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  1. Happy New Year!
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Well 2008 is over and I doubt there are very few of us that aren't happy to see it slip into history.  It definitely has not be the best of years with all the issues in the world, wars and then the global economic meltdown.  We have definitely been living through historical times that business schools and history classes will discuss for decades, much as we learned all about the depression.  Oh, an the weather and snow the last couple of weeks in December was depressing particularly for those of
  2. Challenging Times
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Wow, what a month it has been!  We wake up daily to listen to the bad news of the day, whether it is increasing gas prices with no end in site (although they have temporarily declined) or whether the market is crashing, banks are failing, the automotive industry is crumbling, etc. etc.    These are strange times indeed which certainly make us all a little nervous.  As a small business owner I am certainly concerned about the economy and its potential impact on our business,  but with that said,  I
  3. Summer is Here!
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Yeah, I haven't blogged in a while.  So much for my New Year's resolution.  But, summer seems to finally be arriving in the Pacific NW and none to soon as I was starting to spend a lot of time looking at homes in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.  Furthermore I was about to change the Motor Company's No Fear Promotion, "Screw It, Let's Ride" to "Screw It, Let's Ride in the Rain!).  Wow, this summer is just packed with things to do and trying to find the time to do them is
  4. 2008 Is Going to Be Great!!
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Ok, Ok, I had two people today ask me when I was going to update my blog since it has been months since I last touched it. I had planned on getting a New Year?s message up and I guess I still can since it is still January. I didn?t think very many people read my blog but I guess that isn?t the case so for 2008 I will make a resolution to update my blog more frequently (I will try monthly but no guarantees)One of the most
  5. What a Year Ahead!
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Wow! Several of us just returned from the Harley-Davidson Summer Dealer Meeting in Nashville. This meeting is for all worldwide Harley-Davidson dealers and it here where the motor company introduces their new products each year including bikes, accessories, parts and motorclothes. These are always exciting events and this year was no exception. Between the products and events that are planned, 2008 should be one of the most exciting years yet to be a member of the Harley-Davidson community.Here are a few reasons why:
  6. Crevasses
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Dictionary Definition:Fissure or crack in a glacier resulting from stress produced by movementScott's Definition:Fissure, cracks, grooves, bumps, seams, ruts found all over Seattle freeways but particularly evident where ever construction is ensuing and particularly dangerous on I-405 Totem Lake (Kirkland) and I-5 (Everett)Ok, I just have to vent a little. As many of you know I live in Kirkland but the dealership is in Marysville. It is a 39 mile commute one way to the dealership and I ride it on my bike as often as possible.
  7. Puget Sound H.O.G.
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Hi Everyone. Hope everyone is excited about spring as I am. Finally we had what I consider the first hint of spring arrive today at the dealership. The sun was out and it warmed to the mid 50's. I rode my bike to work but couldn't stay inside long. Larry (our controller) and I decided we needed to ride somewhere for lunch. A couple of hours later we were back in the store but I was very tempted to stay out longer. It
  8. Good Weather is Almost Here!
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Gee, I just noticed that my last Blog posting was just before Christmas. I've got to get better at this blogging thing don't you think? I hope everyone had a great holiday and new year and now that it is February that you are as anxious as I am about the great weather and start of the riding season that is just around the corner! I also want to thank all of you who shopped at the store over the holidays and for all your support.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Well it has been a long time since I updated my BLOG. I apologize for that but we have been so busy with the dealership there has been little time for much else. It is hard to believe that Sound Harley-Davidson has now been open for 4 whole months! It has been a world wind but a blast! I feel very fortunate to have made so many new friends and to have had the opportunity to work with such a great team of people at the dealership.I
  10. Two Weeks In
    From Sound Harley-Davidson OK, OK, I know I am deliquent in updating my Blog but I have an excuse. We opened up on 9/5 with about 60 people outside. Business continued to grow all day with about 100 people in the store at all times. The staff was a little overwhelmed as we thought everyone would be back at work with it being the first work day after the Labor Day weekend. While not as busy as our first day of operation we have been very busy since opening
  11. We're Done!
    From Sound Harley-Davidson Ater two years I can say we are done and ready to open our doors tomorrow, 9/5! We still have a few remaining construction tasks going on but these should be completed by next week including putting our logo and lights up on our water tower.Let me apologize to anyone that made the trip over to see us thinking we were open. We tried to get the word our quickly to everyone that we were not going to be open on Saturday 9/1 but I am sure some
  12. Best Laid Plans
    From Sound Harley-Davidson We have been working 20 hour days for the last two weeks making every effort to open the doors tomorrow (Saturday, 9/2). I had to make a very hard call last night to delay our opening until Tuesday, 9/5. As hard as everyone has pushed, including our our General Contractor and ourselves we still need two more days to get ready in order to provide our customers the kind of service they expect and deserve. Trust me this was a very hard decision but I feel it
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