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  1. View from inside.
    From BIKEVISION I took some pics the other morning of my view from inside the fithwheel. As my view out the windows will once again be changing in just a couple days, what better time to share. After previewing these pics it was funny to realize that i was logged into my blog when i took these for my blog. lol
  2. Long Vacation
    From BIKEVISION I haven't posted in awhile because there's been nothing to post about. But today I made up my mind, or rather it was made for me that i will 100% be moving back to Michigan. Ive been toying with the idea for a few weeks. There's work for me up there, and the work down here just isn't happening. I discussed my plans with the neighbor lady and figured either she would pony up some work and id stay or id go ahead with my plans to move back north.
  3. Sunday report
    From BIKEVISION Today was a great day. I was up and about in just jeans and a tshirt at 7:30 am. The rain that we got through the night has made a nice mud hole just outside my door on the fithwheel once again. but the dogs are being smart and hanging out under the awning. I went to my brothers for dinner. Even through Jason and Maria where not there there, we still had an excellent dinner. Roast with carrots, tatters, onions, garilic, salid, with all the fixings of mushrooms, cheese, tomatotes,
  4. Its getting warmer
    From BIKEVISION Thats right its getting warmer down here. Which doesent mean that im getting anything else done on the house. I still dont have the supplys to finish makeing it liveable. I found out that the work that was supposed to be comeing my way isent. But when one door closes another opens. Now the neighbor lady wants me to take the radio out of her car and see if i can fix the trunk. I also been talking to the neighbor about a garden this year. And after bringing it
    From BIKEVISION That's right, for the first time since Ive left Indiana I have taken a shower in my own place. Now don't go thinking Ive been stinking the place up, until today Ive been limited to baths, or on Sundays when I go to my brothers house I have taken a shower at his house a few times but that's not the same as taking one in your own place. The RV does have a shower and it is big enough but I'm not taking a cold shower. I actually need
  6. The cold has come again
    From BIKEVISION Jack Frost has reached out to us once again. My hose from the house to the RV is frozen once again. This is not the first time this has happened, I'm prepared with water jugs filled just for this. So far the water in the house has not frozen. which is a big surprise because there is no heat in there. So if push comes to shove I just walk into the house and get what ever water I need. I have gotten used to going into the house for
  7. Another Cold Day With A Warm Attitude
    From BIKEVISION Not much has been happing around here. Been raining off and on for the last week and now as I sit here typing this its 22 deg. out. I went down yesterday to the local social security office and transfered everthing down here. So I guess im going to make a go of it down here. I was very pleased with the service down here. The workers were very friendly, not like Indiana, were they treat you like a criminal. Every time i had to go to or talk to anyone
  8. Insight into the future
    From BIKEVISION So ive been following this blog for about a month now click clack gorilla. Through this site i have found a new found respect for what others consider trash. I have always been one to reuse things, not so much for the "green" aspect of it but more for the fact that if i can make it then i dont have to buy it. Over the years I have found many uses for things that most would simply throw away. Call this hoarding or being a pack rat if you
  9. Dumpster Diving
    From BIKEVISION Yesterday day was a pretty good day. Had dinner with the fam. and did some laundry. I filled myself on burgers and they were good. My neice also pointed out that there was some stuff sitting out to the curb down back alley, so we took us a walk and discovered a nice suade sectional couch and a bunch of of other stuff in totes. So we went back to the house grabbed the truck and a few extra hands and loaded up the truck. Actually we had to make two
  10. TheSurvivalistBlog.net
    From BIKEVISION Ive been following this survival blog blog for several years now The Survivalist Blog. His name is M.D. Creekmore. He has bought a RV, parked it on a junk piece of land, and is living the life that he feels is the best way for him to live. Sound familar? Following is blog i have learned alot of what it takes to live off grid in a rv. All I am lacking in following in his foot steps is the piece of land. Which is what im looking for now. He has
  11. Few things Ive learned
    From BIKEVISION Ive learned a few things in the last few weeks: 1. Dogs have a very good internal clock. And they know when your lieing. They know that i wont let them out till 9. Every morning at a few mins past 9 they wake me up wanting out. If its after 9 and i try to tell them its to early they know im lieing and will not stop till i let them out. 2. Measure twice, cut once. Yes i knew this already but i managed to drill the holes for
  12. Out with the nasty
    From BIKEVISION ?Jason and I took this couch out of the trailer before he left for CAX. I have no idea how the guy got it in the trailer but we had to bust it up a little bit to get it out. So what do you do with a couch thats really nasty and has the arms busted off? You burn that sucker and relize how fast these suckers go up in flames. I lit both ends with a propane torch then put it away in the trailer. When I turned around
  13. When it rains
    From BIKEVISION Well if putting $200 into the truck didn't hurt my pocket book enough today i managed to dent it even further. I sold my tv last summer and bought a 23in. computer monitor. My plan was to get a new video card for my computer to better run the new monitor, then get a tv tuner so i would have tv again. As normal its all about money, or the lack of it. Today when i went to power up my computer my monitor came on for about 20 min. then
  14. Took some pics of the trailer
  15. Life so far
    From BIKEVISION I have been posting on the trailer and the truck so much that i have left out the rv. As of  tonight, the rv is holding up better by far than the motorhome did. there are a few problems 1. The toilet wont stop running. hooked up to city water this could fill my black tank fast. simple fix was to just turn the water off to the toilet. i use the sink to add a little water after flushing. the shower head works well to clean the bowl of
    From BIKEVISION ?I fianlly have power at the pole. no more running the generator to charge my batteries. the above pic is of the day i arived. notice the snow on the roof. this was taken after most of the snow melted. when we first pulled in the ground was covered. Ok so now that i have power the fun should begin. Found out that my brother will be leaving sat. morning for cali for atleast a month, so that leaves me with the duty of fixing this place up by myself.
  17. 1-3-11
    From BIKEVISION Still no power, i tried to call the power company today and there were closed for the holiday. dont they know people need power. My brother and his buddy came over this morning to check out the truck and wouldnt you know it, it fired right up. So me and the dogs headed over to his house to work on his buddys car. after a few hours, the welding is mostly done of the car, most of its primered, i got a load of laundry done, ate dinner and headed back
  18. 1-2-11
    From BIKEVISION Yesterday i came out to the trailer and was invited to an oyster feast. Today i was invited to fried chicken, cabbage, chicken and pasta somthing (my guess was chicken and homemade noodle sheets, it was good) and black eyed peas. i could really get used to this down home cooking. in the past i would pass this kind of thing up but as im starting a new adventure in life i took the leap and had a wonderfull meal. Just say yes.  thats my motto now. I didnt get
  19. 1-1-11 First post from inside the camper
    From BIKEVISION I think its going to be hard to keep track of how many days im here. so for now on ill just use the date for progress reports. As i sit here typing this im sitting at my computer in the camper. I still dont have shore power so im running the generator to charge my battery up for tonight. i made my first dinner, tuna noodle cassarole, in the camper. Tank and Lady are sleeping on the floor right next to me. The weather was in the 70's today
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