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  1. Omepete Island
    From Argentina to Alaska If you look at a map of Nicaragua there is a huge lake and in the lake are two connecting volcanic islands and is the largest largest freshwater island in the world. Also the lake has a bunch of sea fish that swum up the river and adapted to freshwater like ...
  2. Streets and Numbers
    From Argentina to Alaska Addresses in Nicaragua aren't done by street addresses. Instead they use reference sites like 3 blocks north of the National Stadium. On the way back from Managua I stopped at the Harley Dealership and had a silent homage for Colin the Harley rider from Shetland (see Blog Entry, Heartfelt Thanks) ...
  3. Casa Alianza, Managua
    From Argentina to Alaska I did my last visit to Casa Alianza in Managua (Nicaragua's capital city that doesn't have a downtown area due to being destroyed in an earthquake in 1972 and was never rebuilt as the aid raised by the international community was stolen by the US backed government) so instead it ...
  4. Disappearing Bees
    From Argentina to Alaska In Granada I stayed with a really cool guy who had an amazing place. I wish now I had taken photos as I have never slept on a couch in a place that posh. I spent a couple of days watching conspiracy videos about America. How ...
  5. Couch Surfing
    From Argentina to Alaska Doubling the length of my trip has effectively halved my budget so I have started to use www.couchsurfing.com though it isn't really so much about saving money as the ability to meet up with people who live in the country you are visit. In Leon I met up with a local ...
  6. Honk for the Hell of It
    From Argentina to Alaska Arriving in Esteli I ended up riding around the city for a couple of hours trying to find a place that had secure parking for my bike and eventually ended up in this roadside hotel for $20 where they didn't lock the parking area anyway and I had to wear ...
  7. Nicaragua Border Crossing by Motorcycle
    From Argentina to Alaska Arriving at the border Honduras Nicaragua on Friday morning I was surrounded by a pack of kids all screaming at me in Spanish offering their services to 'help' me. It was quite intimidating so rather than use one which I wouldn't have minded doing I asked them to leave ...
  8. Casa Alianza, Honduras
    From Argentina to Alaska I managed to ride into the Tegucigalpa and find Casa Alianza only stopping to ask directions once which I was pretty pleased about. When I got there Juan the director gave me an overview of the organisation's programs with the help of Lucy (a Hungarian volunteer) translating. Casa Alianza have ...
  9. Sleep helps Sanity and Banking Bothers
    From Argentina to Alaska I checked into an 'expensive' hotel with a toilet that doesn't flush and a cold, leaky shower because I wanted wireless internet so I could sort out the fact that Barclays will no longer allow me to log into my online account with this stupid card reader and I won't ...
  10. Volcano Arenal
    From Argentina to Alaska The area around Volcano Arenal is beautiful and green which meant I woke up to rain. So I went to the hot springs passing some monkeys and some funny looking creature on the side of the road.
  11. Decision Making Process
    From Argentina to Alaska Other than heading roughly south my plans are very flexible. The first place I had planned to go in Costa Rica was Volcano Arenal until I got an email in the morning saying it might be windy, so I decided to head to the coast. Then talking to ...
  12. Effected by Swine Flue
    From Argentina to Alaska Riding towards the border of Costa Rica there were thousands of swallows dive bombing the road. I didn't figure out why until I rode through this huge swarm of little bugs that instantaneously covered the front of my bike and me. So arrived at the border to be ...
  13. Stuck Halfway up a Hill
    From Argentina to Alaska Leaving Omepete I decided to stop and see San Juan del Sur the Nicaraguan surf spot. I stayed with a lovely couple from Canada who had said that their driveway was pretty steep. I got half way up and there was a second 90 degree turn and panicked ...
  14. The Rains Have Started
    From Argentina to Alaska The rainy season has started in Central America and our ride out on Sunday was originally canceled but then reinstated for a lunch ride. But sitting writing this right now I am listening to thunder! I am debating whether to catch the boat to Columbia on the 15 ...
  15. Elvis is in Costa Rica and Working on my Bike
    From Argentina to Alaska Saturday was spent hanging Mishca's bike shop and getting my bike cleaned by Elvis who works there. I also watched the police burning out the druggies shack across the road.
  16. San Jose, Costa Rica
    From Argentina to Alaska Managed to meet up with Mishca from ADV and he kindly allowed me to stay so I could do some washing and look around the city.
  17. Stood up in San Jose
    From Argentina to Alaska On Thursday I rode into San Jose (the capital of Costa Rica) to meet up with a motorbiker off of ADV. We were meeting by a park at 4pm before 5pm. It was quite a dodgy place to wait with heaps of young kids hanging around so luckily ...
  18. Almost Headed Home
    From Argentina to Alaska This morning I went to leave San Jose and I realised that my travel insurance had expired (as I originally was only going to go for five months). I was with Endsleigh as they were the only travel insurance company that insures you as standard for riding anything that ...
  19. Riding Around the Island
    From Argentina to Alaska The next day I rode around the two islands in the rain. Turns out they are pretty big as I did almost 80 miles. I also went to a coin museum and a pre-columbian history museum. That piece that is broken was a dildo.
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