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  1. Motorcycle Riding Tip - How to Survive Hitting a Deer at High Speed
    From The Biker Web Like the old saying goes, ?The Lord looks after fools and drunks.? Judging by the video on the above right, this guy was not drunk, but he seems to be a bit of a fool. He was doing speeds of 80+ mph, on a rainy day, down a heavily wooded road which offered nearly zero visibility of oncoming dangers -- like a deer, perhaps?His poor decisions aside, he really is a good rider. Notice the speed at impact -- 72 mph... And he DIDN?T dump
  2. New Biker Chick Pictures Added
    From The Biker Web Hey there, just added some new biker chicks to the Biker Babes & some new bike pics to the Bikers and Bikes photo galleries!With all the snowstorms over the past two months, it might be difficult to believe, but spring is coming! We had a warm spell a few weeks ago & I was able to prep the bike & take a ride... It felt like it had been forever.... Anyway, that taste of good riding weather was just what the doctor ordered!So enjoy the new
  3. Happy New Year
    From The Biker Web Happy new year, everyone! Hope this year brings many more miles of riding!Funny how it?s tough to imagine being back in the saddle with all this snow... First the East Coast got buried, now out west (where I live in Colorado just had a nice blizzard just the other day too).But all things to change...and in a few more months, the sun will start feeling stronger once again & the days will lengthen & all of the snow and below-zero wind chills will be a memory.Then I?m looking
  4. Biker Babe Pics -- New Ones Added
    From The Biker Web Fall may have officially started, but that doesn?t mean the hot biker babe pics need to end. :) Check out the new biker babe pics that have been added to the ?Biker Babes Gallery.?
  5. Harley Davidson Will NOT be Leaving Milwaukee
    From The Biker Web It was a very close call. But it?s been announced that Harley Davidson will in fact NOT be leaving Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is good news for a number of reasons -- but also for Harley purists & Harley Davidson itself. Really, so much of the loyalty that Harley has always enjoyed from its customers is traceable to its history. From its founding over 100 yrs ago, to being the last major ?American? motorcycle manufacturer today.Losing Harley would have been a massive blow to Milwaukee too...at a
  6. Harley Davidson Leaving Wisconsin
    From The Biker Web Maybe you have heard by now that Harley Davidson is considering leaving Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harley has been having some very difficult times these past few years. I?ve posted before about Harley?s problems -- an aging customer base in the US, compounded by the fact that they?re selling $10k+ bikes during ?Great Depression 2.0? (B.S. that this is just a recession...with the real unemployment rate around 20% and with no end in sight). About 2 years ago, I was already wondering how long Harley will even be an
  7. Biker Chick Video
    From The Biker Web Here?s a biker chick video for you! Hope you?re enjoying your summer and riding safe. Some more motorcycle pics have been added to the Bikers & Bikes section.
  8. Hells Angels on Wheels -- Movie Trailer from 1967
    From The Biker Web Nothing like a good old fashioned biker B-movie from the late ?60s! Check out this original movie trailer for Hells Angels on Wheels, from 1967.Interesting how, more than 40 years later, this still shapes the world?s view of the biker lifestyle. Though the times, they are a changin? -- with the rise of the Biker Build-Off shows, and American Chopper, and a whole host of other mass-market cable TV programs... For good or ill the general public?s attitude toward & understanding of ?bikers? is changing.
  9. Bio-Diesel Harley Davidson Fatboy
    From The Biker Web Well, this is interesting... Some mechanically-inclined guy decided to do something really new with his Harley Fatboy -- he converted it to run on bio-diesel!Now, if only he could figure out a way to do it that preserved the fine looks of the v-twin motor that the Fatboy normally has, he?d have a real money-maker on his hands. As is, I think it?s a really cool experiment... I wonder what the differences are in performance? Typically, it?s harder to get high-performance from a diesel than with
  10. How to Ride Your Motorcycle Like an A-Hole
    From The Biker Web Not that anyone needed a tutorial on how to be a total a-hole... But this guy takes the cake. Maybe I should title this post ?How to Definitely Not Get Laid in Less Than 2 Minutes?Ride like an ass... checkAct like an ass... checkYell at your wife/girlfriend to get on your bike, then take off before she even has a chance to get on... check
  11. The Mission One Motorcycle - 150 MPH on an Electric Motor
    From The Biker Web With all the development and research going into alternative fuel vehicles, it was only a matter of time before there was a breakthrough in motorcycles too. Here?s one wicked bike, the Mission One. ?With a top speed of 150 miles per hour, it?s hardly a bike to scoff at. Doesn?t hurt that it costs $0 to run (aside from your electric bill)... Check out some of the details:The Seat:Béhar created a seat that cantilevers high above the rear wheel, to visually emphasize the lack of exhaust
  12. More Biker Babes and Biker T-Shirts Added
    From The Biker Web The weather is warming up! Love it! I?ve been out for the first few rides of the season & in honor or the thrill that always brings, I?ve just added some new biker babe pics to the Biker Babes Galore gallery, as well as some new biker t-shirts to the Biker Shop. Check em out!
  13. How to Balance a Motorcycle Wheel
    From The Biker Web Here is another great How To video for those who like to work on their own motorcycles.As you know, I?m a big fan of doing some work on your own -- I actually enjoy it, personally, but it is also a great way to save money, when you don?t have to pay someone $100 an hour for labor, on top of the cost of parts.Check it out & learn a bit about how to balance a motorcycle wheel.
  14. How to Install a Hard Tail Frame on an Ironhead Sportster
    From The Biker Web If you own an old Ironhead Sportster, you are probably the kind of guy who likes to wrench on his own Harley. Luckily, they are fairly simple bikes to work on -- pretty straightforward, compared to the labyrinth of wiring and other goodies that you will find if you ever decide to try your hand at working on a modern bike (and that?s the same reason I love classic cars too...you actually can do a lot of work on your own).Since an Ironhead makes a perfect chopper, here is
  15. How to Wheelie on a Motorcycle
    From The Biker Web Ya, I was like WTF! when I saw this picture of an older fellow popping a wheelie ON HIS GOLDWING too. :-) Sure, having a passenger helps get that heavy front end off the ground, but still... Anyway, here?s a helpful How to Wheelie a Motorcycle video that I found. For those of you who are new to motorcycling, be sure to always wear plenty of protective gear -- and NEVER try your first wheelies in actual road traffic. You will become street pizza if
  16. New Biker Babes Video
    From The Biker Web OH YA! :) Here?s a new video full of hot biker babes. This clip has also been added to the Biker Videos player, where you can see lots of other videos featuring hot biker babes. Can?t wait until Spring is finally here & the hot weather returns!
  17. How to Do an Oil Change on a Harley Davidson Road King -- Short Video Demo
    From The Biker Web Here is a helpful demo video that shows you how to change the oil on a Harley Road King. Getting to know your bike inside & out can help you gain a better appreciation for it -- and of course, it?ll save you some cash too if you don?t have to pay a garage every time you need something like this done to your Road King (the kind of bike that usually makes mechanics see dollar signs $!).
  18. NEC Bike Show Babe
    From The Biker Web Here is a new biker babe video for you.?Gotta love those hot pants! :)
  19. New Hot Biker Babes Video Added
    From The Biker Web Ah, Christmas is just around the corner. No better way to keep the ?bikini? in Christmas than to add some new Biker Babes Videos to the Biker Videos player on the site. :-)Enjoy this one has a taste of what?s new:
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