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  1. Further Scooter Mischief
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour It seemed like a good idea to ride the Vespa to work this morning instead of the Triumph, so I did.  The first third of my ride was entirely conventional, but then I arrived at a stoplight next to a pair of chopped hawgs.  They had the requisite loud exhaust and goofy beanie helmets and looked like a couple of bad motherfuckers, so I assume they were dentists.The three of us were turning left.  The intersection we were at had two left turn lanes, and I was in the inside lane,
  2. Watch This Guy Riding On Top of a Mountain
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour This is pretty nuts.  Watching it doesn't make me half as nervous, though, as watching this video about climbing an antenna tower...
  3. A Bit of Eye Candy
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour No idea what all the cups are about.It's always fun to see what's lurking around the periphery at car shows.  In my always humble opinion, the "big deal" cars are usually the least interesting.  I'm sure your brand-new Lamborghini is a wonder, but I'm more interested in the details of the Locost hiding off in an unvisited corner of the show.  Anyway, Lady Luck and I were at a car show this weekend and nearly tripped over this cafe racer.  This bike makes me want to misbehave in traffic.  Didn't
  4. Triumph Gently Introduced To The Ground
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Here's a rough way to start the day: realizing far too late that the kickstand is not up, and trying desperately to keep the bike from falling over all the way.I tried to catch the bike in time, which I'm paying for now that the adrenaline has worn off.  Instead of keeping the bike upright, however, I fell hard into the side of a truck parked next to me.  At least my efforts slowed the Triumph's descent a bit.Lifting the bike proved to be a problem, as there wasn't enough room between the
  5. A Thought About Running Late, As A Motorcycle Commuter
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Well before being labeled a Viking (a label I am totally OK with, by the way), I was just a guy who knew he liked motorcycles.  A lot.  If I were to list all the motorcycle-related things I read and watched and purchased prior to actually getting a motorcycle, you might think I had a bit of an obsession.I know that no one would make that mistake now, of course,Way back in those long-gone days, I read an article about motorcycle commuting that said one should not ride if sick, angry, depressed, etc.
  6. Smell Like a Bad Ass
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Embarassing disclosure: I used to wear this cologne back in high school. I totally felt like a bad ass. I was justified in feeling that way, though, since I was a bad ass. Also, for what it's worth, the ladies loved it. It was actually a pretty decent scent.
  7. How Cold Is It Where You're Riding?
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour I got an email from Noam Sayin', sometimes commenter, always scholar and gentleman, mentioning that he's been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather (40 degrees F in Minnesota??) and has made the most of it by breaking out the bikes for a little winter mayhem.  40 degrees is about as cold as it gets here, though we have had a couple days below freezing.  I know some of you guys ride in much colder weather.So, if you're still riding right now... what kind of temperatures are you dealing with?
  8. Fantastic Motorcycle Photos
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour ? Been there.?I stumbled across a blog chock full of fantastic biker-y photos and just had to throw out a link.  The image to the left is but a sample of the wonders and surprises that await you.So, get yourself on over to The World Is Flat and check it out.(Photo swiped from http://aproposfoto.blogspot.com/. I presume Michael Schmidt holds the copyright.)
  9. Getting Used To A Slower Pace
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour For about a month, I rode the Vespa in to work instead of the Triumph.  The Vespa, since it has a 250cc motor, is technically freeway legal, but I take surface roads instead.  80 miles per hour on a scooter, even a big scooter like the GTS, is a bit too thrilling for me.  Especially because that's the upper limit of it's speed, and traffic here generally moves slightly faster than that.Rather than be a sitting duck on the freeway, I buzz along the city streets to work, and just enjoy the
  10. How Wrenching On Your Own Bike Makes You More Awesome
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour ? That's one sexy rotorThis was going to be a post about how to change the stator on a Triumph Speed Four.  Then I remembered that there are about five other Speed Fours on the road, so it wouldn't be especially useful for very many people.  Also, as repairs go, it's pretty darned simple.  The most challenging issue is finding the cause of the problem.  The rest is spinning a wrench, which you can probably find a video about on YouTube if you need a little extra help on the Righty-Tighty, Lefty-Loosey
  11. A Bit of Linky Love
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour I was trying to come up with something clever to say about riding in cold weather, and then I saw that Steve over at Scooter in the Sticks had beat me to the punch.  I'm going to try out his tip about warming one's hands on the headlight tomorrow morning....
  12. Happy Holidays!
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Lady Luck and Santa Claus have both said something about me "splattering [myself] across the roadway like a douche" if I were to get a Ducati Superbike for Christmas.  I'm a little worried the holiday might pass without finding a bright red bike under the tree.But, really, who needs a shiny new high performance Italian motorcycle that makes 195 horsepower and only weighs 361 pounds when I've got a wonderful family and wonderful friends.   I'll gladly take the treasures I'm lucky to have over a fussy motorcycle any day.Though, I wouldn't kick it out of my
  13. Photographic Evidence, Per Request
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour You asked for it, you got it.  I stopped on my way home last night to get a photo of the strip club from this post, and took another photo in the dark this morning.  Unfortunately, I was running a bit late this morning and the sun was already rising, so the lights don't show up as well as I'd like.  Also, the effect is much more impressive when zipping past at 45mph.Click to embiggen.??? Inviting, eh???? ?? Tranformed into a holiday wonderland.??
  14. Delightful Instructional Video On How To Change Your Oil
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Apparently, this video demonstrates the proper way to change the oil for an SR500.If you're like me, you'll find it entertaining even if you don't own an SR500.(Thanks to The 520 Chain Cafe)
  15. So, Would You Do It?
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Get a few bikers together and wait for the Isle of Man to come up.  The question will come up eventually: would you do it?Well, would you?(Inspired by Baron's post.)
  16. Urban Adventure Scooting - Holiday Edition
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour For the last five years or so, I've worked in a rough part of town.  The office is quite literally along the tracks that divide "bad" from "really bad."  There is a large bridge nearby under which there is usually a large encampment of people.  I haven't seen any people gathered around a burning barrel for warmth, but it's just a matter of time.When I ride the Triumph to work, I generally take the freeway, and only ride through a couple miles of the city to get to work.When I
  17. Oh, Hello
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Cough, cough, geez, a bit dusty around here.So, November came and went.  I wrote a great deal of fiction (which you can read here, if so inclinced), and have now had two weeks for my brain to recover from that ordeal.As such, I should have some new content for you here very soon. 
  18. Just A Quick Update
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Point One: Over the weekend, I replaced the stator in the Triumph.  The Speed Four is, once again, Triumphant.  I'll try to post some more details about that fun process later.Point Two: November first is tomorrow, which means it's time for National Novel Writing Month.  And, once again, I'll be posting each chapter as I write them straight to a novel blog.  If you've dug the Holy Rollers stories in the past, you'll probably like this one too.  You can get to it here: http://winkingatdeath.blogspot.com/
  19. A Bit Of Wisdom We Can Borrow From Sailors
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour There is a poorly kept secret among sailors that rarely makes it into the awareness of folks who don't sail: One is safest in the deepest and most remote waters, and most at risk close to shore and near other boats.  A smart sailor tries to ensure he/she has plenty of sea room at any given time.  Sailors get a bit anxious when something gets inside their personal bubble.  A sailor's personal bubble, by the way, is a lot bigger than you'd think.  In fact, prior to GPS, the general wisdom was to go
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