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  1. Thinking of moving the blog
    From Motorcycle Diaries I've been looking at Wordpress and I like the features and interface a lot better than Blogger. So I might move the blog to : http://ezrider.wordpress.com/I was able to import the current blog entirely into Wordpress with the exception of a few videos. Once I have everything set up the way I like at the new site, I'll post the "This blog has moved" notice.
  2. Season 3 !
    From Motorcycle Diaries Spring is here! The weather's been on the cooler side but we did have some sunny days last week. I took the bike out for a short ride on Sunday, my first ride this season. Bike runs great, though I suspect its running slightly rich-might have to put in a smaller main jet or tweak the mixture screw.In preparation for The Big Out-West trip later this year ( more on that soon!) I purchased some touring gear today. I'd been looking at all-weather touring jackets and finally settled on the
  3. Great Website
    From Motorcycle Diaries Check out this website: http://www.openroadjourney.com/. They have a growing database of motorcycle roads, route mapping based on Google Maps, motorcycle forums and articles.
  4. Which one should I buy?
    From Motorcycle Diaries Lately, I've been thinking about adding another steed to my stable, maybe later this year. I love my cruiser but I have been yearning for a bike that has the handling and horsepower of a high performance sports bike and is also comfortable for long distance touring. So I've been looking at these sport-touring bikes as potential candidates for my next bike. The pictures below are of the 07 models but I would probably get a used one. Which one would you buy?!Honda ST 1300 Yamaha FJR 1300AKawasaki Concours 14BMW
  5. Reading the Winter Blues Away!
    From Motorcycle Diaries While winter has been unusually mild thus far, I haven't been out riding since I put the bike away in early December. I have, however, been reading some interesting books related to motorcycling. Here is my review of two of my favorite books. I'll be posting some more books reviews occasionally.Subscribers of Cycle World magazine might be familiar with the writings of Peter Egan. I was aware of his popular column Side Glances in Road and Track, and had assumed he was simply a car nut. Then I came
  6. Last ride of the season
    From Motorcycle Diaries I didn't think I'd still be riding in mid-December but I managed to go on a short 40 mile ride last Sunday before winterizing the bike. Compared to last week's (daytime) temperatures in the mid 20s, Sunday's 45 was almost warm! The light dusting of snow we got last week could still be seen in patches out in the countryside and the roads were heavily salted. After nearly losing traction on a couple of corners because of the salt, I changed my riding style to a more leisurely
  7. I have a brand new bike!
    From Motorcycle Diaries Well, not really.....I should say its almost like having a brand new bike! I finally got around to making all the performance modifications I wanted to on the bike. The rejet kit and air filter had been gathering dust for several weeks. I also wanted to drill and de-baffle the exhaust pipes, not just for a better sound but to open up the exhaust a bit, since I was going to put a K&N filter in. ( The idea is to let more air
  8. Fall Colors trip to West Virginia and Virginia
    From Motorcycle Diaries Trip Summary ( for those who just want to see the pictures!): 3 days, 1015 miles. Rode on some fantastic roads in W. Virginia and did half of the Skyline Drive in Virginia. Camped both nights. Scroll down for some pictures.Day 1: It was a bleak, wet Friday morning when I set out for W. Virginia. It had rained heavily the previous night but the forecast said there would be no rain Friday. I had packed everything I needed in the Harley-Davidson sissy bar bag (borrowed from John)
  9. Trip to W.Virginia and Virginia this weekend
    From Motorcycle Diaries Looks like I timed it right! The fall colors in W. Virginia and Virginia's Shenandoah national park should be peaking in the next few days. I plan to set out either on thursday or friday morning (depending on how many days I can take off from work) and return by sunday evening. I'll be camping, unless the weather is really bad, in which case I'll seek a motel. In preparation for the trip I changed the engine oil, filter and (shaft) drive oil today. Here's the trip route from
  10. AMA ad targeting distracted drivers
    From Motorcycle Diaries Take a look!
  11. I'm weak......very weak
    From Motorcycle Diaries I did it again. Bought more stuff for the bike. This time, I decided to go the performance route. I had planned to rejet the carburetor and put in a K&N air filter later this year. Well, I decided to go ahead and do it before the Fall trip to W.Virginia and Virginia, so I ordered a Dynojet rejet kit and a K&N filter. This will the the first time I'll be messing with the bike's innards, hopefully I won't screw it up! While I won't be replacing
  12. Accessories installed !
    From Motorcycle Diaries I received the accessories last week and spent saturday morning installing them. The saddlebags and highway pegs were easy to install, but it took a while to get them exactly where I wanted. The windshield was a bit of a pain to get on, it involved removing the turn signals and headlight to reroute the wires behind the windshield mounting bracket. I think the accessories look pretty good. However, in terms of function, the windshield was a big disappointment. I noticed severe buffetting at all speeds, caused by wind rushing
  13. Preparing for Fall
    From Motorcycle Diaries This year, I plan to ride out to West Virginia sometime in October when the fall colors are at their peak, camp and ride some of the scenic routes there, maybe even do some rafting. The perfect excuse to spend some money on accessories for the bike. I decided to go the practical route, instead of the performance route. So instead of getting the Roadhouse 2-into-1 exhaust, K&N filter and rejet kit, I bought a windshield, saddlebags and highway pegs. Net damage: $511.00. Can't wait to receive
  14. July/August rides
    From Motorcycle Diaries Ok, I'm not going to make any lame excuses for not updating the blog in the past few weeks. It certainly wasn't because I didn't ride....I rode almost every weekend on my favorite routes in Kentucky and Indiana.A few weeks back Angie and I took the ferry across the Ohio river into Kentucky.We then rode to Rabbit Hash and Jane's Saddlebag. Angie really liked the place, so the very next weekend we took John and Amiee there. Jane's Saddlebag is a great place to relax after a ride. The owners
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