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  1. Listen to your bike
    From Christian's Blog Although i am a fairly new rider i ride my bike everday and know how it rides very well. While out riding in the canyons my bike did not feel right it wasn't handling like it usually does, instead of stopping and doing a check i chose to keep riding. While taking a right hander my bike started to shake so i had to straighten up and ended up running into the oncoming lane luckily there were no cars , Ray signaled for me to pull over and as it
  2. MSF and message boards
    From Christian's Blog About a week ago i started my bike in the morning to let it warm up, put it in gear and it would not engage, there were MPH showing on my speedo but my bike was not moving, it turns out the nut that holds the front sprocket came off and the sprocket came off the countershaft.The great thing is that no matter what kind of bike you ride there is a message board for that bike. I did a quick search for R6 and came across a few message
  3. A smooth transition
    From Christian's Blog I moved up to my first sportbike this week, I got an 01 R6. I had a 2 hour ride home to enjoy my bike, being that it was already 9pm and there was now were to practice i decided to jump right on the freeway, smooth sailing should be easy but not so quick there was construction on the 22 and it took about 45 minutes to get to the 405 and i wasn't about to lane split on a new bike, once i hit the 405 however it
  4. What to do when it rains
    From Christian's Blog Luckily living in Southern California this is not a question that I have to ask to often, but when it is raining it's a great time to read up. I am currently reading Sport Riding Techniques, I feel it is even more important to read for my sakes as I am trying to move up to a true sportbike instead of my more forgiving GS500. As i have just started reading i can't give you any great insights from the book. Just this even when you can't ride you can
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