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  1. Arizona Lucky and the Savoy Pizza Review
    From Rush Hour Rambling Weather: Sunny and 78°F (25°C)… Can it get any better? Road Conditions: Congested, as always, since the bridge collapse. Arizona Lucky meets Frogwing… Joy ensues. We were supposed to get together last Sunday… Arizona Lucky, and his Lady Luck, had come up to visit relatives and friends for the Minnesota State Fair and other local attractions. But they got [...]
  2. Energy Crisis
    From Rush Hour Rambling Weather: Rain and Fog Road Conditions: Dangerous “You are one rugged sumbitch!”, said a coworker who prefers to remain anonymous. This, after I rode into work this morning, in peasoup fog on the freeways. At least he didn’t call me crazy, as most of them do when I ride in the rain. I have no photo to illustrate this [...]
  3. ?Rattle My Bones? Rally: Mission Abort
    From Rush Hour Rambling Weather: Rain all day long. Road Conditions: Crowded and wet. Kent Aldrich’s mirror-festooned Stella leads the Blocker Squad. My first scooter rally, and I missed it. Well, I didn’t exactly “miss” it, I just chose not to ride. Why? That is a complicated question… Kent Aldrich and friends have worked very hard, for at least a year, to put [...]
  4. Rose Goes Rustic
    From Rush Hour Rambling Weather: Warm and partly cloudy… threatening rain. Road Conditions: Dry and smooth. Tractor-size Shredded Wheat? Old Highway 61 is one of my favorite stretches of road. After a long week at work, there’s nothing better than getting out on that two-lane asphalt, and riding through the countryside on our way to Dad’s little trailer near McGregor, Minnesota. But [...]
  5. Ramble Plan Oscar: Making Lemonade?
    From Rush Hour Rambling Weather: Hot, humid and hazy. Road Conditions: Still horrendous, due to the bridge collapse. Click on the image to see the best scooter parking spot ever. “Conchscooter” said a very interesting thing in the Comments section the other day, regarding the 35W bridge collapse, and the effect it has had on our lives here in the [...]
  6. The Horrible Death of Ramble Plan Alpha
    From Rush Hour Rambling Weather: Sunny skies, but gloomy outlook. Road Conditions: FUBAR (Look it up…) This is what They do when they don’t know what else to do. By now, everyone who reads this blog must know about the horrible tragedy of the I-35W bridge collapse. It has been on the national news almost 24/7 for the past couple of days. [...]
  7. GREAT BIG RAGE! ?in a tiny little cage.
    From Rush Hour Rambling Weather: Clear skies and 75°F (24°C) with rain on the way. Road Conditions: Dry and clear, with scattered maniacs. Zero-dark-thirty. Frogwing and I entered the Tunnel of Hate Freeway in our usual manner this morning. Our entrance is located at the beginning of what they call “Spaghetti Junction” around here, at the confluence of two Interstates: [...]
  8. Ride to Work Profile: ?Scooterriffic?
    From Rush Hour Rambling Today’s RTW Profile features another scooterist, another “Vesparado”. She lives in Adelaide, Australia, and I became aware of her by the frequent posts she puts up on the Modern Vespa forum. The photo you see below is a larger copy of the image she uses as her “avatar” there. “Scooterriffic” prefers that her real name [...]
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