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  1. EX-500 Ninja for a first bike
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets Everyone please listen to me! Buy a cheap first bike. One that you won't loose a lot of money on when you drop it. I think this is the best advice I can give a new rider.I was at work the other day talking to someone who has an R6, his first bike, and he was telling me he is selling it. Says he lost interest, but will buy a bike sometime in the future. When he was talking about getting the bike, I offered to sell him my EX-500
  2. ZX-6 636 Shock on an SV650
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets Everything I have ever read about my bike, a 02 SV650, says that the suspension is crap. The SV is a good low price bike, and this is one place Suzuki saved some money. The bike comes stock with dampener rod forks that are adjustable only for preload in the front and a preload adjustable only rear shock. The spring rates are also set for someone who is like 150lbs, I'm somewhere around 200.Last year one of my front fork seals was leaking, so I decided that if my forks
  3. Are Trackdays For You?
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets Having done 2 trackdays so far this year, I got to thinking of the positives and negatives of them.I'll start with the negatives. First of all is cost, not only the cost of the trackday, but all the hidden costs. You will have to have the proper gear that meets the organizers requirement. Your bike needs proper preparation, good tires, chain and sprockets in good condition and adjusted properly. Getting the bike to the track also needs consideration. I would not want to ride to the track, do a trackday
  4. Accidents
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets Now that Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has been hurt in a motorcycle accident it gives everyone the right to comment on motorcycles in general. I have been watching ESPN today and the reporters are all saying how stupid it is. They can't understand why anyone let alone a football player making millions a year would do it. Some have suggested that the NFL should not allow any players to ride. These reporters have no education on motorcycles and should not be giving their opinion on something they know nothing about.
  5. Trackday
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets I did my first trackday at Willow Springs Raceways Streets course on 06/02. It was an amazing experience to be on the track. I went with Cammie and Owen, Owen was doing the trackday with me, Cammie was our support person.A lot of preparation went into this day. First it was getting all the gear needed for the track. A leather suit is a must for protection. So over the last year I have been getting everything needed. First it was the boots, then the leather pants I got at
  6. New Brake Pads
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets I put new front brake pads on my SV650 today, here is a quick rundown on how to do it.First thing you will need to do is clean the cover of the master cylinder, then unscrew it and take it off with the rubber diaphram underneath it. Now you will need to siphon out the fluid inside. After the fluid is out, take a rag and clean any debris left in the bottom.Now unbolt the caliper, it doesn't matter which side you do first. Once the caliper is off this
  7. Commuting
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets I am a motorcycle commuter. There aren't that many of us. I say this because on my 17 mile ride to and from work, I see countless cars, but maybe 1 or 2 bikes.Let me tell you how this all came about. In December 2002, I got a job working at LAX. All of the employees have to park off site, and pay $15 or $30 a month, unless you are in upper management. So after working there a few weeks, someone told me that if you ride a motorcycle
  8. Why Mean Streets?
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets Well, I guess for my first blog I should explain why I am calling it Mean Streets. The answer is simple, they are! Every time I take my motorcycle out of the garage its a challenge. I not only have to worry about myself, I have to worry about everything else. Who is going to try to kill me today? Is it the SUV that just turned left in front of me? Is it the Camaro that changed lanes without looking or seeing me? Is it the cab driver who
  9. test
    From Jim's Blog: Mean Streets just a test
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