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  1. Video: Honda And Soccer On Motorcycles
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane It looks like if you ride a Honda motorcycle, you are an excellent soccer (football) player. Or at least, that is the case if you believe this Honda TV commercial. You get to see, what I presume is a famous Brazilian soccer player (have no clue who it is), doing tricks with a (soccer) ball on his motorcycle. Not bad, if you're into soccer. It would have been nicer if he did those tricks while riding.... ...
  2. France: Michelin Guide For Motorcycles 2012
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane French tire giant, and renowned map maker, Michelin, have for the last few years been publishing a nice guide for motorcycle in France. The guide, published like one of Michelin's guide books, has many motorcycle trips detailed. This year, the Michelin guide has 96 fully explored itineraries available. All the itineraries are available on their ViaMichelin website to down load, either in one of the GPS standards, or as a printable roadbook. The downloads are free, but you'll miss out on all the detail. The details for each itinerary
  3. Wolfman Luggage: Very Comprehensive Motorcycle Luggage
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Sometimes the right motorcycle luggage can make an adventure trip, a long distance motorcycle trip, a RTW trip or even a camping trip the difference between a success and a fail. Most motorcycle luggage manufacturers make hard luggage, either metal or plastic. These luggage are really cargo holders, functioning only as a place to put stuff. USA based Wolfman Luggage make luggage that you can not only store on your motorcycle or scooter, but also carry with you on your airplane trip, or when checking in into the White
  4. Video: SuperMario and Vespa Scooters
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane I don't know if this is a real commercial, and if it is, it will not have cost much money to make. The advertisement is for Vespa scooters, and it features Mario, or more SuperMario. You can hear the irritating sound of the Mario Nintendo games, while Mario chooses a Vespa over the princess. But fake or not, it's still not bad. ...
  5. France: Fines Bring In ?1.4 BILLION In 2011
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane It pays having speed radars in France! Not for safety as has been determined by many studies, but for the cash strapped government. Last year, the combined issued fines brought in a whopping €1.398 BILLION, that's almost 1.5 Billion Euros (at today's rate, almost US$2 Billion). €660 Million of that collected windfall goes to the local communities, in order to help them improve roads. €65 Million is used for processing the fines (administration costs), €52 Million to maintain the radars, €20 Million to fight the increasing vandalism (I wonder
  6. Ad: Suzuki GSX-R1000 - No Traction Control, No ABS
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Nice advertisement I found in France for the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle. Bring back simplicity, no gadgets, just you and the motorcycle. ...
  7. TRT: The Tilting Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Jim wanted a nice trike, and wanted it to be Harley-Davidson motorcycle based. He teamed up with Too Kool Cycles, and made this funky trike, but with a twist... Instead of putting the third wheel in the back, he put it in the front. And to make the trike act more like a motorcycle, the front wheels tilt when you lean it into a curve. It'll angle up to 25. What's even nicer, he's gone into business. He is planning to sell the TRT as a kit for late
  8. The Netherlands: Highest Speeding Fines In The Area
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane After a study done by radio/TV organization RTL of several European countries, it was determined that The Netherlands was charging the most for speeding, despite being a small country, or maybe because of it. The study analyzed speeding fines for Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. For example, if you are speeding 15 kph over the limit on your motorcycle in The Netherlands, you will be fined €110, for the same offence in Germany it'll cost you €20 and in France €45. While in 2006, fines in The Netherlands
  9. Beautify Your Gadgets With MotoGP
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Having your iDevice gadget is one thing, making it presentable is another. MotoGP have a series of high quality skins for different sorts of iPhone, iPads, iPods and even laptops, that not only make the shell pretty with motorcycles and logos, but come with matching wallpaper. Just stick them on, download the wallpaper, and you're in business. ...
  10. Ad: Piaggio MP3 - Slippery When Wet
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Pretty good print advertisement for Piaggio MP3 scooter. According to the ad, you are safer on the MP3 than when walking on slippery roads, thanks to the three wheels. Ad was done in Israel by Adler Chomsky Grey. Not a bad image, it says it all. ...
  11. India: Something Really, Really, Wrong With This Picture
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane I don't know about you, but when I see this photo I can't help but say that something is really wrong, if not twisted, with this photo. What do you say? ...
  12. Ultimate Marco Simoncelli Tribute Book - 58 of #58
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Not many people get the chance of mingling with the Gods of MotoGP, and very rare are those who are around them all of the time. But MotoGP professional photographer, Andrew Wheeler, is one of those rare individuals. For years he has been flying all over the world, following the MotoGP circus from track to track, making photos that you will have all seen in print or on the web. His photos are very much sought after for those interested in motorcycle racing. It's therefore no surprise that his
  13. UK: Study Shows Speed Cameras Have No Affect On Safety
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane After a study done in the UK in one area of the country, it was determined that speed radars cameras have no or very little affect on accident son the road, neither for cars or motorcycles. On average, accidents dropped 0.2% after a speed camera was installed. So why are they there? ... You know the answer. ...
  14. Video: Honda VT750S Australia Commercial
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Here's a very upbeat (music-wise) TV commercial from Australia, for the Honda VT750S motorcycle. No fuss, no clever stuff, just upbeat music and a price. Not bad... ...
  15. Philippines: This Is Why We Need Motorcycles
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane If ever there's any doubt on why we need motorcycles, this photo will quickly put that to bed. ...
  16. This Site Has A New Commenting System
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane We have had to switch to yet another commenting system, since Google has withdrawn its Google Friend Connect system. All previous comments are lost (thanks Google for not enabling us to export old comments). The new commenting system, DISQUS, is powerful, and you can use it anonymous, or using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, OpenId log on. However, thanks to the millions of spammers out there, all comments are moderated, so will not show up immediately. Sorry... Let me know what you think about the new system... please..
  17. Top Internet Stories - 10 February 2012
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Despite the intense cold, or maybe because of it, here are several interesting motorcycle related articles I've been reading over the last week that you may want to read. - 5 Reasons Not To Ride A Motorcycle Or Scooter In The Winter (Scooter In The Sticks) - Riding Motorcycle In The Winter Part 3 (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum) - Nolan N104 Helmet Review (Revzilla Blog) - Motorcycle-only Checkpoints Rev Up Controversy In Congress (LA Times) ...
  18. Video: KTM - Fun On Ice X 3
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane My friends at the Dutch motorcycle site Oliepeil decided not to be down because of the winter and the absolute freezing weather The Netherlands is having, so they decided to have some fun. Using three KTM vehicles, and a frozen lake, they had their fun. A 500 EXC motorcycle, a 525 XC ATV and as bonus, a KTM X-BOW sports car did the trick. Here's the video on how to have fun in the winter.... ...
  19. First All Spanish Electric Scooter - LEMev Stream
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Three companies got together back in 2007 to develop better motorcycles, and here is their first brainchild. The three companies, Inmotec (Moto2 and Moto3 racing technology), Luma (Europe's biggest anti-theft devices) and Dhemen (industrial design group). The joint venture company is called LEM, and their first product is named LEMev Stream, and it is an electric scooter. The scooter is 100% Spanish, designed and built there, and funded by national and local authorities. ...
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