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  1. Ride to Jalama Beach For Pashnit meet
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels A motorcycle forum known as Pashnit was having a ride to Jalama beach and among the members on that ride is Ken, my Ride to Colorado partner.  However, I did not want to do the ride from Chuy's in Santa Clarita to Jalama so decided just to ride direct to Jalama and wait for the arriving riders.  Along for the trip with me is Luis and Minita on their V-Star 1300.  Since the Pashnit meeting was the primary reason to go I did not see having a bunch of people ride up and wait for some
  2. A new Ride Road Captain for the Splinter Group
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels The best of the best-Wrinkle Riders!He really should be wearing a bit more gear and I'm sure it will become apparent when he does his first ride in the group.
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels A previous splinter group was formed when the association started having only one official "Bike Night" but a group of members liked the idea of the weekly meeting so we just kept up the weekly schedule of meetings.As of now, the first splinter group has generated a new "Splinter" organization to be called The Splinter Group, with everyone of motorcycle persuasion attending any of the previous functions to now be called Fringe Members (Fringees) if they so choose. These designations have been bestowed by our organization and are considered official pronouncements that
  4. Ride to Ojai, Hiway 33 and Frazier Park
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels Saturday Morning 01-16-2010 started with meeting Ken at Denny's and as I rode into the parking lot there was Charlie and Johney as well. Turns out Charlie was just meeting with us before a trip to Wrightwood but made for a nice little meeting with the 4 of us. We rode over to the Best Buy parking lot and met up with Luis and Minita on their V-Star 1300. I have it all mapped out so off we go with me in front, and Johney as tail-gunner.
  5. Over Ortega Hwy to Temecula 01-09-10
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels This was a fairly short ride considering we had to do a lot of chapter/charter reading details prior to getting out on the 5 freeway toward Route 74-Ortega Hwy. Total miles wound up at about 185 for the whole trip. Our ride leader is somewhat new and on a couple occasions while on the freeway, we moved over to the far right lane in preparation for our upcoming exit but it put us right in the path of oncoming traffic heading on to the freeway. I take issue with that
  6. RIDE TO BORREGO & JULIAN 12/27/09
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels Early Sunday morning just after Christmas and it's rather cold & nippy out so why not head into some really cold areas like Warner Springs at over 3,000 ft., and the town of Julian in North San Diego county at over 4,000 foot level with the desert town of Borrego in the middle. First thing to do is meet Ken at Denny's for breakfast and when he arrives learn that he totally missed Chapman Ave. and headed out to the 55 Fwy somewhere. No problem, we were still
  7. No-Pork ride 12-19
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels We ride to No-Pork. What kind of name is No-Pork for a motorcycle repair shop? It means no HOGs or no Harleys. They just work on metric motorcycles and sell metric motorcycle parts and service. The one time I had them replace a rear tire, I wound up with a broken muffler bracket and had to buy a replacement, the original was scratched previously anyway.I took Lynne, Barry, Chuck and Stan on a long scenic ride out La Palma Ave. all the way to Gypsum Canyon
  8. Friday ride to Ortega and LaDera Ranch
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels Friday December 18, 2009 at 9 am we all meet up and head out on a relaxing, relatively short ride. The riders include John R. on his no-windshield Roadliner, Luis & Minita V. on the red V-Star 1300, Charlie on the Stratoliner and Carol on her V-Star 1100, Scott on the big goldwing, Jim R. on a Royal Star 1300 Tour, Johney on his Road Star, Chuck on his back-in-action V-Star 1300, and me on the white Road Star. Stan showed his support by showing up but had
  9. We help Tomy load the truck to Alabama
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels Tomy AKA Tomy Two Tone is heading for Alabama to join up with his wife who already moved to Alabama due to a job commitment. He rented a very big 53 ft. truck to load all his wordly possessions and amazingly it all fit. When I first arrived it looked like a huge task but step by step it all got loaded into the truck. The refrigerator, freezer, all the cabinets, sofas and even the motorcycle. The entire moving group except for Lynne who took the picture.
  10. Destination Durango, CO - A dream trip.
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels This morning, Tuesday June 9,2009 I woke up and it seemed as if I had a very vivid, colorful and realistic dream that I got on the Road Star last Wednesday afternoon June 3, 2009 and rode out to NewBerry Springs to met for the first time a Pashnit Forum member named Ken with the online name of SKIBOLD. The dream was about a trip from my home to Ken's, to stay overnight and then head out to Durango, Colorado and meet with members of www.BEGINNERBIKERS.ORG to then ride a
  11. SCRC-First ride and I bail!
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels This is ALMOST the route for the May 2 SCRC ride through Anza-Borrego and beyond. I MADE IT AS FAR AS JULIAN AND BAILED OUT!View Larger MapTurns out the ride became a twisty road festival, but not for me.We met up at 74 and the 5 Fwy at 8 am with Gregg, Lim, Bill (Rhino) and me. We take off and I'm following Gregg on his new SV 650. He generously offered to show me what he had learned at the Road Skills school. I gain
  12. Trip to 2009 Laughlin River Run with STAR 230
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels View Larger MapPICTURES, YOU WANT PICTURES??? YOU WILL HAVE TO CLICK A LINK TO GO TO PICASA...YOU CAN SEE ALL OF THEM WITH NOTES ON MOST PICTURES. Something different for this edition.when you reach the end of this article, click the picture to open the Picasa album for the slide show. Just click the slide show option....DAY ONE: 6:00 am Thursday, it's chilly and dark out but I'm all packed up and ready to go. The Sissybar bag is loaded with clothes, there's lots of bottles of water
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels Group Picture by Lynne Shapiro 11 Riders from STAR chapter 230 including one guest head out to Riverside as part of a Veterans Appreciation Parade in downtown Riverside. We arrive and the staging area is nearly full. Lots of motorcycles, bands, trucks, tanks, cars, dancers, military people and floats. > Is that a gorilla sitting on my motorcycle? A gift from Jenny.There's Lynne taking more great pictures. Flirty and Cin two girls from Lynne's entourage. Lynne found these 2 volunteers from another group to carry
  14. A very ambitious ride-Meet BBO members in Durango Colorado
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels View Larger MapThis would be THE most ambitious ride/trip I have considered so far, especially if I wind up doing it on my own. Time will tell. Scheduled departure would be June 3, 2009, not too far off actually.From Placentia to DURANGO, COLORADO, a trip of 770 miles one way! Will I be able to do it and then what about the trip to CANCELED!***STAR days in Billings Montana? Not even sure about that trip either. At least that will be with a very seasoned group
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels Our regular monthly Saturday ride with STAR and this time it's to Pioneer Town in Yucca Valley (in the middle of nowhere), then on to Big Bear via the back route coming in from the north on Highway 18. As usual we meet in the Best Buy parking lot and go over the route, and conduct a short meeting plus introduce new riders. V-Star 1300 with custom brake lights-nice, owner Chuck has done a lot to his V-Star.Nearly brand new Harley-a retirement gift to himself.On
  16. First Gear Mesh Tex jackets
    From Richard's Blog - I'm on two wheels I have owned 2 First Gear Mesh Tex jackets. Owned both series I and II and have crash tested both and can verify they work in slow to moderate spills. The new Mesh Tex III is out and costs about $130 or so. The mesh can and will shred on pavement, but better it than you and it is wearable in 90 deg.+ heat, although it is warmer than wearing no jacket. I feel safer wearing something vs nothing so I wear the MeshTex with no liner on hot
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