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  1. Another Year, Another Laughlin Run, But somethings different
    From Harley-Davidson Blog What's it been? 7 or 8 months since I last posted? Who says blogging can't be fun?So another winter is almost behind us and what a change this one has been. Me and the wife found ourselves pretty much picking up our lives and moving 90 miles east to beautiful Riverside California. A job-offer-she-couldn't-refuse came around and despite my reservations about leaving the relative security of a position she'd had for 10 years, plus moving out of a house we owed very little on, we took
  2. Las Vegas Bikefest 2008
    From Harley-Davidson Blog Well, as sure as the sun coming up, the days are flying by and we're in the dog days of summer and fall will officially be here in about 4 weeks or so. The riding has been great for the most part during the summer since we've pretty much stuck to coastal rides. My wife pretty much informed me back in late June that her days of riding while it's 95-100 degrees are over.But with fall comes a couple of great rallies on the west coast: Street Vibrations
  3. Laughlin River Run 2008
    From Harley-Davidson Blog We hit the Laughlin River Run again this year and there seems to be some changes afoot. Even as a newbie to the event having only been going for a few years, I'm starting to really pick up on some bitching from even local residents about the whole affair.To start though, we had a blast. What's not to like about getting together with tens of thousands of your closest friends? We took of from SoCal on Thursday as usual. The weather here had been mild to
  4. It's time again, Laughlin River Run 2008
    From Harley-Davidson Blog Late April and it's time for our first decent sized event of 2008 with the annual trek to Laughlin Nevada for the 26th annual River Run. For some reason, the small group of us that are going are practically jonesing this year. And for the life of me I can't figure out why but we are plenty stoked about riding out. And what's not to love?Cheesy hotel/casinos that charge exhorbitant rates? Check.Gazillions of cops? Check.The potential for temps over 100 degrees? Check.Crappy "geezer" bands
  5. Love Ride 24 Thoughts - Huge success
    From Harley-Davidson Blog We did the Love Ride yesterday which was the 24th annual Love Ride. As mentioned, it's a huge charity event put on by Glendale (CA) Harley Davidson and has become quite the show over the years with numerous celebrities involved and riding (Peter Fonda, Lorenzo Lamas, Robert Patrick [very cool dude btw] and Jay Leno who has been the Grand Marshal for some time.As was the case last year, the pre-ride rally at the Glendale dealership was again haphazzard and rushed. And while I absolutely love Leno and
  6. Love Ride 24
    From Harley-Davidson Blog It doesn't seem like another year has gone by this quickly but here we are getting ready for the 24th annual Love Ride that is put on every year by Glendale (CA) Harley Davidson.For the past few years, the Love Ride has started out at the Glendale Harley Davidson dealership and has taken its route up the Golden State freeway to Castaic Lake, a beautiful arena that to me has seemed a perfect venue for the event. Castaic has a great grassy area that is perfect for kicking it,
  7. Penny Lane Centers Charity Poker Run
    From Harley-Davidson Blog November 4th was the 2nd annual Penny Lane Poker run held in the Antelope Valley area of Los Angeles county. Penny Lane is a non-profit organization headquartered in North Hills, CA with other services in the Antelope Valley and City of Commerce. Their mission is to help neglected and abused children with educational, housing and mental health services among other things.Seeing that this was only the 2nd run, I figured it would be somewhat small and wasn't sure I wanted to go. I knew a couple friends
  8. Leaving Reno through the high Sierras
    From Harley-Davidson Blog On our way back to the hotel from Virginia City, we stopped at Reno Harley Davidson. Laurie had seen a full coverage helmet at the Carson City dealer and fell in love with it. I was surprised that she was even considering it but she confessed that if it was raining on the way home and windy as expected, she'd really be more comfortable. No worries.The gals at the Reno HD dealer were the greatest. Big props to them for taking time to properly fit Laurie
  9. Riding up to Virginia City
    From Harley-Davidson Blog So we start the ride up to Virginia City and I quickly realize, "UH....wow, we're really climbing here." 3,000 feet, 3,500 feet, 4,000 feet, 5,000 feet. Okay, it's getting pretty cold and we got some light drizzle coming down but the views are world class.I like to think I know a little bit of history about the west seeing that I've lived out here since I was 16 but other than references to Virginia City on the old tv show "Bonanza", I had no clue as to the
  10. Reno ad nauseum
    From Harley-Davidson Blog Poker runs. Who the hell gets up this early????After a night of gambling, drinking, and in my case, too many cigars, we woke up on Saturday around 9:30. We had wanted to go on the poker run but the minute I opened the curtains in the room I realized that was not going to happen.The rain was pounding, the hail was falling and the air was freakin' cold. Uh....summer in Reno anyone? WTF??? Were we doomed to spend the day in the casino along with
  11. More Reno Street Vibrations
    From Harley-Davidson Blog So, we wound up at the Reno Street Vibrations gig on Friday around 2:00 and checked into the hotel. The Grand Sierra Casino was once a Hilton I believe and had been sold and refurbished. If you want to spend the bucks, this place is pretty nice. Our room was fantastic, all marble, plasma tv's in the room and the bathroom (??) and that bathroom....damn! NICE! I've stayed at some amazing hotels in my day but this was one of the best if not the
  12. Reno Street Vibrations
    From Harley-Davidson Blog Wow...I cannot believe how long it's been since my last post. 3 months???!!! WTF???Okay so I've been busy. Okay, really..I've been lazy with the posting but we did do some great rides recently and the longest was the Street Vibrations rally in Reno.We took off from Southern California in cold and wet conditions. Since my wife hadn't been up to Hollister I figured we'd head up the 101 freeway through Santa Barbara, Santa Maria etc and spend the night in the Hollister/San Juan Bautista area.We got
  13. Loud Pipes - Here We Go Again
    From Harley-Davidson Blog I noticed a repsonse on the blog by someone who claims to be a cop and how he enjoys giving out tickets to bikers that have loud pipes. Rather than replying directly to him (which someone did already anyway and definitely spanked the shit out of him), I started doing some thinking about certain laws that are already on the books and those that are being proposed.I don't claim to know jack about law but if a city or any government entity has a law regarding the noise levels,
  14. 60th Anniversary Hollister Motorcycle Rally
    From Harley-Davidson Blog It's been way too long since I've posted but have had tons of issues going on that needed to be dealt with.However, after a stressful June, I decided to ride up to central California and hit Hollister, CA for the 60th anniversary Hollister Rally. I'm glad I didThis was a fun weekend. It didn't have the nightlife like the Laughlin run has if for no other reason there isn't any gambling. Probably just as well for me as it kept the finances in check and also kept
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