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  1. The Things People Put in Their Mouths
    From Ruminations in Korea I had a full-on, hard-core Korean experience last night.  I haven’t had one of those in ages.  It was one of those nights where you hang out with an entire  restaurant full of locals and eat things that you would never normally eat if you were by yourself. The restaurant we all wanted to go [...]
  2. Dusting off the Old Blog
    From Ruminations in Korea I am seriously considering dusting off the old blog, and returning to some form of blogging activity. I have only made about four or five posts over the past two years. There are a few reasons that I basically stopped blogging.  One reason is that I have found over the past 22 years here in [...]
  3. What Happened to Me: Motorcycle Accident
    From Ruminations in Korea Okay.  Some of you have no idea what happened to me.  Others know basically what happened to me.  I think only a few of you know exactly what happened to me.  Now that I have this nifty software that allows me to speak into a microphone and watch the words magically appear on the computer [...]
  4. Absolutely INSANE Motorcycle Jump
    From Ruminations in Korea Going up is insane.  Coming down is just idiotic.  Amazing jump.  
  5. Russians were the Original B-Boys
    From Ruminations in Korea
    From Ruminations in Korea The single greatest cause of motorcycle accidents is oncoming cars turning left across the paths of motorcycles. From KSLA in Texas: TEXARKANA, TX. (KSLA) – Two Texas residents end up in area hospitals Thursday morning after being involved in a major accident. The accident happened in the Libery Eylau, which is located in the Bowie County [...]
  7. Past and Present
    From Ruminations in Korea First question, who turned off the heat?  Korea went from 55F degree highs to 32F degree highs over night.  It’s almost as if Korea suddenly remember that it’s February and started acting like it again. An old friend posted a picture on his facebook that shows me on the day I graduated from high school [...]
  8. A New Hope
    From Ruminations in Korea After an extended hiatus due to workload, burnout, apathy, and numerous other reasons, I suppose it’s time to dust off the blog, clean it up, and start writing stuff again…
  9. 20 ? 21 September 2008 ? Jeonju Run
    From Ruminations in Korea Four months ago we planned to ride to Jeonju, but it got rained out by a very serious storm. Two months ago, we planned to ride to Jeonju, but it got rained out by the Summer monsoon rains. This month, we planned to ride to Jeonju, and woke to overcast skies. Pony and I rode [...]
  10. Broken Bikes
    From Ruminations in Korea I had a very nice ride from Pusan to Donghae with my Club (Rotten Dead MC) and some new friends last weekend.  The trip is about 7 hours one way from Pusan at a leisurely pace.  The first day and a half of the ride were great.  It was the last couple of hours that [...]
  11. 12 - 13 July 2008 Ride from Pusan to Daejeon
    From Ruminations in Korea Summer riding in Korea can be quite tricky. There are several factors that can potentially complicate any planned ride. The main ever-present variables are potential rainstorms that can develop within the space of a few hours, typhoons, and the intense heat combined with humidity. This particular ride was delayed for two weeks due [...]
  12. Shifting Directions?
    From Ruminations in Korea I have no motivation for blogging about Korea any more.  After 20 years of experience with Korea, I have seen the birth of a democracy and the development of a vibrant economy. However, as the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Everyday, it is the same media propaganda, the same [...]
  13. South Korean internet geeks trigger panic over US ?tainted beef? imports
    From Ruminations in Korea Eat me? Are you a crazy (cow) too? From an awesome headline: “South Korean internet geeks trigger panic over US ‘tainted beef’ imports” To a great opening paragraph: Tens of thousands of young internet-obsessed South Koreans, whipped into a frenzy by alarmist television programmes, a complex scientific paper on genetics and a hyperactive online rumour-mill, have held candlelit [...]
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