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  1. Mosquito Ridge Road
    From The Heart of The Road       With little effort motorcycling can become a powerful and impressive obsession. The best part is not so much the riding, but rather where the road takes me. As an addict for smooth pavement and sweet curves, I am sure of one thing about motorcycling. There is something wonderfully simple about it, a rhythm, and a [...]
  2. Riding and Thinking
    From The Heart of The Road   No one knows in advance of the experience, what sort of ride is in store for the rider today or any given day. Riding and thinking are alike in that respect; you get nowhere in advance of the ride. The motorcyclist must ride and find out; the thinker must try out his theories in practice [...]
  3. Unattractive Cornering
    From The Heart of The Road   ?You?re cornering sucks,? observed a recent riding companion. (note - recent not late, although at the time, the idea had appeal) ?I know that,? I replied. ?I?ve been to a few classes and the instructors say it will take years to set me straight. By the way, have I mentioned your leathers look a little [...]
  4. Why Ride?
    From The Heart of The Road One evening I had dinner at a restaurant with some people I hardly knew, and in the course of conversation a smiling women in an evening gown and shiny jewelry asked why I ride motorcycles. I didn?t know quite what to say. Riding is a simple pleasure, after all, and simple pleasures don?t hold up [...]
  5. An older piece on cars and people and close calls?
    From The Heart of The Road   It will be two years this February. Time goes by. I?m a fortunate chap. I have an easy five mile commute from home to work. It?s pretty too, a couple of twisties, a straightaway for fun, pines, oaks and firs. Two years, 23,000 miles and not a close call. The only time my heart has [...]
  6. Discomfort is joy
    From The Heart of The Road A motorcyclist often feels the competing claims of wanderlust and responsibility. Here in the western world where motorcycles are primarily used for pleasure rather than for basic transportation, that competition, real or imagined, can be fierce. Maybe it is a competition between wanderlust and homesickness. We travel to far off places, other roads and byways, new [...]
  7. Skills
    From The Heart of The Road My skills as a motorcyclist are modest. I confess (this may seem heretical to many) to never really consciously wanting to improve myself much. Maintaining my amateur status may give me more time to enjoy motorcycling?s greater riches - the complexities of travel on two wheels; the inexorable press of moving air, the indifferent beauty of [...]
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