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  1. Just for the Hell of It!
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles Enjoy your weekend everyone! By California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., July 2010Original post blogged on b2evolution.
  2. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry injured in motorcycle accident
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles Long-time Aerosmith axe-man and creative collaborator Joe Perry has reportedly been treated and released after a motorcycle crash in Middleborough, Mass. According to the Boston Globe, Perry was riding his 2009 Ducati when he was struck from behind by a 62-year old retiree, who was cited after the accident. Although he didn't appear to be seriously injured, he was transported to Morton Hospital and Medical Center in Taunton, Mass. at about 2 p.m. (EDT) on July 15. Middleboro Police Officer Bradley Savage called the collision "a very minor motor vehicle accident," thanks
  3. The Biker Law Blog is on the Move.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles **** July 12, 2010 - We are still working on getting all of the data from this blog, into the new software platform, and then we will start the customization. I will announce that we are going live on the new software platform 24 hours before we go live. This should be the last time we will ever have to do anything like this. **** July 2, 2010, My programmer has successfully extracted the data from this blog, and inserted it into a development blog running a new software platform.
  4. A Simple Friday after work Motorcycle Ride to the San Andreas Fault, California
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles I am sure all of you bikers and motorcycle riders know what it is like to get a bug up your ass to take a ride after work at the end of the week. Well on Friday, June 18, 2010, 2 days before my 47th birthday, I decided to take my Harley Davidson Electra Glide out for a little ride after work, to the world famous and infamous San Andreas Fault. If you do not know what the San Andreas Fault is, it is basically an earthquake fault that runs the
  5. It looks like those Rip-Off Red Light Photo Tickets in California Might Not be Enforceable After All; Thank Goodness.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles Some of you out there may have received a notice in the mail that you ran through a red light, and that the evidence or proof was obtained through a photograph. Some of you may have simply heard of red light photo tickets. Along with the notice, you probably also received notice of a hefty fine of between $400 and $500 dollars for the infraction. Welcome to the automated world of governmental entities ripping you off to pay off their budget deficits, under the guise of public safety. These Red Light Photo
  6. Rush Slip On Mufflers for Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycles; My Review
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles See below for a video demonstrating how the mufflers sound. Many of my friends have aftermarket exhaust systems on their motorcycles which sound great and are not too obnoxious. Some have exhausts which are so obnoxious, that they would cause strain on long rides. Through the years I have tried many different types of mufflers on many different types of motorcycles. For about 5 years, I have run Screaming Eagle slip on mufflers on my Harley Davidson Electra Glide, with a stage 1 setup on my carb. and air filter. It is basically
  7. Are There Any Real Biker Lawyers out there Beside Myself?
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles Are there any real biker lawyers out there beside myself? When I look at the Internet I see a bunch of pasty face lawyers and attorneys in suits claiming that they are motorcycle injury attorneys. Some are well known so-called motorcycle attorneys who advertise in a bunch of motorcycle publications, and even set up booths at events. I know one up and coming so-called motorcycle attorney outfit that is nothing more than a marketing franchise scheme aimed at bikers and motorcyclist like you. Hell, they advertise on TV, and they are
  8. I Replaced my Harley Davidson Advanced Sound System with a state of the art Sony Stereo System; Here is My Review.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles See Video Review Below! Background I am a long distance motorcycle rider. This summer I am not only planning on riding to the Sturgis motorcycle rally which is a 2700 mile round trip plus ride, I am also planning on doing other rides, not to mention the 2000 miles I have already put on in the last couple of months. I wanted a state of the art stereo on my motorcycle with built in MP3 for my music collection, a built in High Definition receiver, and the ability to have built in
  9. What is Causing the recent Rise in Motorcycle Accident Deaths?
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles The U.S. Department of Transportation has recorded a 150 percent jump in motorcyclist fatalities in the past decade. This huge rise in motorcycle fatalities has researchers perplexed. Even though I do not want it to be so because I myself am a biker and motorcycle rider, Motorcyclists are considered the highest risk motorist group, accounting for 14 percent of all fatal traffic incidents. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System recorded 5,290 crash deaths among motorcyclists in 2008 and 96,000 injuries. The traffic fatality rate for motorcycle riders has steadily
  10. Another Woman Claims 3-year Affair Sandra Bullock?s husband Jesse James; I have coined a new phrase; Tiger Woods Syndrome.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles LOS ANGELES – California At least three women have come forward claiming to have had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James, and a fourth is said to be considering her options. Attorney Gloria Allred says she's representing the fourth mistress -- "a beautiful model and business woman" who says she "had an intimate 3 year relationship" with James. That relationship reportedly ended just weeks ago. "He pursued her and he had strong feelings for her," Allred said in a statement. According to Allred, "She is in the process of trying to decide if
  11. 4 Phoenix Arizona Motorcycle riders mowed down and killed After Being Rear Ended in a Horrible Crash.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles PHOENIX — Arizona **** 3-29-10 Update: There was a big turnout of bikers to pay homage to the downed bikers who were killed and injured in the horrible accident. You can see a video by clicking here. **** 3-27-10 Update: 4th person died in this crash. I have modified the title to reflect this fact. The victims, and the person who caused this crash are also identified. You can read about it, and see a video by clicking here. **** 3-26-10 Update: Here is a link to another article on this horrible
  12. Jobs are Not protected for California's medical pot users; You can still be arrested for driving under the influence.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles Tens of thousands of Californians are obtaining medical marijuana recommendations from physicians so they can use pot without fear of arrest. But they still can lose their jobs, and be arrested for being under the influence of marijuana and driving. California's Proposition 215, passed by voters in 1996, approved the use of marijuana for a wide range of ailments. But it doesn't require employers to make accommodations or waive any workplace rules for legal cannabis users. And a state Supreme Court ruling affirmed that medical pot use can get you fired by a
  13. California Motorcycle Accident Attorney and Biker Lawyer Rides the Recently Re-Opened Angeles Crest Highway.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles One June 13, 2009, one week before my 46th birthday, my fiancé drove me to my house to pick up my Harley Davidson Electra Glide so that I could ride it to our new home. Well, I decided to take a major detour so to say…… You know how it is :) I heard that the Angeles Crest Highway to Wrightwood, which has been closed for basically the past 4-5 years was recently repaired and finally reopened. This is one of my favorite runs of all time, and it is local.
  14. What a wicked week here in Southern California. Michael Jackson, Farrah Facett, and Ed McMahon have all died within the last couple of days.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles Growing up here in Southern California, especially in the San Fernando Valley, and living many years in Hollywood, I could not help but being in the middle of the celebrity scene as a kid and as an adult. I am not going to sit here and talk about who I know, who I have hung out with, or who I have partied with. Let’s just say I am from here, and I grew up here. I have been right in the middle of the action so to say. With that being
  15. A Couple of Motorcycle Accidents in California Caused by Negligent Cagers.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles DUBLIN – California The driver of a white BMW 2004 linked to a hit-and-run accident Monday evening on northbound Interstate 680 has turned herself in, according to the California Highway Patrol. Sobhanieh Mostakhdemin, 25, of San Mateo, turned herself in Wednesday afternoon at the CHP's Dublin office and was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident that caused injury, CHP Officer Steve Creel said. Motorcyclist Robert Demartino Jr., of Livermore, was hit Monday on northbound Interstate 680 near Sunol Boulevard in Pleasanton, Creel said. Witnesses said the
  16. Reflecting on my life on my 46th Birthday; and Contemplating Beyond.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles Well here I am again, another birthday, I am now 46 years old. I must admit, it seems like the birthdays come much faster now than they used to. I guess I can finally accept the fact that I am getting old. I have heard the bullshit about how the new 40 is the old 30, and the new 50 is the old 40. I have also heard the bullshit about "you are as only old as how you feel." Bottom line, I ain’t what I used to be at 30, and
  17. Billy Lane to Face 9 years in Jail as Part of Plea Bargain Deal
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles *** June 17, 2009 Update. Billy Lane's plea of guilty to vehicular homicide was accepted by the Court last week. He will remain free until his next Court appearance on August 14, 2009, when he will be sentenced. It is said that he will probably avoid prison. Part of the plea deal mandates a lifetime suspension of his drivers license in Florida, however he could petition the Florida department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for a hardship licence. He faced up to 15 years in prison, however according to published
  18. Off Road Motorcycle, Dirt Bikes, Dune Buggies, Golf Cart, Snowmobiles, and ATV (standard, sport and utility) Insurance and Safety; Some Important Tips.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles I was reading a story whereby a 14-year-old girl from Woodacre, California was airlifted to an Oakland hospital Sunday afternoon after a collision between two off-road motorcycles in Novato. The girl suffered head and internal injuries in an undeveloped lot near the junction of highways 101 and 37 and was flown to Oakland Children’s Hospital by helicopter, said Novato police Lt. Dave Jeffries. Her name has not been released because she is a minor. The dirt bikes collided on a relatively flat trail at about 1 p.m., and Novato fire
  19. The Importance of Keeping Your Liability Insurance Even in Tough Economic Times.
    From Biker and Motorcycle Related Legal Articles My office has been swamped with accident victims who are not at fault in motorcycle, car, truck and other motor vehicle accidents, yet had no liability insurance at the time of the accident. In California if you drive a motor vehicle such as a car, motorcycle, truck, etc., without basic liability insurance, you are precluded from recovering general damages such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, etc. (California Proposition 213) In other words if you lose a leg, or become a quadriplegic, you will only be entitled
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