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  1. Star Trek and motorcycles
    From Biker Diaries Even if you're not a Trekkie, or the far more dignified Trekker, I'd ask you to indulge me, if not for a few paragraphs of this blog just to see how much the 1960's science fiction television landmark has so many similarities to motorcycles and the riders who love them.Still here? Good.How this came about.For about a year I've been a member of Netflix and although Blockbuster is the first stop
  2. Riding, wardrobe and television...what a blog!
    From Biker Diaries Like the riding buddy who takes his own road to head home at the end of a long ride, Donnie, the girlfriends brother recently flew back to California.Regular readers of Biker Diaries may remember that he came out to visit nearly two weeks ago on the first vacation in a very long time. Actually it wasn't just that it's the first chance in a while to be away from home that made it special, but also
  3. Slow ride to paradise
    From Biker Diaries I tried tapping this blog out while sitting in a hotel room at the southernmost point in America overlooking the sparkling blue/green waters that surround Key West. The various boats drifted by: sail, fishing, ferries and an occasional sport boat, all seen through the continuously open balcony doors.But come on, I wasn't there to type, but carry on in the best possible Hemmingway tradition of
  4. It happened at a traffic light
    From Biker Diaries When you own a motorcycle, you have thousands of friends you've just never had the chance to meet. I experienced that very thought yet again over the weekend.And you have to love it.I mentioned briefly at the end of the last entry of Biker Diaries that next weekend (April 1st and 2nd) I'll be heading down to Key West. So dragging the Deuce out of it's new home, the local storage place, to get the
  5. Time to get a load off my chest
    From Biker Diaries It has to be worrying when any blogger just drops off the face of the internet, especially so for ones of our particular interest. Riding a motorycle has inherent dangers and when someone suddenly disappears, a nagging thought has to hang in the back of the mind.For all the times I've wondered this, it's surprising that this blog should fall guilty of such a crime.So I give my mea culpa, mea
  6. Daytona Bike Week 2006 - Day Three
    From Biker Diaries Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their patience regarding getting Biker Diaries updated in a more timely manner. It seems to be taking more time to get the adventures of going to Daytona Bike Week 2006 onto the blog than did to have the darn things!While I'm struggling to get the posts more often than every seven days Gymi has had time to give his blog a whole new look! Why he's even asking
  7. Daytona Bike Week 2006 - Day Two
    From Biker Diaries If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend reading day one before going any further. Why I've even had time to take out the typo's and mis-spellings since the original entry!It was Friday and I had two fulls days both today and tomorrow to enjoy the long list of activities at Daytona Bike week 2006 before riding home Sunday morning. While having some wings and beer at Winghouse last night an
  8. Daytona Bike Week 2006!
    From Biker Diaries Quick Note - This blog was actually started on Monday, but with real life getting in the way, it's already thursday and I'm finally getting to finish it off!Back to the story!DAY ONEIt's sad to say that over twenty four hours after getting back, dismounting and throwing the cover over my faithful steed, life seems to be falling back into normal.Was it only four days ago that I set out on my first
  9. Travel tips and common sense....
    From Biker Diaries Just taking a step away from how wonderful the Deuce looks for a minute (he says still grinning ear to ear), I'm getting everything together for the trip up to Daytona.Looks like I'll be leaving Fort Lauderdale no later than 10am on Thursday getting in around 3ish by the time I stop for gas and the other 'human needs' along the way. Hopefully it'll be in time to see some of the attractions for
  10. Happy Birthday Deuce!
    From Biker Diaries For most of us turning one year older means facing not only the barrage of bad pun birthday cards, but also the realization that we're one year further away from looking as good as most likely once did.Not with the Deuce. Like the women men are lucky enough to spend their lives with, she just got better looking with age.To celebrate the one year anniversary of having my motorcycle, or the Deuce's
  11. So I'm how old again?
    From Biker Diaries I really can't remember the last time it happened, laying in bed with so many thoughts running around that sleep just wouldn't come until 4 am and the 2 excedrin PM finally kicked in.Thinking about how sharp the Duece will look like when I get her back, mentally planning the Daytona Bike Week and some stuff that I really can't talk about until next week. Or maybe the week after. We'll have to
  12. Finally some sort of decision
    From Biker Diaries What an interesting end to the week.As you may've read, I wanted to celebrate my Deuces 1st birthday with a makeover. Actually some of my riding friends think its way overdue since the only thing I've added since riding it off the showroom floor is a small Harley bag attached to forks and the windshield. I was fortunate though with the bike coming mostly chromed.After a few frustrating
  13. Going from Crown-Molding to tattoo's
    From Biker Diaries Wow. Nearly a week since my last blog. I didn't even miss that many days when visiting England last September.Sorry!They are words no proud motorcycle owner really likes to hear and quite frankly doesn't know how to respond too."You're lucky you can't see your bike right now."My riding buddy who lets me keep the Deuce parked safely in his garage has gotten the home rennovation bug and is tackling
  14. Nothing is ever easy
    From Biker Diaries The coldfront that swept across the US managed to reach as far south as sunny South Florida clearing the roads of all but the most hardened bikers. The definition of hardened for the rest of the country has a different standard than with the sunshine state I'm sure, but the end result of no motorcycles and lots of sweaters was the same as it would be for our northern cousins.It is surprising
  15. Making motorcycle noises........
    From Biker Diaries Sometimes I really don't think I deserve to own such a good looking motorcycle.You have people like Gymi, celebrating his 45th birthday doing motorcycle stuff like checking out different kinds of bikes and playing the MotoGP racing game. KT is off taking trips and rides left, right and center.They deserve their bikes.Your's truly is sitting at home plowing through the never-ending project, only
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