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  1. Rocketbunny in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Days 03 & 04
    From RocketBunny Days 04 & 05Tuesday - Wednesday, August 11-12, 2009near Williamsport, PA0 milesAfter a relaxing Tuesday morning, a group of us decided to spend the afternoon hiking in Ricketts Glen State Park. Scott's mom drove us to the top of the canyon, promising to pick us up at the bottom in a few hours. The ~3 mile long hiking trail follows Kitchen Creek down a series of waterfalls. That morning, we'd found construction equipment starting to grade the dirt access road to the house. Scott's mother had struggled to avoid the
  2. Rocketbunny in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Day 06
    From RocketBunny Day 06Thursday, August 13, 2009near Williamsport, PA to Front Royal, VA272 milesI've ridden in some pretty scary situations. I think the forty miles of snow back in 2004 is up there, closely followed by that snowy pass in Yellowstone and the endless gravel construction zone in 2005(?).The two miles on that muddy dirt road eclipses them all. Those with plenty of dirt experience are probably pooh-pooh-ing right about now. Mud isn't a big deal, right? Well, try it a few 1000 miles from home on a big heavy expensive

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  6. Rocketbunny in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Day 03
    From RocketBunny Day 03Monday, August 10, 2009Winchester, VA to near Williamsport, PA235 milesI was more excited than usual to begin my ride this morning. I had a little over 100 miles of interstate, followed by about two hours of local roads that I had high hopes for.Back on I-81, I quickly passed through West Virginia and Maryland. Concerned about rain, I hadn't mounted the camera. I stared ruefully at the "Welcome to" signs as they flashed by overhead. Just before Harrisburg, I exited I-81 to ride north along the west bank of
  7. Rocketbunny in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Day 02
    From RocketBunny Day 02Sunday, August 9, 2009Athens, TN to Winchester, VA481 milesI was feeling very good about my schedule getting to Pennsylvania. With only ~700 miles to go and two days to do them in, there was no rush. My SPOT was flashing a low battery light that morning, so I decided to look for a Radio Shack along the route (I also needed another stereo extension cable). I found a likely exit near Knoxville and pulled over in a strip mall to consult the GPS. A shouted question to a man

  8. From RocketBunny Yes. I know it's upside down. You try taking a photo with your mobile phone on the side of a busy interstate. It says "Virginia". (it's a state)
  9. Rocketbunny in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Day 01
    From RocketBunny Day 01Saturday, August 8, 2009Monroe, LA to Athens, TN561 milesI've gotten a bit of a reputation among riding buddies as a late sleeper. On past trips, the only legitimate reason for waking up before 8 AM has been a planned long mileage day. Well, this morning I didn't use slightly sore shoulders as an excuse to skimp on my (relatively new habit) "every other morning" 6:30 AM jog. My riding camelbak flopped around a bit more than my usual waist hydration pak, but it was fine for a quick 40
  10. Rocketbunny in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Day 0.5
    From RocketBunny Every spring my mind turns to motorcycle trips. I cast about for ideas, weighing where I've been against all the farflung places I'd like to go. When the boyfriend invited me to spend a couple of August days with his family up in northeast Pennsylvania, I immediately saw the possibilities. I haven't ridden northeast since June 2006. It's clearly time to revisit the Blue Ridge Mountains and tag a couple more states.My plan is to leave work early on Friday, August 7. I'll spend a couple of days interstating north,

  11. From RocketBunny This message has been sent using the picture and Video service from Verizon Wireless!To learn how you can snap pictures and capture videos with your wireless phone visit www.verizonwireless.com/picture.Note: To play video messages sent to email, Quicktime@ 6.5 or higher is required.

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  14. Lunar Rendezvous 5k
    From RocketBunny "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...LIFTOFF!" and the front runners streamed away as astronaut Sandra Magnus started the 31st running of the Lunar Rendezvous 5k race. Held on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake, the course wound around the perimeter of the campus. Anticipating being one of the slower runners, I held back and crossed the start line (starting my chip) about a minute after the race started. I'd warmed up by walking back and forth between the start line and the finish line (a little ways away)
  15. My First 5K Race - A *Run* Report
    From RocketBunny To give some background, ever since I got Lucy, I've been casting around for ways to make sure that she gets enough exercise to keep her from bouncing off the walls of my apartment. Along the way, I decided to make a major push toward improving my own fitness levels. In late April I discovered and began the Couch to 5K program. Over 9 weeks, I worked up from running very short intervals all the way to 40 minute training runs (5 minute warm up walk, 30 minute run, 5 minute
  16. Life With Lucy
    From RocketBunny I've had Lucy for about 4 months now. She's mostly figured out how things work: where to "go", which toys are hers, don't chase the Cat, etc.Some pics for the grandparents:A typical evening nap on the couch (she steals pillows)At work (she comes with me about once a week)Taking a bath (poor little abused puppy)On a hike
  17. Playing Keep-Away
    From RocketBunny Problem:Dog likes to eat Cat Feces and Bunny Poop.I've been yelling at Lucy for the past week or so for going scavenging in Sorscha's cage. It was a problem, but my family has had a long history of dogs going after the "delicacies" that rabbits leave behind. There's also the problem of Cali invading Sorscha's inner sanctum (cage 2nd floor).This morning Lucy discovered Cali's litter box. I came out of the shower to find a trace amounts of litter on the living room carpet. The box didn't look hugely disturbed,
  18. 30 Days of 30 (cont.)
    From RocketBunny W1A3 (week 1, activity 3):(Feb 6) My actual 30th birthday. Nice day at work, got some gifts from coworkers and boss. BF and I met up at Rice Village after work and went out to dinner at Bombay Brasserie, a yummy Indian place. W2A1 (Feb 7) My "observed" 30th birthday. (if public figures can do it... :P ) I dragged BF over to my parent's place around 3pm. We spent 3-5 cooking furiously and then the next few hours after that being furiously social. It was a nice relaxed party
  19. 30 Days of 30
    From RocketBunny Last month I half-jokingly designated January 30th + February + March 1 as my "30 Days of 30".I will turn 30 on the 6th of February, a date that is now fast approaching. Thinking further about it, and with the BF bringing it up again and taking it much more seriously than I originally did, I've made it a goal to do something neat and out of the usual rut for myself on a regular schedule during the 30 day period.I think a daily activity is probably an unattainable goal
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