morning. We were going to do short ride, so we could hang out at the rally in the afternoon. We all loaded up and I knew I did not feel well as I had some stomach distress. I thought I could tough it out, but by the time we got to the gorge I was hurting and had to head back to the room. The guys did a nice route and it sounded like they
  8. Beautiful day of riding in Colorado and NM.
    From Moto Adrenaline Antonio - David - JackieThis was a great day of riding. We ate breakfast and then headed up to do the wolf creek pass run we had set up for the trip. We got to Chama and stopped for a drink. If you have never taken the train up there it is a must. Very scenic and a must do! While there we chatted with a guy who had just come from where we were headed and he said the road construction was pretty bad with delays and some mud
  9. Finally! Cooler Weather and Mountain Roads
    From Moto Adrenaline They put on a great rally.We woke up to cooler temps, the forecast of no rain and mountain roads within our grasp. Life is good!Much nicer weather this morning for riding - everyone is smiling!We did the hotel breakfast and then made our way to New Mexico. I am from this beautiful state and every time I come back I ask myself why I ever left this land of Enchantment.. then it hits me. Oh yeah I need to work and the kids need good schools.. so Texas we love
  10. Sipapu here we come! Damn it is HOT!
    From Moto Adrenaline I had been really looking forward to this road trip. It had been awhile since I had been on the bike and a trip like this was well overdue.As most of you know, I work in retail for The Home Depot, so getting off at the correct times is sometimes difficult. This was one of those times. I could not leave on Wednesday until 1PM. Well guess what? it is HOT at 1PM in early September here in N Texas.We did the fastest way possible to get to Lubbock without
  11. Only 22 days until Sipapu!
    From Moto Adrenaline I am really starting to get excited about this trip. Only 22 days and counting! It should be a great time and the riding will be awesome. Now lets pray for no rain. Here is the breakdown of the trip.You can see the pictures here from last years rally.  I will register sometime this week. The website is located here: The Bavarian Mountain Weekend RallyWednesday Sept 5: Plano to Lubbock - 345 MilesI will have to leave after work. Probably around 1PM. I know that you
  12. LSBMW Arkansas Fall Colors Ride
    From Moto Adrenaline   That time of year has arrived. The air is colder and the days are shorter and fall is right around the corner. We have had a brutally hot summer here in North Texas so I don't think anyone is going to complain about the temps dropping. The Lone Star BMW Club has an annual ride each year at this time. The ride is up to Eureka Springs Arkansas. The little town is great and the hotel rooms are very affordable and the best part of this location is... you
  13. A nice day for a ride - Pelican's landing
    From Moto Adrenaline Jackie and I met up at Starbucks and did a 200 mile loop for some catfish at pelican's landing on lake Texoma. We took the long way round and just enjoyed a nice day of riding. Here are a few quick shots from the day.  
  14. Moms for breakfast and racing for lunch
    From Moto Adrenaline Jamie and I had not been on the bike in a few weeks so we decided last week that we would do a little ride on Sunday. We wanted to try and do something new, so when I found out about the races at Eagle Canyon, we jumped at the chance to see some racing. We met Rob and Herman at Starbucks and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee on a beautiful Sunday morning. We headed out for Moms on the square in Aubry around 8AM. We did a few miles
  15. Sipapu BMW Rally - Wet & Fun!
    From Moto Adrenaline   I had always had this rally on my short list of venues to attend in the near future. I got some time off so I decided to make the trip. Jackie decided to join me. We headed out of town on Wednesday afternoon. I had to work until 12 noon, so Jackie rode over and met me at the Big Orange Box (Home Depot). The weather was in the mid 80's so it made the slab down 287 somewhat bearable. We made it to Amarillo around 7PM. I was
  16. New Mexico here we come.
    From Moto Adrenaline I had to be at the store today at 4am, but it really did not matter. I could not sleep and I knew I had a lot to get done before I hit the road at noon. Jackie rolled up and met me at the store. We headed out right at high noon. The ride was very nice. The weather was awesome and we did not get any significant rain. We made it to Amarillo before dark, now I am trying to post to the blog using just my phone.
  17. Finally back on the bike
    From Moto Adrenaline As you all know, we had a slight altercation with a deer on the last day of our trip from Colorado. The Connie has been in the shop for almost two months to the day. The damage was $3100.00 I have to say that Progressive was awesome and the follow up was tremendous. It was bad timing for them as they had only been my insurance carrier for less than two weeks when the accident happened. They were very professional and I am proud to call them my insurance company. Some
  18. Summary of our Colorado Trip.
    From Moto Adrenaline I have finally completed the ride report. It has taken me longer than normal due to work and family obligations. the good news is I have it finished and I think it sums up the trip very nicely. You can read about the entire trip by following the links below. June 10 - Vacation is Finally here. June 11 - Colorado baby! Bring on the cool temps. June 12 - Enjoying the fresh air, Family, Friends and Hiking. June 13 - Lions, Tigers and
  19. Goodbye cool breezes.. hello HOT Texas
    From Moto Adrenaline June 18, 2011Last day of cool breezes, goodbye Colorado and NM ..Hello HOT Texas!This was a sad morning. Our trip was on it's last legs and today we would end the day with projected temps near triple digits. This to go along with our final destination of Amarillo. We were going to miss NM and Colorado.We ate breakfast at the hotel with all of the gang. We tagged along with the gang as we headed out. Our first stop would be Chama NM. We knew it was going to be
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